The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

23 05 2009

First of all: a blog reader sends this in:

 Dear Walker,

 I am a long-time supporter of Dutch MP Geert Wilders, and I think that your blog readers will find this information helpful to voice their support of Mr. Wilders.

 The French Human Rights organization that is trying to imprison Wilders is
called l’Association de Défense des Droits de l’Homme et le Collectif Contre l’Islamophobie en France (ADDH-CCIF)
(The English translation is the Association of the Defense of Human Rights and the Collective Against
Islamophobia in France.) Their web site is

 I would suggest readers to email or call the ADDH-CCIF to voice their support for Wilders and their moral outrage at the audacity of the ADDH-CCIF’s attempt to silence to silence his Freedom of Speech –on American soil no less!Email:

Tel: 011 33 6 21 29 68 80


 And then a correction:

 Here is the direct phone number to Mr. Yassine Bouzrou, the attorney who is leading the charge
to imprison Geert Wilders:

 Mr. Yassine Bouzrou, attorney
Association of the Defense of Human Rights and the Collective Against
Islamophobia in France

011 33 6 72 47 2848

 I hope that you will share this information with your readers.

Unfortunately, I reacted a bit too late to this information – my bad! Keep on emailing any tips that you might have to me. I swear I’ll keep more on top of such things – really, I promise.

Anyway, here are the links:

The Washington Times – ‘Lawfare’ gains ground

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Labour joins “cordon sanitaire” against Wilders – Prosecution of Wilders to go ahead:

Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam party PVV, will definitely be prosecuted for inciting hatred against Muslims and Islam, news agency ANP writes on Wednesday.

A request by Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moscowicz to have the decision to prosecute quashed has been rejected by the Dutch supreme court.

Amsterdam appeal court said in January Wilders should stand trial for hate speech and discrimination. The public prosecution department had said earlier there were not sufficient grounds to prosecute the MP.

The Kvetcher – The Zionists should consult with the good doctor

NRC Handelsblad – ‘Many voters still feel angry’

IPS – bigger, badder Jihad plot in ‘Obsession’ rebooted

Atlas Shrugs – Eurabia has a capital Bosch Fawstin

Europe News – Wilders Hopes for Flemish Independence – and Eurabia’s Capital: Rotterdam 

The Jakarta Post – Letters: Response from Geert B. Wilders

The International Free Press Society – Dutch Labor Party joins “cordon sanitaire” against Wilders – Fitna Geert Wilders Quran Islam Movie Islamic Film 1/3

Atlas Shrugs – Zuhdi Jasser’s own private Islam – clarion call or dangerous deception?

Tundra Tabloids – Clarion Fund Seeks Honest Answers Why Geller, Schlussel, Spencer, Bostom Are Not Thrilled With Zuhdi Jasser…….

Jihad Watch – Request to quash Wilders prosecution rejected – Eurabia’s Capital: Rotterdam

NRC Handelsblad – Piracy requires a universal approach

The Brussels Journal – Wilders Hopes for Flemish Independence

Gates of Vienna – Wilders Will Definitely go on Trial

Atlas Shrugs – Geert Wilders setback

Foreign Policy – The List: Fringe No More

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – PM: Europe should adopt Dutch “polder model” – and Prosecution of Wilders will go ahead

Nasdaq – Dutch Anti-Islam Lawmaker Loses Bid To Stop Hate Speech Trial

American Congress for Truth – Islamic Anti-Israeli, Misogny and Rights Trashing

Random Thoughts – Dutch Supreme Court Rules Geert Wilders Must Stand Trial for Insulting Islam

ACT Northern Virginia/Richmond/DC Metro Chapter – Anti-Islam lawmaker loses legal challenge to stop hate speech trial in The Netherlands

Little Green Footballs – My Email to Geert Wilders

Press TV – Dutch Islamophobe fails to escape trial

New American – Geert Wilders Fights Courts on Free Speech – Geert Wilders Islamification Speech In LA – April 2009

Refugee Resettlement Watch – Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for inciting hatred

World Magazine – Human Race

Pith in the Wind – World’s Most Respected Islamophobes to Gather in Nashville for Symposium

Het Vrije Volk – the curious case of Charles Johnson

World Challenges for the XXIst Century – Netherlands: Geert Wilders loses bids to stop trial about “Fitna”

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – In our backyard

Index on Censorship – Geert Wilders loses appeal

The Infidel Bloggers Alliance – The Truth Explodes

The Redwing Report – Free Speech in Europe

Church Arise! – British Parliament cowers before Islamists

Hudson New York – Geert Wilders Up Close

The International Free Press Society – Wilders prosecution to go ahead: Dutch

The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

19 05 2009

Just a brief house-cleaning announcement: I am going to stop updating the ‘Who’s Talking About This’ section. Mainly because I’m getting tired of double-posting pretty much every link that I’m putting into these posts into that section. I won’t be taking it down – but I won’t be updating it either. There’s still plenty of information and plenty of opinion there, and I might archive some of the more important updates and video links,  but I’d just rather reduce my blogging workload by a little bit.

Anyway, here are the links:

Altmuslim – Are those fighting words?

Going Dutch in China – Trouble with Tourist Visas

IslamNewcastle – Why Ban Michael Savage From Britian ?

Expatica – Labour leader rules out coalition with Wilders

The Christian Institute – Anti-Islam MP still leads Dutch polls after UK ban

Newpapers Collected – Geert Wilders is Still a Bigot and Still No Kind of Hero

[ Related ] The National Post’s Full Comment – Britain violates first rule of shock jocks: Never take the bait

Vlad Tepes – Bruce Bawer on Vlaams Belang

The Shape of the World – De-humanizing the Other IV: “Preachers of Hate”

Dinah Lord – UK: Geert Wilders appeal to be heard on July 9 – Labour leader rules out alliance with Wilders

FrontPage Mag: The ADL: Wrong About Geert Wilders

Alex Massie – Geert Wilders is Still a Bigot and Still No Kind of Hero

The Brussels Journal – Gimmickry, the Last Refuge of Appeasement

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen – He Doesn’t Look a Thing Like Jesus

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Labour joins “cordon sanitaire” against Wilders

The American Muslim – Neo-Nazis in Synagogues – SP, ChristenUnie rule out Wilders’ coalition

Freedom Ain’t Free and Take Our Country Back – The High Commissioner’s Big Lie Part 2

NRC Handelsblad – The importance of not courting Wilders

[ Related ] The International Free Press Society – Youtube removes ban on Filip Dewinter

Insane P.I. – Bill Warner’s pathetic attempts to Photoshop Geert Wilders

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Rouvoet accuses PVV and VVD of curtailing freedom

The New York Times – Coming Vote on Assembly Elicits Shrugs in Europe

Western Front – Michael Savage and Geert Wilders: Crusaders for the West

NRC Handelsblad – Amsterdam celebrates Spinoza’s plea for tolerance

Insane P.I. – Axis of Evil vs. Anti-Islamists – updated

The Jakarta Post – A friendly chat with Geert Wilders

Atlas Shrugs – Lt. Colonel Allan West: “Enemies at the gates”

NIS News Bulletin – Balkenende: Wilders gets too much attention

Gates of Vienna – Dymphna’s Packet o’ News for May 14th

Informed Comment – Wertheim: Wilders’ Lethal Words

Islam Is War – Dutch firebrand MP banned from Britain plans new anti-Islam film

Libertarian Republican – Geller suggests Libertarian Geert Wilders for US President 2012

The Copenhagen Post – Wilders to get no invite to free speech conference

The Destruction of Britain – What is it with the NUJ? Now Rod Liddle wades into the “Stop the BNP” MSM campaign.

Islam Is Not Peace – Dutch firebrand MP banned from Britain plans new anti-Islam film

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Amsterdam Islam Congress resounding success

Islam In Europe – Netherlands: National Islam Congress

Islamization Watch – Amsterdam Islam Congress called a resounding success_Wilders declined invitation

The Destruction of Britain – Robert Spencer, you really better watch out for falling glass

Center For Immigration Studies – Pandering by the ADL

NIS News Bulletin – VVD leader: I was an act and neglected integration issue

Independence – Could UKIP be sitting with Geert Wilders’ party in the next European Parliament?

Arubagirl – Not The Political Post I was Planning On Writing

Islamization Watch – Dutch: Rutte in confession mode, accepts political landscape shift towards integration, immigration and Wilders

Crazy Dutch in HK – “Belgium is a mess”

Conservative Central – Wilders’s acceptance speech for the Freedom Award

This Week’s Wilders Round-Up

10 05 2009

The Blogger News Network – The big tent

Assyrian International News Agency – The ADL: Wrong About Geert Wilders

The Guardian – The anti-jihadist theatre of the absurd

The Anti-Theist Blog – Geert Wilders in L.A.

Zipline Conservative – Geert Wilders (It Takes Wilders To Confront CAIR Thugs in USA?)

Euronews – Anti-semitic lists in EU poll?

The Bible and Society – Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War

ACT! For America – Human Rights Exist for the Protection of Individuals, Not Religions and Ideologies (Excerpts)


euRabia – CAIR “Commends” the Good Dhimmis at the ADL for Condemning Wilders

Europe News – Danish government delays free speech conference; fears Geert Wilder’s presence would offend Muslims

Dinah Lord – Throwdown: Britain’s lone* moderate Muslim challenges Geert Wilders to a debate

Stop The ACLU – The big tent

Gavin Orland – Geert Wilders speaks in Los Angeles

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders speech in L.A. Spanish subtitles

[ Related ] American Thinker – Michael Savage Banned in the UK

UTV News – Yes Jacqui, let’s keep out those dangerous homeopaths

Silver Scorpio – Man fined for death threat against Dutch right-winger Wilders

Al Jazeerah: Cross-Cultural Understanding – Muslim American News Briefs, May 2, 2009

Muslims Against Sharia – Salim Mansour on Islam(ist)ic-Western relations and against Western collapse

[ Related ] The International Free Press Society – Vlaams Belang video: the state of freedom of speech in Belgium

A Western Heart – The big tent

[ Somewhat related ] The Shotgun Blog – British MP George Galloway is suing Jason Kenney

Dissecting Leftism – The big tent

Conservatism Quotes – The uncommon tent – Blogger News Network

Tel-Chai Nation – ADL refused to help Geert Wilders

The Juice – “Fighter of Radical Muslims” Offers Free Exorcism for Muslim Moderate, Some Blogger

New American – Geert Wilders Not Welcome in Denmark

Cranmer – The UK’s ‘banned list’ and pre-emptive retribution

FrontPage Mag – The ADL: Wrong About Geert Wilders – Danish PM opposes Wilders’ visit

EuropeNews – Geert Wilders a fascist?

Hot Air – The obligatory “Michael Savage banned from Britain” post

Jihad Watch – Geert Wilders a fascist?

View From The Right – Spencer’s defense of Wilders from the ADL

[ Related ] WorldNetDaily – Savage’s colleagues react in horror

The International Free Press Society – The ADL: Wrong About Geert Wilders

The Associated Press – UK bars 22 alleged extremists, including show host

Hit and Run – On Ezra Levant and Glenn Greenwald

The American Spectator – Free Speech in Europe

GlobalPost – A Dutch identity crisis?

CNS News – UK Minister Who Blacklisted American Talk Show Host May Lose Her Post

The Jakarta Post – ‘Fitna’ producer attacks Dutch diplomat over Islam lecture – and Wilders slams Ambassador Van Dam

WorldNetDaily – I am Savage

The New York Times – In Belgium, Samson Gets a Makeover

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch MEP calls European Parliament bureaucratic

Urmee Khan – Why is Fred Phelps banned from Britain? Will the Scientologists be next?

Pickled Politics – Geert Wilders’ great plan to save the west

Harry’s Place – Wilders: Enemy of Liberalism – EU elections: PVV accused of cowardice

Lux Americana – Dutch TV Show: ‘Bin Laden Not Guilty’

Heartless and Brainless – Greenwald conflating state sovereignty with free speech

The International Free Press Society – The ADL: Wrong About Geert Wilders

Winds of Jihad – “Harry’s Place” discovers ‘real enemy’… Geert Wilders!

Tundra Tabloids – Bostom: Fortuyn and His Creepy Remnants Pale in Comparison to Wilders…….

Andrew Bostom – Un-Fortuyn-ate Sons

Earth Times – Danish group invites Dutch right-wing politician to conference:

Copenhagen – The Danish Free Speech Society Friday said it has invited controversial Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders to address a conference on freedom of speech and Islam. The private group stepped in after it became “tired” of waiting for the Danish government to agree on a date for a conference, the free speech group’s head Lars Hedegaard said in a statement.Airforce Amazons – Delicious and galoshes

[Related] Brussels Journal – British Home Secretary Savages Free Speech

The International Free Press Society – UK minister who blacklisted Michael Savage and Geert Wilders may lose her post – The Savage Banning of an American Original

My Views On Political News! – Wilders banned from the UK

Meanderings of a Non-PC Man – Facebook Transplant Part 2 – Originally posted 13/4/09 – Wilders wants to attend British court hearing:

Anti-immigration MP Geert Wilders said on Friday he hoped to go to Britain on July 9 when a court in London will hear his appeal against being banned.

‘I want to be there in person, and defend myself together with a British lawyer, Wilders said on his website.

Blog of Pakistan – Critical thinking, do we have tolerance for it?

Canada Free Press – Appeasement and Surrender

Europe News – Wilders wants to attend British court hearing

Doc’s Talk – Appeasement and Surrender

Pajamas Media – The Savage Banning of an American Talk Show Host

The New York Times – A World of Least-Wanted Lists

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – European Commissioner fed up with criticism

News By Us – Hey Jacqui, You May Already Be A Weiner

[ Related ] Pickled Politics – Could an Islamic state actually work?

Infidels Unite – A Saudi attacks Geert Wilders with anti-Christian film:

A blogger from Saudi Arabia has an ironic short film – on the Internet – against Christianity published in style that imitates Wilders’s film. A reporter of the Saudi newspaper “Arab News” (Thursday edition) said the Internet-author, Raid al-Saed, had produced the film to show that it was easy, prejudicial and show of hate to create – like the right-wing Wilders’s – if you take random quotations from a holy book and illustrate it with images of violence. Wilders’s compilation of violent scenes, Koran verses and Islamic hate preacher was pushed to rextreme. Many religious groups and governments in the Islamic world have sharply criticized the film and  demanded the Dutch Government to take action against Wilders.

 Just like Wilders’s Fitna, the scenes of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 mixed with pictures of mothers with headscarves, Al-Saed produced the film down to tight ten-minutes. He also denigrated in his short film a holy book as a pamphlet; the readers of the Bible were inspired to radical ideas and deeds.

True Blue Aussie – Geert Wilders Islamification Speech in LA – April 2009

07020 Forums – Pamela Geller Interviews Geert Wilders

This Week’s Wilders Round-Up

2 05 2009

Gates of Vienna – Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/30/2009

StraightShooters – Geert Wilders’ ‘Fascist Tendencies’

Little Green Footballs – Jawa Report Notes Geert Wilders’ ‘Fascist Tendencies’

USA Partisan – Hamas-linked CAIR demands that Florida House Majority Leader step down for co-hosting an event featuring Geert Wilders

The International Free Press Society – Danish government delays free speech conference; fears Geert Wilder’s presence would offend Muslims

The Brussels Journal – Duly Noted: The Moral Rehabilitation of Tyranny


Weblog GeertWilders – Geert Wilders receives Free Speech Award in Miami:

Party for Freedom-leader Geert Wilders received last Monday the prestigious Free Speech Award in Miami.

Annually, the Florida Security Council gives away the prize to an individual or organisation whose efforts to promote the Freedom of Speech have been outstanding. Geert Wilders had been told before he would be honoured with the Free Speech Award, but he was only able to accept the Award during a special ceremony last Monday.

Diana West – CAIR “Commends” the Good Dhimmis at the ADL for Condemning Wilders

Yid With Lid – The ADL Becomes Tool of a Terrorist Organization

Atlas Shrugs – Denmark caves to Islam: ‘postpones’ Geert Wilders and ‘freedom of speech’ conference

The International Free Press Society – Wilders: Why I Am In America Fighting for Free Speech

Jihad Watch – Wilders: Why I Am In America Fighting for Free Speech

The Other McCain – ADL denounces Geert Wilders?

The Anti-Defamation League – ADL Condemns Anti-Islam Remarks Made by Dutch Parliamentarian During Appearances in S. Florida

The International Free Press Society – Video: Geert Wilders speech in Beverly Hills

Stand Firm – GEERT WILDERS THREATENED…MAN FINED FOR THREATENING EMAIL – “Muslim Organization Promotes Mr. Geert Wilders & His Controversal Movie FITNA!”

Atlas Shrugs – Florida Free Speech Summit: Geert Wilders wows – and Free Speech Summit: Lord Pearson

The International Free Press Society – First-hand report of Geert Wilders’ California appearance – and Geert Wilders to visit US West Coast this weekend

Nieuws uit Amsterdam – Tolerate racist remark

PR Newswire – CAIR: Fl. House GOP leader hosts event denying religious freedom

The Starving Bloggist – Geert Wilders

Ali’s Notepad – Islam is not a Religion – ACT NOW! – EU On Verge Of Collapse and Complete Islamization. U.S. too.

The Buzz – CAIR: Hasner must step down

Home of the Green Arrow – The British Lion Roars In Defiance

Riptide 2.0 – House Majority Leader Adam Hasner Leaves Chamber During Muslim Prayer

Oxford Mail – Muslim challenges barred Dutch politician to a debate:

PROMINENT Oxford Muslim has challenged controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders to meet him for a public debate over Islam.

Dr Taj Hargey, Imam of the Summertown Islamic congregation, and leader of the Muslim Education Centre of Oxford, has invited Mr Wilders – barred from Britain in February because of his anti-Muslim views– to meet at a neutral venue, saying his ideas need to be challenged publicly rather than boycotted.

Agoravox – Netherlands: Dutch feel better about immigration, think freedom of religion should be limited

The Alternative Information Center – The Islamophobia Connection

Torchlight – Geert Wilders Speech At Free Speech Summit In Florida

WorldNetDaily – truth is the new hate speech

Atlas Shrugs – interview: Lord Pearson

PR Newswire – CAIR: Hate Speech Applauded at Florida Synagogue

Dutch News – ‘Political movements should be subsidised’

euRabia – Freedom of Speech: Text of Geert Wilders Speech (Florida)


Tel-Chai Nation – Geert Wilders visited Florida senate

Jihad Watch – Hamas-linked CAIR demands that Florida House Majority Leader to step down for co-hosting an event featuring Geert Wilders – and Geert Wilders: “The take-over of Europe is part of the global fight of Islam for world domination”

Girl on the Right – Larry, Curly & Mo’


NIS News Bulletin – rise of Wilders divides CDA and D66

Atlas Shrugs – Dutch program finds Bin Laden innocent and Geert Wilders guilty

ACT! Seattle For America – Geert Speaks … Prophesy for USA?

Weasel Zippers – CAIR Outraged Jews Gave Geert Wilders Standing Ovation at Florida Synagogue, Compare Wilders to Hitler…..

PR Newswire – CAIR Commends Fla. Jewish Group for Condemning Hate Speech

The Spoof – Dutch extreme right politician Geert Wilders invited by Obama to the Black House!

Michigan Redneck II – Denmark delays freedom of speech conference to avoid offending Muslims — in case Geert Wilders shows up

The Copenhagen Post – Freedom of speech conference delayed again:

Worries about inviting Dutch politician Geert Wilders to Denmark leads to further delays for troubled freedom of speech conference The government will not be inviting controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders to Denmark anytime soon.

Conservative MP Naser Khader, previously of Liberal Alliance, secured funding last year for an international freedom of speech conference, which was due to be held in February.

Late last year it was decided to push the conference back until this June and according to information received by Berlingske Tidende newspaper, the conference has been delayed again because of government’s concern over Geert Wilders. The integration minister, Birthe Rønn Hornbech, has sent out a memo saying that the free speech and anti-radicalisation conference will not be held before the autumn, ‘in spite of intense work and exploration’ that has gone into preparations.

Rob Breakenridge – Geert Wilders: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly ( Plus: Wilders Charged – Defending Wilders – Wilders, BaFitna: The Movieker, and Busta: The Freedom to Offend – Dutch Stand for Free Expression ( 2008 ) – Irshad Manji on Fitna: The Movie – Wilders Defiant –Fitna Fallout Fitna: The Movie )

The Jawa Report – Cheers for Geert Wilders’ Bravery at Standing Against the Islamist Tide, Jeers for his Fascist Tendencies

Jihad Watch – Denmark delays freedom of speech conference to avoid offending Muslims — in case Geert Wilders shows up

The Juice – Dear Rep. Adam Hasner…

A New Dark Age Is Dawning – New Dark Age Alert! Geert Wilders: “The Take-over of Europe Is Part of the Global Fight of Islam for World Domination”

Five Feet of Fury – Geert Wilders models the t-shirt all the cool kids are wearing

View From The Right – Wilders says: stop Muslim immigration, encourage Muslims to leave, prohibit the building of new mosques, close Islamic schools – Dutch news in brief, Monday 27 April 2009:

A headline in de Volkskrant reports that the conservative VVD party has a ‘mole’ in the camp of the leader of the populist Freedom Party, Geert Wilders.

In an interview with de Volkskrant, VVD MP Fred Teeven, who is responsible for his party’s contacts with the Freedom Party, said he had been promised that he would be able to attend their closed meetings.

“But they are not keeping their promise. They won’t let me in.” Instead an unidentified VVD member has been attending Freedom Party meetings throughout the Netherlands.

The ‘mole’ reports that Wilders’ language is even harder in private than in public.

A New Dark Age Is Dawning – Geert Wilders in Beverly Hills