The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

28 07 2009

First of all, before I start with the links proper, I’d like to direct your attention toward a game, called Scheert Wilders.

Here’s what you’re supposed to do:


Move Geert from left to right with your mouse. Catch the razors and bottles of hydrogen peroxide, avoid the flower pots. Catch sheep for bonus points.

You can also play it here.

Ok, now for the links proper.

The Guardian – If you can’t beat ’em … Europe’s new tactics in the battle against the far right

Lancaster Unity – If you can’t beat ’em…Europe’s new tactics in the battle against the far right

American Thinker – One-Way Free Speech

Gates of Vienna – Geert Wilders Interviewed on Swedish TV – and Rollback

BlueRidgeForum – Slowing Down FedEx: Are “Big Conservatives” Out of Line?

Covering Florida – FSC sues Delray Marriott over breached contract for ‘Free Speech Summit’

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders in Sweden talks about PVV policies.

Atlas Shrugs – Dhimmi Jacqui Smith’s ban on Michael Savage overturned

Geert Wilders intervjuas av sverigefientliga SVT (ur Rapport 20090713): – Moroccans in Holland are most unhappy

The American Jingoist – Atlas Shrugs: Dhimmi Jacqui Smith’s ban on Michael Savage overturned

New American – Muslim Face of the EU

Islam Way – Geert Wilders – Islam, and the freedom of speech (3/4)

India Schools – Geert Wilders: “Islam is a Fascist Ideology”

Joels Trumpet – One-Way Free Speech

Muslims Against Sharia – Sonia Sotomayor and the Future of Anti-Islamist Speech

Winds of Jihad – Azzam Tamimi: ‘We love death. They love life.’”

Freethought Examiner – Islamist Asault on the U.S. Constitution

Guanabee – Guanabee Guide: Getting To Know The Senators Grilling Sonia Sotomayor

Muslim Village’s Blog – Islam Going To Be Banned Worldwide? – Islamist Asault on the U.S. Constitution

Klein Verzet – The more, the less merry – What do immigrants cost society? asks PVV

NRC Handelsblad – Wilders: Calculate cost of immigrants

The Foreign Policy Centre – Time to put Europe back on the map

Summer Patriot, Winter Soldier – [last rough draft] “ibwuhls ain’t” : the new ….

Nieuws uit Amsterdam – Hassan Bahara helps the PVV

Family Security Matters – Library Association Buckles Under Pressure by CAIR; Censors Critic of Islamism

Islamization Watch – Wilders: Calculate cost of non-Western/ Islamic immigrants

Nl.politiek – Geert Wilders – the Next Dutch PM?

Public Service – EXCLUSIVE: Time to put Europe back on the map

Atlas Shrugs – Geert Wilders: Do the Math!

NRC Handelsblad – Society is not a commercial enterprise

Peace Talk – Presenting Muslim women in court by forcefully removing their hijab proves the Bangladesh government’s abhorrence towards Islam

European Political Report – Netherlands’ Geert Wilders Questions Cost of Immigration

A Jew With A View – Freedom Of Speech R.I.P

Higher Criticism – New Blabber: Muslims are taking over the world

Saudi Gazette – UK peer to file lawsuit

[ Related ] The International Free Press Society – Contrary to newspaper report, Michael Savage still banned from UK

The Guardian – Fears of an Islamic revolt in Europe begin to fade

Summer Patriot, Winter Soldier – “libwuhls ain’t:” the new aristocracy. – Geert Wilders Speaks: Muslims & Tolerance (Part 2 Of 2)

Weblog GeertWilders – Geert Wilders News Round-up

View From The Right – FrontPage Magazine simultaneously denounces Muslim custom of honor killing and tells readers to accept it – Obama more popular with Dutch than homegrown politicians

The Latest Headlines – Fears of Islamic revolt in Europe fade

Vlad Tepes – Excellent article on multiculturalism in Holland

Gates of Vienna – The Price Tag on Dutch Multiculturalism

Winds of Jihad – Islam 4 UK: Whoever insults a Prophet kill him!

Nordwave Great Britain – The European Elections and Nationalism

[ Related ] Andrew Bolt – Throw the Jew under the Muslim bus

Scary Fundamentalist – Blasphemy

[ Related ] The International Free Press Society – Brit ban on Savage was pure politics

Filmklipp hos – Cartoon: Waarom Geert Wilders Marokkanen haat part 2

Islam – Jewish Russian Man Converts to Islam

NRC Handelsblad – The Dutch obsession with Moroccans

News Hounds – Robert Gibbs and Senator Kyl (R) Refuse Poisoned Bait from Baier on Fox News Sunday

De Dagelijkse Standard – Sarah Palin neemt afscheid (van Alaska)