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13 02 2009
Tony Dolz


I am an American Patriot. I believe and support our U.S. Constitution. The United States is a Republic constituted of sovereign states. In the Constitution the states conditionally give the Federal Government certain enumerated rights in the 10th Amendment of what we call the Bill of Rights. The rights allowed to the Federal Government include logically the defense of the Union against foreign enemies, the printing of money and the mediation of inter-state commerce, for example. Another important issues is the federal government may wage war against foreign enemies but only if approved by the Senate (the Senate, unlike the House of Representatives, represents the States). The 10th Amendment reserves all powers not enumerated for the federal government to the domain of the states and the people.

Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to present grievances to the government at to withdraws loyalty and support of government if it fails to address the grievances are fundamental to the American form of self-government.

The issues that you face, primarily the attempt to silence you and to punish your for your believes would in theory not occur in the United States because of the protections in our Bill of Rights.

Sadly, our Republic, little by little has been prostituted into an ever growing out of control central government. The corrupt, distant and uncaring federal government now consumes 33% of sweat of all the labor of every working American. The benefits of those expenditures go to the 3700 lobbies that live in Washington D.C. and are paid to prostitute “their” elected representatives”. As it is the case in the Netherlands and what calls itself the European Union, free speech and the freedom to think your own thoughts without persecution has given away to government thought control and censured speech.

One example is what the tyrants call “hate speech”. Hate speech is defined by whoever is in control of government. Consequently the God Given Right from Birth of Free thought and Free Speech is controlled by all too human and corruptible politicians. This is exactly what the Founders of the United States wanted to never happen in our country.

Today the federal government acts with impunity. It engages in undeclared wars, taxes the people directly (not one of the enumerated powers), controls education (or government revisionist indoctrination) also not one of the enumerated powers and so on.

In the case of what it calls itself the European Union, there was never a pretense that it would be an evolution of European self-government from a grassroots movement and certainly not driven by philosophers and enlightened human beings trying to codify a political infrastructure to ensure the maximum of individual freedom with the minimum of governmental intervention and corruption. Consequently, tyranny and elitism is what one can expect from the architects of the big lies that lead to the imposition of the European Union from a steel producers union to elitists political tyranny.

American Patriots in eight states, the last one New Hampshire on February 4th, have passed resolutions in their state assemblies putting the federal government on notice that if they fail to address the grievances of the states and the people regarding the usurpation of power by the federal government in violation of the Constitution, that they would break away from the Union.

Relative to these states filing of grievances, American Patriots are about to call a Continental Congress 2009 with representatives from every state. The delegates will meet, most likely, in Philadelphia, the site of the original Constitutional Convention and assemble for 3 to 4 weeks to draft a serious Act of Grievances against the federal government and present it to Congress with serious consequences for failure to address the grievances.

I have volunteered to be one of the delegates from California. Hopefully I am selected by my peers to be an official delegate, but I will go to this Continental Congress in any case.

I would like to take contact with you to see if a number of Freedom Loving Eurpeans would like to participate in the Continental Congress 2009 as observers with the idea of eventually holding a Constitutional Convention in Europe and establish a grassroots European Federal Union parallel to and eventually overtaking the elitist political sham that calls itself a European Union today.

I lived in Europe for many years and I am very familiar with the history and political evolution of some European nations. I have drafted ideas for such a European Constitutional Convention which I would like to share with you.

You may contact me, Tony Dolz, through my website

9 03 2009

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10 03 2009

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10 03 2009
walker morrow


30 03 2009

Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo

31 03 2009
walker morrow

Thanks! And your English is better than a lot of people online, trust me 🙂

7 07 2009

Some day in your last breath.. You’ll know what the truth is..

7 07 2009
walker morrow

I certainly hope so.

14 07 2009

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1 01 2010
Surjan Singh Bains

Kudos to this brave man Wilders for taking up the fight against Islamization!

We the Sikhs have suffered terrible atrocities in India at the hands of Muslims for centuries and feel the rest of the world will be facing the same fate if we do not wake to this menace NOW!

1 01 2010
walker morrow

That’s a very interesting point Surjan.

3 01 2010

Geert Wilders’ trial is coming soon (January 20, 2010). Last step to support him with SITA action,

The international establishment, subverted by a variety of Islamic organizations including the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) will undoubtedly apply a great deal of pressure on the Dutch establishment to ensure that Geert Wilders is convicted on the charges that have been mischievously brought against him. It is likely that his party will win the next election in 2011 with the possibility of Mr Wilders becoming Prime Minister. The global establishment undoubtedly does not want Mr Wilders in such a position of influence, even if the people of the Netherlands do.

An international SITA action in support to Geert Wilders was established in late January 2009. It has received over 6,000 visits and generated hundreds of letters designed to educate and inform decision makers in the Netherlands. The Dutch Ministery of Justice visdited our SITA websites:

This SITA action will now be reactivated in order to highlight this apparently politically motivated prosecution. If Geert Wilders falls, then Freedom of speech is dead in Europe.

There are three ways that you can participate:

1) By mail – two possible texts; one comparing Wilders to Winston Churchill and another comparing him to Charlie Chaplin (what to print and put into the envelope and the recipients are indicated): (winston) (Charlie)

2) By putting a message in comments to articles talking about the trial of Geert Wilders in blogs. This message appears at the bottom of this page in 4 languages: FR, ENG, SP, D

To support Geert Wilders and our dearly acquired freedoms please participate to the 2 suggested actions and transmit this message to your friends who have websites so that they can spread the word.

3) By giving some money. To donate:

15 01 2010
Filomeno Coutinho

It is time the world woke uptothe threat of certain Islamist factions. Islam is a religion preachig good not terrorism.
We must support such brave men like Geert Wilders and stand behind a free Democratic world free of threaths of killing, abductions and the rest we see everyday on the news.
Let us all realise that the world is a freee place and dictats of these Islamist radicals are fought and removed from the peace and world prosperity.
I support the good work of Geert Wilders and pray he wins theelectiion as well as the cases against him.

15 01 2010
walker morrow

Amen, Filomeno. It’s time we stopped letting people dictate the terms of our life like this.

19 01 2010

It is very rare in this world to find an Honest , clean, courageous ,real fighter ,and smart politician , who realy knows where the danger comes from. You have a lot of support and sympathy from the persecuted Arab Christian Nations. We also know the truth…God bless you…I personaly e-mailed MP,s Dutch Embassies to suppot our case

19 01 2010
walker morrow

Great – thank you Bernard ( although I, of course, don’t speak on Geert Wilders’ behalf ). We’ve all got to work together on this.

9 02 2010

TONY DOLZ says- “I would like to take contact with you to see if a number of Freedom Loving Eurpeans would like to participate in the Continental Congress 2009 as observers with the idea of eventually holding a Constitutional Convention in Europe and establish a grassroots European Federal Union parallel to and eventually overtaking the elitist political sham that calls itself a European Union today. I lived in Europe for many years and I am very familiar with the history and political evolution of some European nations. I have drafted ideas for such a European Constitutional Convention which I would like to share with you.”

Just as an aside Tony, those of us in the UK are quite happy with our current Constitution and have no desires for a European Anything. What we want is our Government to recognise and live within the Constitutional rights (see – – if Echelon haven’t screwed the web site up yet). We have fought against most countries in Europe over hundreds of years and simply don’t trust their take on how countries should be run. We don’t like or trust their corpus juris favouring our own much older habeus corpus. Europe-wide Anything smacks of Federalism, Tony, and our forefathers have fought and died to keep our independence and sovereignty and those of us still fighting are massively against the EU-this or the EU-that. We just want our independence back and the treason committed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Saxe Cobourge Gothe (for signing the country away to a foreign power) to be punished along with those traitors in Parliament like Blair, Brown, Hurd, Major, Thatcher, Hogg etc etc, Common Purpose, the Police for misprision of high treason etc. That’s ALL we want!
I think your agenda is different in concept and requirement to ours in the UK, Tony, but good luck with your fight over there.

Sorry folks – a bit O/T – but I thought Tony’s perception on UK:Europe needed adjustment as he clearly didn’t understand our British vehement pride in our history and independence and antagonism to all things federal.

14 04 2010

I find the ignorance of some amazing – but you cannot blame them when the media loves to build its own scandal, the professional propogandists of the PVV fabricating issues and then feeding the results back that same media. The only people whom benefit from Wilders’ rhetoric is, of course, the radical Islamists whom in turn do exactly the same thing as the PVV by showing examples of urgly radicalism and saying “we told you so”.

It is perhaps easy to assume many things based on the “image” that is now what the public know as Geert Wilders and his quasi-party the PVV. Filtering out the propoganda from and directed towards Wilders is in fact a task, what his well-oiled information machine creates, what the local and international media wants to make shine for copy-sales, what the far-right radical movement says, what the mainstream victims of Wilders say to protect themselves and even the radical Muslims that capitalize for their own dark purposes. All, of course, say something.

If you do however filter out all the emotion, propoganda and agendas there is a picture and it is not good for Wilders.

Wilders argues that he is not anti-Muslim but is anti-Islam and anti-Qur’an – though it does not take a degree or a wake-up-call to know that they are all the one and the same and you cannot take one from the other.

Wilders says his trial is about freedom of speech and it is a political case. Wilders was charged by the office of public prosecution and it was checked and approved to continue three times by different independent judiciary as justified to proceed to court. Add to that the court system in The Netherlands has the highest reputation in Europe of being fiercely independant and a-political.

Continuing on the case, the charges are insighting hatred against 1) the Islamic community in The Netherlands and 2) the Moroccan-Dutch community. The topic and of course strictly considered by the court system is and will be based on the laws against incitement to target anamosity, collective punishement and danger to the lives and standard of living of that community (my translation). As you can see, freedom of speech is not the charge or the topic.

Speaking of freedom of speech “no matter what” which is the words often espoused by Geert Wilders AND he says he would die for that concept – to be honest is a farce. In The Netherlands we have had three times in the last two years serious debate and legal issues on the subjectof holocaust denial which is a crime under similar laws to what Wilders is being charged under. Just this last month a Muslim newspaper was fine for placing a denial cartoon.

Were was Wilders in all these cases? He should have turned up to the court case against the newspaper supporting their freedom of speech “no matter what” as he claims to champion more than his own life! He did not. When the subject of making it not an offence in parliament, he avoided being in the Chamber altogether probably fearing being asked his opinion.

Wilders simply put has double-standards in most of his rhetoric. He now avoids using the word “democracy” because the public is all now aware that his own party the PVV is not a democracy. Abusing the rather antiquated and rediculous laws in our country in what makes a political party, he is simply the undisputed “leader” and there is no debate, voting or involvement in policies and in fact any decision making. Becoming a candidate for seats does not even come from the rank and file faithful but is advertised often in the press.

The rank and file is now also in question, as is his support. In vast conflict with the image of “the saviour” or “Wilders the next PM”, the reality is that the PVV and Wilders is hard finding support, control and even dandidates. The Telegraph just a few days ago pointed out that there it was hard-pressed to find candidates which is far from the image of major if not overwhelming support and that they are more and more linked to the far-right and extremists. Today’s Telegraph also pointed out that:

“number five on the list, Gid Markuszower has come under intense press scrutiny for carrying a gun in public at celebrations to mark 60 years since the founding of Israel at the Rai exhibition centre in Amsterdam two years ago. … was also the Dutch spokesman for right-wing Israeli party Likud.”

As discussed above to a degree, the PVV has had success in local elections (and a limited number) but has found it impossible to find coalition partners to actually become part of council and have authority. Historically the Dutch population has made a clear difference to how it votes in local municipal elections and what it choses in national. They are basically happy to make protest votes at that level but understand the importance of mainstream cohesive government at the national level. With all the propoganda and media blasting, Labour is still the most popular, the CDA has lost a bit along with the liberal VVD and the real winner may be D66.

Rather than go on forever in this comment, as there is enough information, the point here is that the PVV and Wilders is a questionable and dangerous front based on popularism, nationalism and hidden extremism. Often it is the creater of the scandal by being a provocateur to what is in fact a common and Europe-wide social-economic problem by turning it into a race issue, waiting for the result and then denouncing it as “I told you so”. That pattern is common place – Wilders (whom has the lowest debate and presence level in the Chamber) would make an outrageous comment then wait for the shouts and search out for an unacceptable reply from a known radical group and then that “told you so” comes out.

Some say that Wilders should be ignored and that is correct if it is done in total, but it has gone to far and thus he is not being ignored at all. The more scandal, his professional team of propogandists that mimmick skirting the grey-areas of acceptability with expertise, capitalize to the fullest and the hungry scandal-hunting media gobble it up. Wilders is for that reason a danger and they hid behind missinformation to a population that relly on a media quality that no longer exists.

If the PVV does keep the seats that the polling companies say, it will have nothing to do with Wilders’ stance, policy or his hair and then there will be three or four years of dozen or so MPs making a mockery of our seat of government.

(The author is from the centre right, demands stronger integration laws and tighter immigration restrictions. What he is not, is a dangerous quasi-nationalist….)

3 05 2010
Tony Dolz


I truly appreciate your comments. I support your wish for sovereignty. There is no substitute for national sovereignty.

The reasons for the American states to have ever consented to form a federal union, as limited as they envisioned, do not find a parallel today in Europe. The American states alone were to weak to ward off attacks and invasion from foreign nations and that was the main motivation for forming a union.

America drafted a Constitution for a united states union which the Founders intended to keep small, limited and un-intrusive.

The basic idea was that the federal government would handle the international affairs of the new nation and its defense against foreign powers and also to minimally mediate between commerce between the various states.

The way the American Constitution handles this limited surrender of power by the states is to say that the federal government has limited named (enumerated powers which are found in Article I sec. 8) and that all powers not enumerated are reserved for the state and the People (of those states).
The powers left for the states (a reduced level of sovereignty) were unlimited and could be changed by the will of the citizens of the states.

In regards to the treatment of individual rights, the approach was unique. Under the U.S. Constitution and that of the states which preceded it, individuals rights come from the Creator (or the if you wish, from the mystery of Creation) and are natural rights which were not given by men/women and that cannot be taken away by any human being.

So the U.S. Constitution does not state (because philosophically it cannot do so) that it “give” the People rights. Instead it reads that the government “shall not infringe” on the (natural) rights of the people.

I read the European Constitution (now called the Bilboa Treaty – change in name only) and I was disgusted. It is a huge power grab and stripping of national sovereignty. Who wants to be given “rights” by illegitimate elitists and bureaucrats?

It is amazing to me how member states have in some cases allowed their national ground laws (Constitutions) to be trumpeted by the EU.

I see a great danger in the EU and their EU Constitution and a threat to individual freedom.

With that thought in mind, I thought that if it was inevitable that some form of European collaboration exist that it would be best if it was in the pattern of the American federal union than in one that is imposed from the top as is the case of the EU. My thought was that a European Federal Union Constitution was better than the current EU infrastructure and that the EFU Constitution could be written in such a manner as to make it impossible for the EFU to ever collect taxes directly, or to raise a police force or even for that matter an army and certainly not an army that would allowed to function within the EFU. I would not allow them to have a transnational court system, for example. In other word I would use the Constitution to ensure that there would never be a strong central government that could challenge the power of the sovereign states.

Having said that, my proposal is not better than being 100% sovereign and never having to surrender an inch.

We are probably both possess a passion for individual freedom which comes from having small, limited and un-intrusive government.

On the central point of this forum. I support Mr. Wilders’ right to enjoy his natural right to free speech without infringement from government intervention. I support Mr. Wilders natural right to associate with whoever he wishes without government intervention. I support Mr. Wilders’ and any person similarly situated, suffering under the thumb of big, powerful, intrusive government, to defend himself. Self-defense is a natural right and government has no authority to infringe upon it.

I hope that all who believe in individual freedom and specifically freedom of speech support Mr. Wilders and financially make it possible for him to defend himself against tyranny and abuse.

You can read about what we are doing in America to return to Constitutional governance and fiscal responsibility here:

4 05 2010

Hell with Islamic sentiments and Hell with whoever care about Islamic sentiments. I have read some strange comments about people accusing Geret of being anti Quran or anti Islam. I come from the midddle-east and as a Christian minority i can tel you how Muslims are treating us, they kill us, intimidate us, prevent us from geting Jobs, burn our stores, burn our churches, read the news and see whats happening in Iraq, gypt, Malaysia…Read the versus of the Quran and see how many times the word killing was used. How many verses talks about kiling non Muslims. A real Muslim is the one that follows the Muslim holy bok (Quran) and has to apply the teachings which calls him to Kill non Muslims if they refuse to converts or pay the (Jizyah)a heavy tax to Muslims. wake up people before its too late and stop being to naive before its too late. Geret is a courageous man who speaks the truth . May God bless him

6 06 2010

I am an american in holland. I live in a muslim area. My appartment is above a tea house. In the past year i have lived here, i have been slammed in the face and called names; By the way…. tea house doesnt mean they are actually drinking tea. they sit in these “tea houses” all day drinking liquor collecting welfare checks and slamming around women on the streets.. and that is no exaduration@
Through these women hating bastards out!

11 07 2010
mad max

God bless you
we need you in Australia badly

18 07 2010

What goes around, comes around, does it not? In the name of Jesus Christ, since 325CE everyone not towing the line of the Roman Catholic church has been killed, and it’s still ongoing.

As to Israle, 95 per cent of all those living there have NO SEMITE BLOOD. They are from Khazaria, whose ruler in about 740 CE adopted the jewish faith. Therefore, what is done in Israel ot the Palastinians is genocide. The JEWS have NO RIGHT TO THE LAND! It is not their land, and never has been.Their land is between the Caucasus, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea; ;et them go back there, and give back the land to the Palastinians.

It’s all one big scam, and we the people are stupid enought to swallow it hook, line and sinker, when this knowledge has been available since the early 1970’s for all and sundry, and for the so-called Illuminati for centuries.

If you by any chance are in touch with Mr. Geersten, pls.suggest to him to read “The Thirteenth Tribe” by Arthur Koestler, before he continues to spew forth his adoration of the Israelis. Such nonsense is detrimental to all our moral and ethical health and well-being, as lies always are.

29 08 2010

The whole Western world loves Geert Wilders. I hope more western world leaders will follow Geert Wilders ideas.

9 09 2010

Onya Geert!
In Australia we have a society that is very giving to anyone from a different background or culture, yet peoples from Islamic backgrounds choose not to integrate into the mainstream of Australian society. They openly say our laws are not for them. Our schools are not for their children, although our government pays for their brand of Islamic schools. Teaching their young that we are worthless to them, and that one day they will rule over us and have the entire world under ‘Islame’. They declare our woman unclean and therefore raping them is of no consequence. In most cities now if a muslum family moves into a street, and then another, then another. Soon their men and boys will provoke fights with their neighbours till they move out. Then guess who moves in? Till they have the whole area. Then vote in one of their own to local council till they have the numbers to get the mosque up. Then the wailing!!#@$% grrr. Islamization is so clearly a threat to western culture that it is great news to hear of your efforts to show people worldwide that Islam is more than a religion. ” It is a political manifesto worth fearing as much as the Nazi’s or communism.” You said what I myself have learnt by studying Islam from an historical perspective, both theirs, and from western account’s. (I had to add that, as I would be accused of being ignorant. As western history is all lies right?) meh. May I say many Australians from all other nationalities will agree with your statements, although the ‘morally correct brigade’ are a virus here also. Freedom of speech is being eroded to the point that one cannot even voice these social warnings! Avoid their traps here. Do some homework on Australia other than the so called Cronulla Riots. We like the Netherlands are an embracing people, but when one is not embraced back. You must reject those, as they are your natural enemy. You can do nothing to appease them. Until one day your children’s children are standing in the country that their ancestors created to find themselves as slaves.
You know this. You voice it, and we hear you Down Under. Bless you Geert. Keith.

9 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed


Please remove prejudice, bigotry, arrogance and ignorance and you will be fine. Hitler, Stalin, Polpot, … went down the cesspool of history. You won’t be any different either.

Please learn to respect Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad or stay away from them. do not incite against one another for narrow personal gains.

15 10 2010
Rahat Khan

Mr. Faruque Ahmed,

You are good. Geert and his supporters are hiding. You are wonderful.

16 10 2010
Disco Mowlana

Do You Call It Islamic Terrorism?
For more: Do You Call It Islamic Terrorism?

A. The Muslims are not burning anyone’s holy book.
B. The Muslims are not insulting anyone’s holy prophet.
C. The Muslims are not insulting and attacking other people’s religious values and sensibilities.

In fact, the non-Muslims are:
1. Burning Muslim holy book.
2. Insulting Muslim prophet.
3. Insulting and attacking Muslim religious values and sensibilities.
4. Initiating xenophobia, racism, sectarianism and all other forms of discrimination against the Muslims.

Ironically, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Middle Eastern religion. Yet, Islam is treated as pariah!
Why is it so? Is it because the Muslims:
1. Did not conspire to murder Jesus?
2. Revere Jesus as a prophet?
3. Revere mother Marry?

The non-Muslims love to insult Prophet Mohammed! Is it because of his last sermon?

All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.
Source: Last Sermon of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

The non-Muslims love to launch sexual insult against Prophet Mohammed! Is it because of his declaration below?

O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under God’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.
Source: Last Sermon of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Luckily, the Muslims are no devastated by endemic sexual scandals. The Muslims don’t have;
1. Fritz of Austria
2. Fritz of Australia
3. Fritz of USA.

Most importantly the Muslims are not confronting with tragedies like:
a. American women had sex with her son
b. Australian man had sex with his mother.

Should anyone dares to examine all messages of Geert Wilders Home, you may discover Geert Wilders and his supporters are using insanity and profanity, blatant prejudice and bigotry based on totally false and fabricated reasons and grounds! Wilders and his supporters’ fanaticism and anti-Muslim vendetta are illogical, immoral and ought to be illegal. Their vitriolic language, deliberation, style and application are dangerous to any society.

Most importantly, militant atheists love to insult Jesus (PBUH) and mother Marry. They find fun in Piss Christ! They also love to insult Mohammed (PBUH) and they made historically inaccurate and deliberately offensive cartoons!! However, they find a half naked Moses (PBUH) sucking cock is blasphemous!!! Surely, this gives away the origin and real stand point of these so called atheists i.e. they are closet Zionists. they are using free speech to

In short, do you call it Islamic Terrorism or Zionist Conspiracy?
For more:

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