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6 01 2010

Heard about this today: *JDL* Solidarity Rally for Dutch Freedom Fighter *Geert Wilders*:

On January 20th,
the honourable
Geert Wilders,
Dutch Member of Parliament,
will stand trial in Amsterdam
for our collective rights to speak the truth
about the spread of political Islam
in the free world.

Join us for a Solidarity Rally for Geert Wilders

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm at the
Toronto Zionist Centre,
788 Marlee Avenue

The film Fitna will be shown and a diverse coalition of community leaders will speak, including Rabbi Jon Hausman from Boston, a close associate of Geert Wilders.

Jewish Defence League of Canada
              416 736 7000         416 736 7000

Some readers – if any – in the Toronto area might be interested in attending this event. I’d be happy to publish any accounts, photos, or video from the event, in any case.




6 responses

6 01 2010
hp berkman

You don’t know what you’re talking about, you are too scared. And i don’t want you to get involved in our administration of justice.
I live in The Netherlands, i am not a poor and misled creature, nor do i love muslims.
It’s not nearly as bad as Wilders is saying – all the time – he’s really nagging ad nauseam about it..
As a result of this anti-muslim propaganda a kind of civil war may arise here in Holland, and that’s not what the majority here wants. Most muslims here in Holland do not have a hidden jihadist agenda and are living a peaceful life. We just have to live together.
Propria Cures!

6 01 2010
walker morrow

Tell that to Pim Fortuyn, Theo Van Gogh, Hirsi Ali, etc…

7 01 2010

hp berkman is a scared little appeaser and surrenderist or maybe just another victim of suicidal liberalism. Are you at all concerned by the Muslim preachers of hate in your country who want to slit your throats? Are you at all concerned by the dispossession and replacement of the Dutch in their own country? What do you think will happen to you when Muslims near a majority? Does that trouble you at all? Would you like to live under Shari’a? What do you think will happen to liberal, gay-friendly, and feminist Netherlands once you become Islamified? What do you think will happen to Jews and Christians and atheists? Quick, can you name a single democracy where Muslims are in the majority (beside Turkey’s very imperfect attempt at democracy)? The path of Isamification leads to darkness, primitiveness, barbarism, totalitarianism, and stupidity. Geert Wilders is your last chance, you should be working with him and not against him.

7 01 2010

hp bergman is another duped liberal appeaser to the Muslim
sharia takeover of his country. Could be the local dope has fogged his
PC brain to the extreme threat of sharia.

hp bergman you should wake up and ope n your eyes!

7 01 2010
hp berkman

Dear people,
Let me elaborate just once, and then i will be gone. I am a jew from Russian origin. I do not particularly love muslims. I do not use drugs, i do not drink, and i am not as leftist as some of you seem to think. I am also kind of level-headed.
I think Mr. Wilders just has to cooperate with people like Mark Rutte (VVD) and Piet Hein Donner (CDA). I don’t like mr. Wilders being threatened, nor do i endorse murder, dhimmitude, looking away from or denying reality. But my reality differs from what you seem to perceive as reality in my country.
Holland suffers from social problems (troublesome moroccan and other youth, upbringing not strict enough in Moroccan families, confusion about identity) much more than from religious problems (aggressive fundamentalism, sharia-endorsing). We have a secret service that’s better now than it has ever been. But mr. Wilders just plays the religion-card. Exagerration!
In my view, and me and my family are very aware of what that means, muslims in Holland are pushed into a role as scapegoats, as a group: this group gets the blame for all problems, even the ones that are caused by a minority of criminals, or, indeed, too liberal governments in the past. Imagine families with children living here, doing nothing wrong, being good citizens, helping our economy, they must be allowed to go on peacefully with their lives. We have to live together, and that’s not an opinion from a muddlehead leftist hippy, i think it will save our nation if we try to be as decent as we can, not forgetting to make strict laws and to punish offenders .
Mr. Wilders will get a fair trial, of that i’m sure. It will be an interesting case, of which the outcome is not certain.

And our economy, that’s just starting to recover, will help to reduce our national hysteria (very un-Dutch, looking back through the years)

I thank you for your attention.

8 01 2010

That Wilders in on trial at all is an affront to all principles of the Enlightenment in itself. But since you’re a foreigner as well, Mr. Berkman, I don’t expect you to sympathize with the Dutch people’s struggle against their dispossession. We know the demographics and what they mean in the long term for the Netherlands. They mean ethnic replacement and Islamification. Nothing less. Why aren’t you in Israel, Mr. Berkman, if I may ask?

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