The Petition

There’s a petition going around. I’ll let it speak for itself:

WHEREAS Geert Wilders has exercised his fundamental human right of freedom of expression and spoken out, with facts and evidence, of the threat posed by radical Islam;

WHEREAS certain elements within Islamic communities have threatened a boycott of Dutch goods if Geert Wilders is not punished by the Dutch government for exercising his freedom of expression; and

WHEREAS certain elements in Dutch industry and the Dutch government are suggesting that Geert Wilders be prosecuted civilly or criminally, in order to prevent such a boycott;

IT IS RESOLVED that, in the event that the Dutch government attempts, in any way, to punish or prosecute Geert Wilders, civilly or criminally, for exercising his freedom of expression, the undersigned will initiate a boycott of any and all Dutch goods.


The Undersigned


Sign the petetion here, if you like.

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26 01 2009
avraham rosenblum

I support geert and believe people like him are mankinds last hope for freedom

28 01 2009
Michael Katsobashvili

I support Geert for his courage to stand up to Islamism, the murderous, totalitarian threat slowly enveloping liberal democracies of the Western world, and to its multiculturalist, dhimi pimps in he government and the judiciary.

28 01 2009
Michael Katsobashvili

I support Geert for his courage to stand up to Islamism, the murderous, totalitarian threat slowly enveloping liberal democracies of the Western world, and to its multiculturalist, dhimi pimps in the government and the judiciary. Geert, you are my hero!

4 02 2009

3 Cheers to Geert, you are expressing what the majority actually think, but cant say.
I hope that the groundswell of support in your country is aired and heard. Arab peoples are not the problem, it is the Islamisation that we should resist, and you do that wonderfully.

14 02 2009

HI I also support Geert Wilders. I am shocked and outraged how this man is treated by the Dutch and the English government.

I am ashamed to be Dutch right now. For the cowards we have in our government who always try to please the Islamists.

17 02 2009

I too support Geert Wilders.

I have serious and as yet unresolved concerns about Islam, and certainly about Sharia Law, which already exists in my country – Great Britain Dhimmiland.

But these concerns pale in comparison to my present shame at the barring of a European MP at Heathrow airport last Thursday. In one foul swoop, on one sad day, my country – the Mother of Parliaments – has done away with centuries of FREE SPEECH. Meanwhile the idiotic (Lord) Ahmed who threatened (he DID threaten, so don’t let him deny it – I have evidence at my site) to mobilise 10,000 Muslims, gloats.

FREE SPEECH has been stamped into the ground. Meanwhile some from Ahmed’s political/religious creed attack London’s police while seemingly supporting Gaza. They make a mockery of British justice.

Of course we now know they were right. There is NO justice in Britain, while we refuse Freedom of Speech to ANY EU citizen. We have NEVER done this before.

I sincerely hope that Mr Wilders is going to take MY useless government to court over this. The Human Rights Act surely covers this. He needs to ask Shami – Shame of Chakrabarti of “Liberty” to hold his hand while he goes through his dreadful ordeal fighting the nasty powers-that-be. She spends most of her working life doing this, often for highly questionable individuals. She and Liberty have been strangely silent on this. A first!

We should all be aware that if Islam is good, it has nothing to fear.

I am in real danger of having no party to vote for in the next election since the three main parties are three “wise” monkeys -seeing/hearing/speaking no evil. I am no racist so cannot vote for the BNP.

Please visit my site. I have covered Mr Wilders position extensively.

Yes, the site DOES have Mr Blair’s name attached, though it is completely independent of him.

I do not believe that HE would have imposed this ban had he still been Prime Minister.

Good luck, Mr Wilders.

10 03 2009
The Pajama Underground

Geert Wilders stands as an example of courage for all who TRULY believe in free speech- not those who simply pay it lip service, such as the moral cowards who
have decided that it easier to persecute this one man than face the truth about IslamoFACISM.

10 03 2009
walker morrow


15 04 2009
Sarah C.B

Geert is Simply Amazing.
“Bravo” is overall what I have to say.
I left my home country that is France for America, my parents and grand parents have been aware of what’s going on in Europe, for quite a while now, and have always pushed me in that direction, that is to study and stay in America. So yes we could say I’ve been conditioned to not follow the mass media, and the “Cultural Relativism”. But the more I got informed by the certainly controlled media, but still media,the more I realized that Europe is going mad. I makes me sad, because Europe is beautiful, and I loved my country, but what it is becoming nowadays, is a totally different France than the one I grew up in. They starting changing fundamental laws, that founded our democracy for freaking islamic unsatisfied new “citizens”, which by the way aren’t citizens, they don’t respect or laws, and they wnt to impose there religious laws to us. And that is the truth. It started in middle school,with little things, when muslims were able to choose what they could have for lunch, because they didn’t eat pork, when all the other kids didn’t have the right to choose and just had to eat whatever was on their plate.And then they saw they could take advantage of our government, and started asking for more and more. And what makes me even more sad is that people refuse to see it, or even talk about it. They avoid the subject. Like cowards. They don’t want to deal with it. And when I say it sure looks like a beggining oF WW2 all over again, people laugh at me. Or they say I’m a racist. Which I’m ready to bet, I’m the least racist person out of all people who laughed at me…because it happens to be that I’m not…I’m tolerant, but I just don’t tolerate bullshit that i don’t and… Well it bothers quite a few but I stand up for what i say.
So thank you Geert for Speaking the truth, I do think you are one of the last hope for Europe, as previously said, maybe a new , Jean Moulin, or Winston Churchill. I wish you the best of luck. I’m just a film student but will be one of (I sure hope) many supporters.

15 04 2009
Sarah C.B

And yes Geert you are as well my hero, and Thank GOD, because… We really need one!

19 05 2009

My hat is off to Geert Wilders, a very brave patriot standing up for the rights and freedoms of democracy against the tyranny of radical Islam and the treasonous European governments who are supporting it. We all need to stand with Geert; if we do not, we will lose not only our freedoms but that of future generations.
I will send this site to people on my email list. My thoughts and prayers go with you, Mr. Wilders. A great blessing for the people of the Netherlands would be your election to Prime Minister. ((( God be with you)))

7 06 2009
Michael Katsobashvili

Yesterday I have learned that Geert Wielders is advocating banning the Koran in Netherlands. That is unacceptable. A right to free speech is sacred and cannot be applied selectively. Until Mr.Wielders, whom until now I have admired as a champion of free speech, changes his hypocritical position on banning the Koran, I withdraw my support.

8 06 2009
walker morrow

I tend to agree – it is a rather hypocritical position to take. Although, I still think that his case deserves support on the grounds of freedom of speech. Even if he himself may not be entirely consistent on the issue, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be, you know?

22 08 2009
Nicolas le resistant

Geert you are simply the best politician Europe has today.
I am a french citizen and I wish we had someone just like you here. When listening to one of your speech on youtube, I was amazed to discover a politician that was thinking exactly like me. Finally a politician who speaks clearly and got it all right regarding the muslims invasion of Europe and the islamic totalitarian agenda.

Brava Geert Wilders ! Les Francais (les vrais et seuls) sont avec toi !

1 10 2009

After banning Geert Wilders in Britain we have lost our way of freedom.

16 10 2009
Orit Ollier

Well done to this brave man for speaking for the rest of us. He defends with his life what others agree but fear to speak out. Full admiration and keep up the good work.
Orit Ollier

18 10 2009
Another Michael Katsobashvili

‘Mind the gap’.
It appears to me that nothing is united in your United Kingdom.
Wilders wants to ban (parts of) the koran because the book proclaims hatred and domination by force, and that can’t be Freedom. There are many muslims in Holland and Geert has no problem with them. He is a democrat and loves his freedom. Just look at his lawyers when he visited your UK. Geert is not a racial phobic nor is he a fascist. (That would be your lord Ahmed). Geert has a problem with ideologies who are against Freedom and are showing to be ready to kill Freedom by force through terror. This is the bluddy limit. It isn’t Wilders who wants to dominate the world and make you bend over to mekka, or die. That would be freedom of speech for a Brit, but when Geert offers you his opinion you are calling him a fascist and racist and hypocrite and so on? This is unacceptable. The UK might be falling apart but Europe isn’t. Mind the gap for it is getting deeper.

1 01 2010
Surjan Singh Bains

Each time I go into this site I see my name and email ID showing up! How come when you say the email wont be published?!

1 01 2010
walker morrow

Hmm… that’s strange. I don’t know why it’s doing that – I edited your comment to remove your email address, at any rate.

1 01 2010
Surjan Singh Bains

Thanks Walker, but you did not print my earlier comments in praise of Wilders? Please do so as they are very important from my community’s perspective.

2 01 2010
walker morrow

Oh – sorry. I have some upkeep I have to put into this site. Taking care of the comments is one of them, apparently My bad 🙂 I’ll do that right now.

2 01 2010
walker morrow

Hmm…that’s strange. I can’t seem to find your earlier comments. I don’t know why that is, unless they’ve already been published. Sorry about that – WordPress has its advantages, but it’s got its disadvantages too, sometimes.

15 01 2010
annonymous (muslims want to kill me)

I signed the online petition at I am very interested in having such an online petition on my own website: for two purposes:

1) To request that police and polititians in “free” countries enforce existing criminal laws ragarding those uttering death threats and destruction of societies, as was the case in the London protests against Mr. Wilders. If the laws were being enforced, those muslims uttering threats of death and destruction, would have been arrested and jailed.

2) Reclassifying Islam as a totalitarian ideology, and not as a religion. Criminalizing Islam by making it illegal to be a muslim, or to promote islam.

I myself am doing this not for profit, and therefore am requesting all help to be donated. I am NOT asking for money, and I will not accept any money, to avoid any perceived wrong motives on my part. But I do accept help in other ways, such as website design, to create and maintain a proper website, or anyone who can create online petitions for my website. The petitions will be country specific for every democratic country in the world, and each pteition will cite specific law being violated in that country.

If you are interested in help in any way, or have any suggestings, I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks. I can be contacted at

15 01 2010
Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza)

This is disgusting! Dark Age Islamists can protest freely in the UK with posters like “Islam/Sharia will dominate the world”, or an ‘NGO’ with a name like Islam4UK (see – and yet, Mr. Wilders here, who are defending bravely against such threat in Holland/the West, is seen as the ‘racist’! As a convert from Islam, fighting against Dark Age Islam that is leading and controlling a destructively and murderous fanatical Islam and Dark Age Arabic-centric one at that right now, I applaud Mr. Wilder’s brave struggle against such domination and injustice, whether towards non-Muslims or diverse Muslims, especially non-Arabic or progressively modern ones! Muslims by the way, do not represent a race, but followers or believers of a religion, which is part of culture, thus nothing to do with ethnic identity. Of which racism is about. Further news on Islamic radicalism taking ground in the West: At –

Revealed: Extremist Islamic preacher lectures at London School of Economics
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:29 PM on 15th January 2010

“….Mr Pankhurst, a post-graduate student who teaches ‘States, Nations and Empires’ in the university’s government department, reportedly discusses the need to establish the Caliphate (Islamic state) in the Islamic Society meetings.
A society member said: ‘He preaches every other week and is constantly bringing the subject around to politics, talking about Afghanistan and the need to establish the Caliphate….”

From, Germany.

15 01 2010

“Once you are born as a Muslim, you are not allowed to leave it or you are to be killed. Every Muslim has the right to kill someone who leaves Islam without being asked questions. This is Islamic law. Through my book I am trying to send a message to the west is that Islam is a hateful ideology and its very dangerous for Islam to be established in this free country (the west). This is my message to the west”.

Author: A God Who Hates
Wafa Sultan (Syrian Muslim who manged to escape Islam)

When freed Muslims themselves are trying to warn the west, and live in hiding and fear to bring their message to us, it is a DISGRACE for Wilder’s own people to persecute him! It is simply unbelievable.

15 01 2010

The Dutch court is not only trying to kill freedom of speech, the basic and fundamental right of European ideology, but they are trying to give a message to the world that we support killing of Europeans who make drawings of Muhammed, that we support oppression of women and will by any means support any punishment wanted for their minute chance they have to escape from the prison known as Islam. By persecuting Wilder’s this is the exact message the courts in Holland give.
Muslim women are induced to wear burkas because men decide for them to wear it. And why do they wear this black prison that is incredibly hot in their sunny nations (while men wear white clothes!)? They wear it because it is their only PROTECTION from sexual assault from Muslim men! And if they are the recipient of these advances they are severely punished even if they are not of fault. A woman is always punished for faults she is accused of, even if they are not hers.
In Europe we need to ban this evil ruling guised under the cloak of religion. Because the Muslim population is so huge in Europe, we will have to consider to ban any more to enter at all, and even decline residency or citizenship to many who already are in Europe and who are committed for crimes. I do encourage that we give women the option to stay; they have nowhere to go to be free from this evil called Islam.

Wafa Sultan on radio in America: “I understand the point Americans make that they want to respect all religious views and not to oppose them. But you don’t have the right to disregard the fact that Islam is not just a religion, it is a political ideology that imposes itself by force. So Americans need to understand this fact to take action and understand how serious a threat Islamization is: it is not a religion. It is politics.
I receive many emails from muslim women on a daily basis, who want to speak and do what I am doing but they cannot do it in fear of their lives. Even in America we are not protected and cannot live without constant threats and fears.”

15 01 2010

Michael Katsobashvili: I don’t know what is more dangerous in society; terrorists who we can actually see are a public danger, or ignorant people who stand in the way of maintaining safety and security. Ignorance is a real danger in Europe today, because people truly are blind and ignorant if they defend Islamic ideologies and for them to exist.

Have you ever lived in a Muslim nation? I have and I would NEVER want what I have seen over there to be imported to exist here.
I can say that you seem extremely poorly informed how the Quoran serves as instructions, as a political tool even more than a religion. And when you have a writing serving to induce an entire population from childhood on to follow this book to the key – you have a dangerous ideology.
You need to get a grip and understand we are dealing with a population (Muslims) that have been brainwashed to hate. You want them freedom to hate? I completely disagree. The Quoran MUST be banned in the west and we will break, brick by brick, every step they build to bring this inhumane and medieval ideology here, because they are brought up to feel it is their mission in life is to bring it here and gradually force it on all of us.

19 01 2010
Marcie Unger

It’s an absolutely shameful day when a western culture such as the Dutch persecute one of their own for standing up to a bunch of religious bullies. Sign the petition, people, if you don’t want to wake up one day unable to live your life the way you want because our elected officials have decided to roll over and show their collective bellies to these nasty little bastards whenever they howl about alleged defamation and blasphemy of Islam. Keep fighting, Geert!

23 01 2010
Protect Freedom

If this trial ends up bad it will just create more supporters for geert wilders after jail just like Nelson Mandela. Freedom will prevail so im not worried… Geert Wilders will be PM soon enough…….

23 01 2010
walker morrow

Yes – it’s rather strange that a man who is the leader of a party that could become the leading party in Holland is on trial at the same time. What a bizarre scene…

4 02 2010

nelson mandela fought to give black men rights

wilders fights to take away muslim rights

” Religions: (of the Netherlands)
Roman Catholic 30%, Dutch Reformed 11%, Calvinist 6%, other Protestant 3%, Muslim 5.8%, other 2.2%, none 42% (2006)” – (usa website)

wilders is spreading a hoax by saying europe is being over run by muslims when there are only 5.8% muslims in holland. in the uk its even lower at 2.7%

u r being tricked into being afraid and as we all know fear mongering gets u votes. beware the politicians.

P.S the quotes in wilders video from the quran are all out of context and are only about in the case of war NOT for every day life… and the handful of video clips are ppl who DO NOT REPRESENT THE VAST MAJORITY OF MUSLIMS.

vote wilders for selective hate/fear mongering of people of a certain religion as hitler did with the jews. yes fear muslims like the nazis feared the jews from taking over germany

“The German officials, including those of the SS, Arthur Seyss-Inquart, and Adolf Hitler himself regarded the Dutch as part of the Aryan Herrenvolk.”

4 02 2010

This last comment made by some dope claiming that Wilders is crazy because he is preaching against a religion that is less than 6% of the population, and therefore pointless to fear them as being a dominating force. He obviously avoids the issue that it is not numbers that is important, but domination. For example, South Africans were rules by a minority of whites, so why fear them? Russians were rules by a minority of Stalinists, so why fear Stalin? It’s a stupid argument.

A small group of people who are organized and militant and also have arms behind them can control a large group of people, especially when you add the intimidation factor. His analogy regarding the Nazi’s and Jews is a stupid agrument because the Jews in Germany were not threatening to kill everyone who did not believe the same way that they did, and were not threatening to destroy Germany.

Islam needs to be stopped before it grows any stronger. Islam is not a religion but an ideology. Hat’s off to Wilders. He is a man who has “balls”, and we should all be proud of him.

28 02 2010
Harald ter Haar

I support geert Wilders, not only because I think he is right about Islam, but especially because he is one of the few left warriors of freedom of speech, the right our ancestors fought for, and we MUST defend.

Long live freedom of speech! Vote PVV!

16 03 2010

Thank God I live in Ontario, Canada. They tried to get Sharia law into the law books here in Ontario but the Liberals shot it down.

7 04 2010

Every time I see or hear of this, it amazes me all over again… ‘they’ can stand there and issue death threats and the take over of our countries… and WE are the bad guys… men like Geert Wilders go to trial, for simply stating ‘exactly’ what is written in their holy book.

It is up to every one of us to spread the information. There is no more time for sitting back and just feeling angry or upset. Within walking distance from my home, in the middle of the wide open prairies here in Canada, I now have a Halal food store… when I drive to work, there is now an Islamic realtor’s sign along the major street. Just a few weeks ago I was at Canadian Tire and an Islamic man was very angry and aggressive with his wife… she carried all that they had bought (he carried nothing) and followed behind him, draped in her layers of clothing.

If you think it’s just Europe, you’re wrong… we must support Europe in their fight against this… and in so, also help ourselves here in North America.

27 05 2010
de Belleville

Au nom du combat contre toutes les formes de barbarisme et parce que j’ai toujours admiré les hommes de courage qui sont malheureusement trop rare en politique, bravo MONSIEUR Wilders, et ne doutez jamais que grâce à Dieu le bien fini toujours par l’emporter.

27 05 2010
freedom supporter

I am sending Meneer Wilders some euro I have left from my last trip to the Netherlands. ik zou zelfs een geert wilders voor president bumpersticker.(ha ha)hey everyone 10 euro is easy to spare in a cause like this.

18 06 2010
T. Gross

I support Mr. Wilders fight against the Barbaric islamofashists amongst us. I just don’t understand why European governments try to silence the truth, until it will be too late even to say it?

20 06 2010
Liam murphy

Freedom of speech is none negotiable.

25 06 2010

Geert WIlders has expressed clearly what Islam, Muslims stand for. My grandparents who were from Denmark when they came to the United States learned to respect, and taught us the importance of love for our country and respect for the flag. Even the latino illegal immigrants carry a flag trying to show their support to a country that has created laws that are now harsh to some of them. BUT many MUSLIMS DON’T. My experience even with muslim who appear friendly to USA resent anything that says ISrael, Jew, and any western way of living. They do not teach love for the American flag and much less are grateful for the opportunity of being in America. THey are highly violent if anything is said about their beliefs, and immediately bcome victimized if one points it out to them. I could only hope that there will be more people like Geert WIlders. Muslims will slolwy try to cut into the legal fabric to change it. This is what they have don to Britain and now are trying to do it in the US.

12 07 2010
Anonymous from USA

Geert, please continue to be strong. Continue the battle against Islam and do not pay attention to the politicians in Holland who are defending Islam. Those ignorant politicians do not know about the evils of Islam like you know. I am very disappointed that Queen Beatrix is against you and she needs to examine and analyze the evils of Islam that are destroying your country. Listen to your own conscience. I, also, am against Islam immigration to Europe and to the USA. I am defending you, Geert, 200% more, not 100%.

15 07 2010
Anna Lodge

I am for Geert Wilders as the does speak the truth, no matter how horrible it may sound. The koran is a violent book against women, non muslims, muslims that leave islam and homosexuals.

If you don’t believe that, the koran is on the internet at Southern California University website and other sites,, Please ban the koran and support Geert Wilders.

16 07 2010

I also support fully what Geert Wilders says , and i also am ashamed of the way the UK goverment and politicians have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the obvious threat that the Muslim invasion poses to our Country, but all is not over till its over! many years ago a well know politician in this Country was also treated in the same way because he spoke the truth his name was Enoch Powell and he stated way back then in 1968 that in the future the streets of London will run with blood and that was taken as meaning immigrant blood.
Enoch Powell was pilloried for his outspoken views at the time and would be even more so today, even prosecuted under the one-sided Racial Discrimination Laws.
He was disenfranchised mainly because unlike so many politicians he spoke the truth as he saw it and was not afraid.
The situation of positive discrimination has now reached such a point that even comments on this page will be deemed racist.

17 07 2010

Islam is a religion of hate and destruction. Their religious works directly cite violence as way to get into heaven. Muslim (radical or not) sacrifice their own children, and oppress women. The religion is antithetical to any reasonable belief possible for salvation for multiple reasons, and on multiple levels including the reverance for violence and male dominance. I hope it is extinguished from this planet whether through peace or violence.

17 07 2010
Anonymous from USA

I am very disgusted and very disappointed that the UK government and the Dutch government are against Geert Wilders. Those 2 governments are nothing, but cowards. Geert knows very well that Islam is destroying, not only in the UK and Holland, but the whole Europe. It is very sad to say that Islam is, also, growing in the USA and that is very disgusting. The iman (an Islamic priest or scholar) who wants to build a mosque on ground zero in New York City wants to replace the US constitution with Sharia. That will be a complete disaster, if it ever happens. The US government must also stop Muslim immigration, before it becomes a lot more worse, like it is happening in Europe.

17 07 2010
Anonymous from USA

There is a guy who lives in USA and he is from Morocco whom I used to be friends with. He told me not to trust Muslims. He used to be a Muslim and he knows how corrupt it is. He told me when he sees women with hijabs and men with beards, he will walk away from them. He told me that those Muslims scare him to death. He, even, told me that his sister in Morocco does not wear the hijab, because she said that women with the hijabs are sarcastic and hypocrites and that is why she stopped wear the hijab many years ago.

17 07 2010
Anonymous from USA

To Geert,

Please do NOT be afraid to continue the fight against Islam. A deadly cult. Please continue the strength and power to express yourself how you feel against the deadly cult of Islam.

18 07 2010
29 07 2010

Geert Wilders is a man of great courage and brilliantly well-spoken and clear
about the medieval barbarism of Islamic Law and Islamic social apartheid which has been shadowing the world for too long and now wants to extinguish the ‘flame of Liberty’in Europe. This fatal ideological battle is not about Race,this
is about turning the tide on Mysogyny and erosion of basic human rights-all
enshrined in Islamic Law. Islam is primarily a political,territorial movement with
Imperial and global aspirations(see History) based on totalitarian rule.

30 07 2010
Liz Gardner

So much has already been said. I can only say that I love Geert and that I wish that there were more men like him on this planet.

22 08 2010

Geert is just saying what our coward leaders are frightened to say ! Our so
called leaders have sold us out!!

26 08 2010

Geert Wilders is a great man. I am blown away that he fights alone while some parliament and some cowardly polititians, members of parliament make threats as the ‘the consequences of speaking out’ ??? while those brutal criminals scream for his blood in his own land, suffering no consequences, after his friend Theo Van Gogh in effect gave his life up so we would know what Islam does to people, and what those people will do to free infidel people over the world. This media blackout here is just plain evil. He is a hero, and no one in 3 weeks of my knowledge of his existence even knows him or his fight on our behalf for our freedom to live in safety in our lands, or has ever heard of Fitna!
Please infidels, wake up and realized we’ve all been treacherously lied to about this issue. Islam is not a peaceful religion, as Bush told us. Educate yourselves, American infidels. Abraham Lincoln said, I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to b ring them the real facts. Geert Wilders has been doing this. some powerful people both sides of the atlantic do not like the truth becoming known. Please listen to him and support him, he should not fight for truth and safety alone! he is our hero!

29 08 2010

We need more leaders like Geert Wilders in all western countries.

31 08 2010

When will the west wake up to this threat, when it is too late. Well then it will be, too late.

30 09 2010

Yes, Islamic Sharia Law is a threat to democracy & freedom of speech. Just look at the oppression against christians and other minorities in arab societies and you’l clearly witness the injustice that these Evil Laws breed. Geert Wilder’s is stating the facts. Good on him. We need more leaders, who will support him.

4 10 2010

I support Geert Wilders!!! From all free people of Russia and Israel!!!!
God bless you! Stop islamic plague!!!!

9 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Hale Hitler Wilders! Do you have the guts? Then come out debate with me at Faruque Ahmed and Newt Gingrich Debate Links if you can.

Aren’t you intolerant person with a determination to remain manipulative Geert Wilders? I know now, why all other fair minded people do not want to discuss with you because they found you close minded, prejudiced and bigoted person.

In my book the case is very simple. Free speech for all or none! Should you dare to criticise any religion then all religions are free for debate, discussion and criticism. No one should be allowed to insult Jesus or Mohammad if Moses is not allowed to be the same level of scrutiny.

Wilders, your dogmatic and blatantly discriminatory style and approaches ought to be condemned. You and your supporters are enemies of free speech, peace and stability of the world. You are boring examples of barbaric and inhumane bestiality!

Your denial and barbaric attack on Islam clearly demonstrate the fact that in the name of free speech you are deliberately inciting against Muslims and Arabs. You are irrational and illogical. You failed to substantiate any of your point. You and your followers are resorting in insanity and profanity.

Remember, you are barbaric warriors with no cause. The good part is most people of the world are not loaded barbarians like you.

By the way, look at the reality and no one is listening to you.

CNN WORLD NEWS: Islam is the fastest-growing religion
Islam is Fastest Growing Religion in United States:
Times on line: Thousands of British people convert to Islam every year:
Why European women are turning to Islam:
Washington-Report: The Nation’s Fastest Growing Religion
Washington Post: Islam Luring More Latinos
Islam is spreading among Thousands black South Africans
Many Converts to Islam Homepage:
Washington Post: Islam Attracting Many Thousands Survivors of Rwanda Genocide

By the way wilders, why do you love those Christ killer Jews? Why do you bend backwards for Zio-Nazi Israelis?

9 10 2010
storm seal

**In my book the case is very simple. Free speech for all or none! Should you dare to criticise any religion then all religions are free for debate**

what a load of corrupt rubbish you prattle on about as far as the rest of the world can see its you and your joke religion that are the total danger to not just religious freedom of choice, but also democratic freedom of speach, a so called religion that stole chapters and verses from the Bible and twisted them and distorted them to fit in with your own comical so called religion, that still beleives that the world is flat resting on pillars, and if we go to far we will fall off (LOL)
A tribe of nomadic morons that treat their women no better than they treat their cattle, just Breeding Machines to carry their inbred devil spawn, and marry or rape as many white western woman to do it with, or carry out their vile sexual acts on small, children a practice endorsed by their evil leader Momad, that also mutilate childrens genitals to satisfy their own warped mentality, what a really sick evil Doctrin they follow. They really do practice what they preach >> Mutilation >Murder>Slaughter of Innocents>to try and eventualy take over the word by> Force> Bullet>Bomb, hopefully that will never happen and the free world will wake up and eradicate this disease from the face of Gods Earth for ever and ever Amen

10 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Islam is above your insanity and profanity.

Do You Know Islam Can Protect Itself?

Islam means justice, fairness, equality, humanity and kindness! Many people used to be enemies of Islam and at the end of the day they themselves became defenders of Islam.

Apart from very cunning, creative and expensive propaganda against Islam, Islamic history is fairly better than others!

A few Muslims who are reacting violently to free themselves from years of oppression and subjugation can not be used as example of violence in Islam as many non-Islamic freedom movements have some violent records.

Most importantly, Islam is not anyone’s private property and anyone can enjoy the beauty and majesty of Islam by joining in Islam.

Remember, Islam is not property of Bin Laden or Bush.


11 10 2010

Islam itself is the byproduct of draconian mysoginistic tendencies and Dark Age political expediency. The “prophet” Muhammad was a murderer, a sadist, a liar, an underhanded opportunist, and a pedophile as well. How he can be venerated as a messender of God by upwards of a billion people is beyond me; I wonder if they idolize Caligula and Jack the Ripper too (what’s the difference when you combine them?)….?
In nations that are predomiantly Islamic, where people of their own volition choose to remain backwards and wallow in the 15th century, so be it. If these people wish to live in a society where they defecate in the middle of the street and wipe with their left hand, let them. But let them do this in Iran, in Saudi Arabia, in Somalia.
Islam is not so much an ideology (and definitely not a faith of Almighty God) as it is a mental illness. If the third world middle-east wishes to embrace this lunacy, sit back and laugh and you will learn just how vehemently we ought to cherish western-democratic-Christian civilization. Nothing would make more evident the superiority of our ways, our culture, and all our corresponding ideologies.
As an American, I believe Islam owes my people a blood-debt. Islam is mighty indeed, how else could it manage to indiscriminately slaughter 3,000 office workers in New York and countless women and children in Europe, or Israel for that matter? Takes a big man to kill women and children, doesn’t it?
To that end, Geert Wilders is a champion not only of freedom of speech, but of the entirety of western civilization. Americans like myself understand we are only great because of the ideology imported from Europe. Art, philosophy, literature, various sciences, the Christian faith; all of these are European concepts adopted by my homeland. I am grateful to my European brethren and assure you I cherish them (European notions) all.
Geert Wilders represents the very spirit of the West, the greatness that the mongrel horde of Islam is trying to ruthlessly stifle. He is defending the flickering flame of civil liberty and western identity. He alone unerstands that the enemy is, quite literaly, beating at the gates. They are upon our doorstep; all that remains is for the weak and innefectual to drown out the strong and devoted (like Mr. Wilders) and let them in.
I wish to God Mr. Wilders had been born on my side of the Atlantic, the great things he would innevitably have accomplished in America, but as I understand it Europe is much more dire need of him. Men like Wilders, men like Jean Marie Le-Pen, and men like Nick Griffin are all that stands between the continent of my ancesrty (one grandfather from Ireland, the other from France) and cultural self-destruction.
Islam destroyed two American buildings, Americans destroyed two Islamic COUNTRIES. To fundamentalist Muslims, I say to you this: Blow something else up, I dare you, and see what we do next. America builds engines that go from 0 to 60 in seconds, we have television screens thinner than a thumb, and we have satelites orbiting above earth that can pick out a cricket on a tree in Cambodia. Piss us off, and see what we build next.

11 10 2010
zvi gross

Farook Achmed,
How long will you be allowed to stay in full safety in the west and spew Anti-Jewish, Hitleric slurs and IslAMO FASCIST ideologies, amongst us? Your day will come soon when we will be able to say good riddance, Hitlers’ stooge.

11 10 2010
zvi gross

Faruque Ahmed
Islam, Mohammad and the Koran are insanity and profanity incarnate. Since Islam recognizes Jesus as minor prophet in comparison to Mo, aren’t the Muslims the real Christ killer daily, as they deny his trinity? The romand killed him physically, and the Muslims spiritually. Which one is worst?

12 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Well, well, why the hell Wilders is sucking up to Christ Killer Jews?

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Middle Eastern religion! Why do you hold animosity against Islam only? Why are you so ignorant about Judaism and blindly support them? Don’t you think you are a bitter and twisted person with prejudice and bigotry? why do you have to incite against Muslims based on false and fabricated reasons and ground?

12 10 2010
zvi gross

Mr. Wielders stand on trial for anti-Islam “incitement to hatred and discrimination”. Your anti Jewish racist rants and lies make you a prime candidate for the same.
How is that that the Muslims have such a thin skin when it comes to any real or perceived insults against their religion, while have no respect of any one else’s sensitivities and civic rights? Just look at the country you came from.
You guys will step on any one to get your way, and when your bullying backfires , you are crying crocodile tears as a victim.
You wanted to kick the Jews out of their country-you still do- and when you lose a war you initiated- you are a victim. You proclaim that you want to take over the entire world through Islam, and when people resist -you are again a victim.When Muslims run out of Christians or Jews to kill, you suicide bomb each other.
You call derogatory names and despise other religions, and proclaim Islam as a religion of tolerance peace and brotherhood. And the funny thing is that the “enlightened” left is swallowing this hook stock and burrell.!!!
Are we committing collective suicide? Do we want Islam to rule the world?

13 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Antichrist Geert Wilders
For more:

Greet Wilders of Indonesian mother and Dutch father is audaciously anti-Muslim and shamelessly pro-Israel similar to infamous Ayaan Hirshi Ali and “expired” Ershad Manji!

The Muslims are not burning Bible, Torah, … and I oppose such a barbaric and intolerant act by anyone! One must wonder why do we have a few hate merchants who are deliberately inciting hate against Muslims?! Who is intolerant and barbaric here? Who is inciting hate based on racism and sectarianism?

Does any Muslim trotting the globe and inciting hate against the Christians like Wilders? The answer is no.

Does any Muslim calling to behead the Catholics (an old practice of England) for the existence of 10% child molesters in the church? NO.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Middle Eastern religions! Yet, somehow Islam is the target and alien religion.

Could you kindly let us know;
1. Which part of Quran permits Muslims to kill non-Muslims?
2. If anyone was killed simply for not being Muslim?
3. How many Muslims were stoned to death?
4. Why is it that when non-Muslims commit suicide, no one mentions anything about virgins or the afterlife?

Last year alone 40 000 farmers in India and 80 000 worldwide committed suicide! Did they do this to get virgins? Or is it the fact that these mostly non-Muslim farmers are not worthy of anything?

Geert, remove your prejudice and bigotry and answer me with evidence if you can.

Oh, the Jews of Messada! Why did they murder their own children and then committed suicide?

So why do you blame the Muslims about suicide contrary to Islamic teachings and statistics?

It is time to stop attacking Islam and Muslims unfairly. I know Greet Wilders is using “made in Israel” i.e. deliberate lies against Muslims. Please think very carefully, the Muslims are not attacking anyone’s religious believes or cultural sensitivities! So, why other people are attacking Muslims? Why Greet wilders loves Christ Killer Jaws? He loves to visit Zio-Nazis Israel. Is it true that Greet wilders is an Israeli puppet? Or simply is he an anti-Christ?

I respect Adam (PBUH), Abraham (PBUH), Mosses (PBUH), Jesus (PBUH), Mohammad (PBUH) and rest of them. However, you gas chamber bound lot are insulting Jesus (PBUH), Mohammad (PBUH), … with any excuse! However to test your sentiment and authenticity when I mentioned about the same treatment of Mosses you are calling me blasphemous!

Tell me, why Moses is superior to Mohammad or Jesus? I love to know why is Geert sucking up to the Zio-nazi Israel? Is it because he is a closet Zionist?

Geert, your illogical, irrational and racist outburst due to bone deep hate against Christian and Islam is blatant and disgusting.
No one got picture of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)! Yet, some cunning group of criminals created and published series of cartoons of so called terrorist Mohammed contrary to history and reality to incite people deliberately. They also made Piss Christ to offend Christians under the guise of fun and free speech. However, the same people find a half naked Moses (PBUH) sucking cock is ‘blasphemous! I hope we know now, who is behind all of these crimes and deliberate incitements!

Oh, without advent of Islam and Christianity, the Indians would have no choice but to become homosexuals today! Remember, it was the Muslims who influenced and saved Indian women from mass murders emanating from Satidaho, dowry and many other barbaric practices. Kopalkundola and many great works of Hindu reformers are only a few examples in support of my statement unlike false and fabricated anti-Muslim incitements of gutless Geert Wilders and your racist supporters due prejudice and bigotry. All of you are megabyte Nazis indeed.

You should be thanking the Muslims for saving millions from the yoke of infamous caste system.

For more please click this link if you like: Toxic Links and Zio-Nazi Crime Spree.

13 10 2010
Gregory Horton

My Dear Faruque:

By calling Mr. Wilders ” shamelessly pro-Israel “, you infer racism on your part and being against Jews. Are you? Why? Do you also hate Christians? It appears you hate many including the homosexuals. While Islam has contirbuted many things to our world, there is a part of Islam, radical believers, rejecting the world as it is and desirous of conforming the world under one religion by threat of death.

You’re mostly correct about Muslims not burning the Bible and the Torrah but thats because these Holy books of other belief are outlawed and to preach Christianity in majority Muslim countries is prohibited. Several western Christian doctors who were in Afganistan on a humanitarian mission to provide medical support were recently stopped on the road, ordered from their bus, and shot to death, all because they possessed Bibles and were thought to have preached Christianity. I don’t believe anyone is inciting hate against Muslims. They are exposing the intolerance that Muslims have toward western ideals. We believe people should have the opportunity to practice any religion they desire, provided that practice does not interfere with the practice of other religions. A basic belief of Muslims towards non-believers is that one of the following three offers are given by Muslims to the non-believers (accept Islam and convert) (pay a tax for not converting and do not openly practice your religion) or (death…….unbelievers must die)

While we’re talking of death to unbelievers, let me answer one of your questions posed 1. Which part of Quran permits Muslims to kill non-Muslims? “The Table” (5:51) Make no Jew or Christian your friend” (5:33) “Those that make war against God and his Apostle and spread disorder in the land shall be put to death” Preaching a religion other than Islam is making war and spreading disorder in the Muslim state thus death to non-muslims is ordered. “The Cow” (2:191) with reference to the “unbelievers” “Slay them where-ever you find them” Fight against them until Islam reigns supreme. (2:216) “Fighting is obligatory for you” “Women” (4:95) “To fight for God, you’ll be rewarded” (4:98) To go from your home and spread the fight for God is rewarded more, thus the mass immigration of Muslims into other nations. * “The Table” (5:53) “The unbelievers are your inveterate enemies”. “The Imrans” (3:163) “Varied are the rewards of God” so Islam believes that non-believers are their enemy, it is obligatory to fight against non-believers, all Muslims must fight for God and in doing so kill them.

Wow! What a peaceful religion. While most Muslims may act peaceful, after uncovering from the Quran that it’s their obligation to spread Islam by any means necessary until Islam rules the world, I must now question the resistance of Muslims to integrate into other societies. Muslims promote the obedience to Sharia Law which is mostly barbaric. If you had a daughter and she was raped by a man, both Muslim following Sharia Law, would you want her stoned to death just because she didn’t have four(4) male witnesses to the rape who would confirm the sin against her? If you’re not Muslim, would you like to be offered the choice of being killed unless you convert?

I can’t speak for you but I most assuredly know I’m satisfied with western laws. I’m happy to be a US citizen in a country where I may follow my hearts belief. There is good and bad in everything but at least I won’t be threatened with death for my preference. Unlike Mr. Obama, I’m not on a “world apology tour”. I love my country and Americans will fight to protect your right to practice your religion but, your rights stop when they begin to interfere with the rights of others. If I believed the sky was green instead of blue, would you kill me for it? If all other religions of the world are peaceful and preach love of all humans and reject intolerance, why is Islam different? Is it possible that the Apostle had too much “human” imput into the Quran? You do know that he robbed and killed others, right? You do know that he forced others to joinhis army or be killed, right? Do you not believe we all have a right to existance?

Getting back to Mr. Wilders……..he’s not evil and he doesn’t hate Muslims. He’s just scared that his way of life, the things he believes in, are being taken by the imposing Muslim immigration. As long as we are a world of nations with borders and people of different customs, we must welcome the differences of each other and enjoy the experience of those differences.

Do not impose yourself upon others least you be devoured by the revolt. Mr. Wilders is merely leading the revolt / push back against Muslim refusal to integrate with the time honored custom of the land. If some can not or will not integrate into the custom of the land he choses to live, he must return to the land of his custom.

14 10 2010
Marcie Unger

Thank you, Mr. Horton, for a coherent and intelligent response to the frothing-at-the-mouth rantings of Faruque Ahmed.

Mr. Ahmed needs to understand that if he does not like how we live in the West, no one is holding a gun to his head making him stay here. If life where you came from is so wonderful, why are you still here, Mr. Ahmed? Could it be that Islam in practice or theory is not so just, fair, kind, or humane as you insist it is?

14 10 2010
zvi gross

I think Ahmed is the best example why we have to fight Islamofascist bigotry with all the means to our disposal, primarily through blogs like this, where the true intolerant racist ugliness of the face of Islam is so revealed by it’s followers like Farook Ahmed.

15 10 2010
Rahat Khan

Ingrid, Max, A Na of Geert Wilders Gang
For more: Ingrid, Max, A Na of Geert Wilders Gang


Feel free to be penetrated by a camel’s “private enterprise” through your anal canal or any other anatomy of your body but please leave me alone as I am not interested in camel or any other animal for pleasure.

You see your leader loves Rabbis Teachings on sex with infants and animals and Jewish Shariah (“hadith”) and Stone to Death.

I am a proud and peace loving Muslim. I don’t want to be Fritz of Austria, Australia, USA, … all of them fathered children with their daughters! I also oppose and condemn American women had sex with her son and Australian man had sex with his mother.

So leave your fun ad fantasy with animals behind and answer my very pertinent questions mentioned in Antichrist Geert Wilders and Dutch Promiscuity for Virginity.


Your ignorant and loaded questions are not questions in the first place and they are not worthy of any answer.

A Na,

Do not hide between mum’s two legs and throw stones like your guru Geert Wilders. I also don’t have to put up with your racist rant. All of you are welcome to my blogs like Antichrist Geert Wilders and Dutch Promiscuity for Virginity and post your comments for evaluation. My blogs are not moderated like Wilder supporters.

15 10 2010
zvi gross

Rahat Khan,
If this is the face of a peace loving Muslim, then God should save us all from them. Like Mo, only “peace on Him” but death to all others, right, peace loving Rahat Muslim?

15 10 2010
Rahat khan

Who is your god? Jesus? He could not protect himself from the Jewish conspiracy to murder himself! How the hell is he going to protect you all, you morons!!

Grow some brain.

15 10 2010
zvi gross

Just keep showing us the true face of the “Peace Loving” Muslim. Your racist rants are laughable but it does show your true face. And you want to be respected ?
Here in Canada a women with a Niqab is suing her cousin and uncle for sexually assaulting her when she was between the ages of 7-10 years old. Mo did it legally with Ayesha, and if it’s true what I read from the UK, the favorite religion to convert to by pedophiles is Islam which makes a religious virtue out of their perversion.
Take it back to the Camels herders of the Middle East-Please, or we will force us to do it ASAP.

21 10 2010
Chud Ehudy

Child molestation is a problem in Christianity and Judaism.

21 10 2010
zvi gross

Chud Ehudy,
“child molestation is a problem in Christianity and Judaism”
Another one of your dim witted comments.
Is like saying “Gender discrimination is a problem in Christianity and Judaism”.
Proof? None. But even if it’s true that there are some perverts among other people, it’s only in Islam that this perversion is considered a RELIGIOUS VIRTUE, as the perfection of mankind Mohamed married Aisha at age 6, and raped her at age 9.
Show me Moses, or Jesus doing such and despicable act?
And how about Ayatollah Khomeini’s religious edict that indeed in Islam it’s a virtue for a husband to have his wife’s first Period in his home? Is this not a religiously encouraged child molestation?
And you want to compare Islam to a decent religion? Despicable. The time that you guys could pull the wool over our eyes, is quickly diminishing, thanks to Gert Wielders and other brave man, who will not back away from your terrorist threats of assassination and murder, or your bribes-which the Islamic block employs so successfully against Israel at the clueless UN.

21 10 2010
storm seal

I thought this was a free to speak website but obviously it is not as my last post has mysteriously vanished so on that basis i will say no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 10 2010
walker morrow

Relax, Storm Seal. Comments get lost in the mix all the time – it wasn’t selective, I promise you.

22 10 2010
Osama Bin Laden

Geert Wilders and his supporters are Megabyte Nazis

22 10 2010
zvi gross

Name calling and all sort of fantastic language becomes a fair game when it comes to describing alleged Muslim Victimhood. Nazism, Holocaust, Ghetto Warsaw, etc.
But there are never any facts advanced to back those allegations. To call one names, without offering any proofs to the validity of those names one being called, is more appropriate to kindergarten age children calling each other all sort of names then to mature adults who want their opinions to be respected.
Your comment falls into the “kindergarten child” category.

5 11 2010
Jas Singh

Geert Wilders has spoken the truth and I commend him for doing so! His video summed it up perfectly and i am now convinced that the fight back against Muslim dominance over the world has finally begun! I recently spoke to a professor at Oxford University who has also voiced concerns that Islam is heading for world domination in 100 years if you analyse the amount of births among the islamic communities worldwide. I therefore believe that this so called ‘religion’ or ‘cult’ as I call it is the biggest threat to our world and social tensions are going to continue to escalate if countries continue to lower their guard when dealing with Muslims. As most muslims are brainwashed from an early age and are fed predjudice, hate and intolerance (I have never met one that isn’t in my experience) they are all therefore under a spell and unable to see the world as we see it. Islam is a non progressive idiology that is incompatible with modern society and it continues to intimidate it’s own people (especially women) and also is now dictating to the west how we should be living our lives! Islam is no different to Nazi style ideology which wants world domination, worships dictators/tyrants, hates Jews and wants to kill anyone who does not conform to them or their beliefs. This is no different to Hitler and the third Reich! and I praise Geert Wilders on highlighting these facts to the world.The world will now begin to wake up to the real agenda of Islam and something has to be done and this is the beggining of an era which will expose the truth about Muslims living in the west, and how deep down they are no different to the ones living in the dark ages! The left wing never lives in the real world and their week policies will fuel the far right and this is worrying as we saw in world war 2 and history can repeat itself. I think that Geert is an intelligent man who has the courage to speak what’s on so many peoples minds. I give him my full support and one day everyone will say ” Geert was Right!”.

5 11 2010
Jas Singh -this is a brilliant website exposing the truth about Islam..check it out folks..

6 11 2010
Gregory Horton

Jas…….right on point. Excellant comment. They still won’t recognize reason and fact. Previously in this forum, I posted a lengthly comment citing the koran verses which point to their lies, robbery, and killings as being sanctioned by this book. Tell me how a “holy” book in a “peacefull” religion can promote such things. They can’t justify it rationally. I agree with you. It’s a cult, for a bunch of little boys who aren’t man enough to lead a faith based life structured upon peace and love. They feel the need to beat and mutilate their women and deny God-given rights to them. They can’t deal with people who disagree with them so they feal the need to murder. Why is it that there are so many religions in this world and they’re all peaceful except Islam? While I take interest in, and show respect for, other religions, I’m Christian. I shall not convert. I shall not pay tax. Whatever religion you and others may be, we’re able to love one another in our faith and respect each other in their faith unconditionally. We shall stand togeather against the aggressor. Offer peace but maintain a strong defense.

7 11 2010
Gutless Christian

Geert = Hitler = Anti-Christ

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