The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

21 08 2009

Well, it’s that time of week again, for me to talk about all the people who have been talking about Geert Wilders. If you’ve got any tips or commentary, don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments section, or to use the email on the sidebar.

Now, to the links:

CultureWatch – Whither Europe?

Jules’ Klimaatblog – The Edmund Burke Foundation vs. Big Pharma.

Doc’s Talk – Demographic time bomb

Arteri – Project In Focus: Birdprayers by Sara Nuytmans and Arya Pandjalu

Rapture Forums – AMERICA…THE LAST MAN STANDING – Geert Wilders Speech

Pakistan Daily – 2050 Europe will be 20% Muslim-Racist bigotry or paranoia?

Caron’s Musings – Geert Wilders – when should people be silenced? – and Caron’s Favourite Musings – a meander down Memory Lane

New American – Crescent Over Europe

The Cutting Edge – Europe is Changing–to be 20 Percent Islamic by 2050, Experts Say

Nasra’s Blog – Geert Wilders: I’m in favour of Romania and Bulgaria leaving the EU – Geert Wilders Speaks: Muslims & Tolerance (Part 2 Of 2)

Creeping Sharia – Geert Wilders: Oil-rich Nigeria succumbing to Islamic sharia law (videos)

Down Under On The Right Side – Good news from Europe

Islam in Europe – Netherlands: PVV concerned about growth of Muslim population

Centurean2’s Weblog – Nigeria On The Brink…Hundreds Left Dead.

The Irish Independent – ‘Non-national’ outrage is a full-blown farce

Conservative Republican Discussion Forums – Raped ? Not A Problem !

FrontPage Mag – The Seeds of Liberalism – Tale Of Two Conferences: Nashville’s Loews Vanderbilt Manager Tom Negri Strikes Blow At First Amendment, Exposes Treason Lobby Lovefest

Pesky Emotional Republican – The Seeds of Liberalism

Counter Jihad – Wilders wants to know latest baby names

Writing The Wrongs – Can Israel Trust the Big Power with Iran?

British Democracy Forum – Geert wilders.

Mission Europa Netzwerk Karl Martell – Geert Wilders: Fitna (Deutsch)

The Telegraph – Mohammed is most popular boy’s name in four biggest Dutch cities

Nieuws uit Amsterdam – Fear of webzine unwarranted

Islamization Watch – Tariq Ramadan criticised over Iran’s Press TV connection

Jihad Watch – Mohammed most popular boy’s name in four biggest Dutch cities

The Free Dutchman – Dutch professor: U.S. to blame for Holocaust

The Blog of Walker – Is Geert Wilders a hypocrite? – Security leak makes phone numbers public – Dutch public figures’ numbers go online due to error

NRC Handelsblad – Ramadan criticised over Iran connection

Jihad Watch – M. Cherif Bassiouni strikes back

Islamization Watch – Dutch: Muslim elected lawmaker compares Wilders to Hitler

Muslimah Online – Europe have brought many more Muslim women out of their old confinements Europe is at risk of being ‘colonised’ by its Muslim populations,

Bill Warner Private Investigator  – Muslims Against Sharia Try To Silence Private Investigator Bill Warner These Are The Same Type Of Bastards As On 9/11/2001. [ Note: this guy’s a bit far out there; I know the fellow who runs Muslims Against Sharia – he doesn’t strike me as the lunatic type,  and they’re pretty damn easy to spot. Indeed, the fellow who runs Muslims Against Sharia has spent a good deal of time exposing Bill Warner’s eh…eccentricities, which may explain Bill’s rather hyperbolic statement above. ]

Gates of Vienna – Sauce for the Goose

Andy McCarthy – More on Preemptive Capitulation at Yale (Part 2 of 2)

Diana West – No Lux, More Dhimmitude

Christmas Carols – Awaiting A Western Renaissance: Mohammed is most all the wrath boy’s bigwig in four biggest Dutch cities

Ovi Magazine – Dutch Report

MixMySalad – The problem with global conspiracy theories

Romanian National Guard News Agency – Geert Wilders’s 10 points plan to save the West

Middle East Online – The problem with global conspiracy theories

The Register – Dutch news agency goof leaks VIP phone numbers

The Age – Dutch embrace Islamic name – ‘Reply this month on cost of immigration’

The Guardian – A culture of fear

NIS News Bulletin – Elatik: Wilders is no Hitler, just his policy

New Age Islam – A Muslim response to Dutch legislator’s lies about Qur’aan – Wilders will largely ignore local elections

Joshuapundit – Britain: Public Swimming Pools Enforce Muslim Dress Code On Non-Muslims

There Was A Boy… – A beneficial guard at tongue and keyboard

Caliphate Online – Islam’s view towards Freedom of Speech

Rethinking Islam – A Muslim response to Dutch Legislator’s lies about Qur’aan

Muslims Against Sharia – Dutch embrace Islamic name – Islam’s view towards Freedom of Speech

Counter Jihad – Wilders’ new anti-Muslim strategy

International Children’s Council on the Environment – what do we do now? And do we have the guts to do it?

Bedfordshire Beacon – Geert Wilders at free speech summit in Florida – Wilders to fight local elections in two cities

Jihad Watch – Saudi imam who called Jews “scum, rats, pigs, monkeys” speaks in London — Geert Wilders still barred

NRC Handelsblad – Wilders shuns local elections, sets sights on 2011

Alex Massie – Oh No! The Muslims Are Coming!

EuropeNews – Saudi imam who called Jews “scum, rats, pigs, monkeys” speaks in London — Geert Wilders still barred

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Freedom Party will not take part in 2010 elections – Websites not prosecuted for Danish cartoons

Crunchy Con – Massie on “The Muslims are coming!”

Counter Jihad – Wilders’ will not get death for Muhammad cartoon

NIS News Bulletin – Wilders not prosecuted for showing Danish cartoons

Nukilan Hang Nadim – TUN Mahathir bin Mohamad

American Thinker – Islam’s European Conquest: Is America Next?

National Post – Islam film backlash feared: reports – Geert Wilders not to be prosecuted on cartoons

Gates of Vienna – Tariq Ramadan Gets the Sack

NIS News Bulletin – Muslim group republishes punishable cartoon

Florida Security Council – Geert Wilders

Oliver Kamm – Craven self-censorship

The Brussels Journal – British Foreign Secretary Justifies Terrorism

The Independent – Islamic scholar hits out over sacking 

Klein Verzet –   Three long year

Independent Minds – Islamic scholar hits out over sacking

the Guardian – Rotterdam falls out of love with Professor Ramadan

Terrance This Is Stupid Stuff – It’s So Hard to Be Politically Correct in the Netherlands

Creeping Sharia – Wilders Won’t Be Prosecuted for Showing Danish Cartoons

The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

10 08 2009

Jihad Watch – Fitzgerald: The worldwide Jihad is simply the sum of all the local Jihads

Home Of The Green Arrow – From Titans To Lemmings. Part 4


LINKS – A balance sheet of the European elections

Doing Advance Work – UK New Era Keystone Cops trip on own e-mails in pathetic case v Michael Savage

Gates Of Vienna – Hellish Saviors

PrairiePundit – Savage discovers emails about his UK exclusion order

OpenAir – CDA groeit ten koste van Geert Wilders

Islam In Europe – commentary by Snouck – Stacking the cards against Geert Wilders

John Dierckx – Radical Expressions by (Belgian) MP Sanctioned by the European Court for Human Rights

Time Magazine – The March to the Far Right

Up Pompei – Banbury is playing host to “the most famous Imam” The Muslim equivalent of the Pope no less

Winds of Jihad – Al Manure coming to Australia, Saudi hate-preachers spread filth in the UK

Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back – Ad Hoc Cmte: Iranian Submission

Pajamas Media – The Islamist Who Served on the Electoral College

Red Squirrel’s ‘Nut Cracking’ Nationalism – The Changing demographics of our world: A call to Action

Liberal Conspiracy – Time: Europe turns far-right

Pickled Politics – The rise of the far-right across Europe

The Pakistan Daily: The Pakistan News Agency – Europe’s Muslim factor scares Zionists

Reuters – Hacker hits Dutch sites with anti-Wilders slogans:

By Ben Berkowitz

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A Turkish hacker has defaced dozens of Dutch websites with pro-Islamic slogans and pictures of right-wing politician Geert Wilders edited to make him look like a monkey, a website that tracks hackers said.

Wilders, a former insurance worker turned politician and filmmaker, takes an anti-EU, anti-Islamist stand and leads the Freedom Party which is widely tipped to come first or second in next year’s Dutch parliamentary elections.

The hacker, who goes by the name “aLpTurkTegin”, wrote on some of the sites “Our war will continue against the ones who are against the real religion Islam”. On some pages the hacker posted a logo calling him- or her-self “Turkish Defacer”.

The pictures of Wilders vary, but generally depict his nose and/or mouth replaced with those of a monkey.

According to the website Zone-H, which tracks hacking attacks, aLpTurkTegin defaced at least 147 sites in the last 7 days, most of them with anti-Wilders pages. The last recorded attacks were on Friday.

Read the rest here.

Gates of Vienna – Making a Monkey Out of Geert Wilders

Pat Condell – Apologists for evil

Muizenissigheden – The cultural treachery of the liberal left.

World News – Hacker hits Dutch sites with anti-Wilders slogans

Het Wilders Syndroom – Anti-Wilders Tape Geert Wilders Diss 2009:

Freedom Ain’t Free & Take Our Country Back – AdHoc Cmte USA Submission

Weasel Zippers – Turkish Hacker Defaces Dozens of Dutch Website With Pro-Islamic, Anti-Geert Wilders Slogans….

Tea And Politics – Web: Turkish hacker assaults Dutch webs with messages against Wilders*

Centurean2’s Weblog – From the Ivory Tower: Newsweek Sees No Danger ….

Gates Of Vienna – Well, At Least He’s Not Geert Wilders!

Bill Warner Private Investigator – Google ‘Censoring’ Anti-Obama Blogger “Atlas Shrugs” ? Maybe Not so Much an Anti-Obama Blog but a Racist Blog.

The Real Revo – History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does have a rhythm…

Atlas Shrugs – UK Bans Geert Wilders & Michael Savage, But Welcomes Senior Muslim Cleric: Racist Incitements that Jews are “scum…rats…pigs and monkeys”

Islamization Watch – Wilders’ Dutch Party for Freedom and governing Christian Democrats tied – Jerome Corsi: WorldNetDaily Loon Writer, Friend of Robert Spencer

Flikr – NRC Next – geert wilders:

NRC Next - geert wilders by -MAKI-.

P2Pnet News – Geert Wilders ‘monkey’ hack attack

Seventh Rangers (Mechanized) – Double standards and the slide of Great Britain into the dumps

 Press TV – Turks turn anti-Islam Dutch MP into ‘monkey’

Tents Of Issachar – AMERICA as THE LAST MAN STANDING-by Geert Wilders

Russia Today – Austria plagued with Islamic controversy

Jihad Watch – Saudi imam who called Jews “scum, rats, pigs, monkeys” speaks in London — Geert Wilders still barred – Israel Defense Forces IDF Hero Doron Almog Takes On UK Police, Justice

Assyrian International News Agency – Misunderstanding Islam?

Gates of Vienna – Practicing to Deceive

Winds of Jihad – Yusuf Rubs It

“The First Or Last?” – America…the last man standing

Freedom Theory UK – Free speech advocate banned, Islamic Anti-Semite allowed in

Gates of Vienna – Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/5/2009

The Telegraph – Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent

 The TaxPayers’ Alliance – Israel News Agency: Israel Defense Forces IDF Hero Doron Almog Takes On UK Police, Justice

A Very Heavy Stone – Glenn Beck – Islam in Europe – with Geert Wilders

Britannia Radio – Muslim Europe: the demographic time bomb transforming our continent

Jihad Watch – Demographic time bomb: millions of Muslim immigrants will change Europe beyond recognition, and almost no policymakers are talking about it

Church of God News – Muslims: European Wake-Up Call


Carel Brendel – Dwarse cabaretier Pat Condell niet verbaasd over opmars van Wilders