The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

4 01 2010

First post of the year!

American Thinker – Dooming Europe – Wilders’ PVV party less popular in latest poll:

The right-wing Liberal VVD has returned to its position as the country’s second largest party for the first time in seven years according to the latest TNS Nipo poll, reports the Volkskrant on Monday.

Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam PVV party remains the Netherlands’ most popular political grouping although its support has fallen by four seats in comparison to the previous poll, says the paper.

Read the rest here.

The Daily Mail – JAN MOIR talks to Baron Pearson of Rannoch, the gloriously eccentric and accident-prone new head of UKIP – Geert Wilders On “the Ideology Of Hate”

New Media Blog – Dooming Europe

Corrupt Liberal Democrats – Which stories did media bury in 2009? The Top 10 stories buried right here!

Pamela Geller in the Washington Times – Europe’s looming demise

Vlad Tepes – The UK, 2009 Rundown: A Year of Fire and Ice

Totus – Where is America’s Geert Wilders

MorningStar/CMM Missions Pulse Of The Nations – OAK: Geert Wilders, Alliance of Patriots (Dec. 29, 2009)

Window Into Palestine – Israel’s anti-Semitic friends

Junius On UKIP – Lord Pearson makes an ass of himself in the Mail – Double standards: Geert Wilders

The Brussels Journal – The UK, 2009 Rundown: A Year of Fire and Ice

Crusader Rabbit – ‘Countdown to the Wilders Trial’

Kitman TV – Geert Wilders Warning to America

Altmuslim – Simple cartoons, complicated responses

Matthew Yglesias – Study: Muslims in Europe feel they’re being shut out

Ajarn Forum – The Islamization of Europe

All Right Magazine – The UK 2009 Rundown: A Year of Fire and Ice

Desert Conservative – Europe’s Demise…America is NEXT with Obama HELPING! – Europe’s looming demise

There Was A Boy… – The remains of the Dutch Church, according to Avvenire – Top 10 Most Popular LoonWatch Pieces Of 2009

Creeping Sharia – Creeping Sharia – 2009 in Review

[ Related ] CANOE News – Danish police stop attack on cartoonist:

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Police shot a Somali man wielding an axe and a knife after he broke into the home of an artist whose cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb-shaped turban outraged the Muslim world, the head of Denmark’s intelligence agency said Saturday.

Read the rest here.

Darwiniana – RG mail: stories and links

Erkan’s Field Diary – What happens if the Dutch delegation does not come because Turks do not want a racist, useless, criminal-minded b*****d included in the delegation?

FlyFF World – I was repeatedly raped by the Taliban, but it’s OK because they respected me

Today’s Zaman – How Western anti-Muslim bigotry became respectable: The historic roots of a newly resilient ideology – Kurt Westergaard Mohammed cartoon: Somali attacker might be induced by huge reward money or paradise

Counter Jihad – Geert Wilders shocked by the Muhammad cartoonist attack:

“Fortunately, this cowardly Muslim attack on Kurt Westergaard failed, but our freedom is at stake. Therefore we must all show solidarity to Westergaard and freedom of expression. I have got three Muhammad cartoons on my website to highlight the situation,” wilder said.

The men met last year in Denmark. Westergaard draw a cartoon of Wilders. The Dane does not always agree with Wilders, but believes that Wilders can express his views.

The cartoonist drew Wilders with a bomb on his head,  as he depicted Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. The two men had a disagreement by an unsolicitated cartoon of Westergaard Wilders showed in his film Fitna. The copyright issue has been resolved.

Read the rest here. – Wilders solidair met Westergaard na laffe aanslag: cartoons online

The Hesperado – Austerist Asymptoticism

Jihad Watch – Fitzgerald: Eric Holder, The American Government, and the Diminishing of Public Trust

De Telegraaf – Geschokte Wilders plaatst cartoons

NewsReal – Was the Muslim Who Tried to Kill an Elderly Danish Cartoonist Misinterpreting the Koran?

View From The Right – Something missing in the anti-jihad movement

Comba(t)ting The Doctrines Of Grace – Support Geert Wilders against the intolerant religion of Islam!

Huibslog – Wilders Prepares for His Day in Court (Set for January 20, 2010)  – A Kurt Westergaard Cartoon that Wilders will not publish on his Website [EN] – Laten zien waar het op staat met Wilders: Wachten Kan Niet Meer… 3.1.10 [NL] – and Eurabia in Progress. Wilders has a Christmas Dream… [EN]

Five Feet of Fury – Young Muslim immigrant attempts attack on elderly ‘Mohammed cartoonist’

Sense Of Life Objectivists – Geert Wilders’ trial is coming soon – 20th January 2010

One Jerusalem – Geert Wilders Warns America: Israel Fights for the Entire West



2 responses

4 01 2010
mohammed allah

Watch and read mohammed T-shirt art from Sweden at,

6 01 2010

Thank you so very much for your Blog and the opportunity to post the following Program in support of *Geert Wilders*

Join our
Solidarity Rally
for Dutch Freedom Fighter
Geert Wilders

Wednesday, January 20
7:30-9:30 pm
Toronto Zionist Centre,
788 Marlee Ave.

The Dutch Member of Parliament will stand trial on this date in Amsterdam for our collective rights to speak the truth about the spread of political Islam in the free world.

See his Anti-Koran film Fitna and hear a diverse coalition of community leaders including Boston Rabbi, Jon Hausman, a close associate of Wilders.

For more information,
please call JDL Canada

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