Today’s Wilders Round-Up

31 01 2009

Jihad Watch – Spencer: Defend free speech, and Muslim Lord cows House of Lords into submission for daring to want to invite Geert Wilders

The Lone Voice – Is the concept of free speech lost on moslems? Geert Wilders should be able to speak freely. –  Defend Geert Wilders: check the blog out & internet news on the case.. –  Geert Wilders boost in pollsSupport Geert Wilders: UK screening of Fitna cancelled by Moslem New Labour LordMoslem Sheikh Khalid Yasin calls for Geert Wilders to be floggedGeert Wilders – Article in Forbes on free speech by Elisabeth Eaves

Exposing Liberal Lies – Geert Wilders: A Hero Under Fire

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Lawyer requests protection after threats :

One of the lawyers behind the prosecution of Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders has asked for bodyguards because of threats from Mr Wilders’ supporters. Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant reports that the lawyer, Gerard Spong, has received hundreds of hate e-mails since a court in Amsterdam decided that the PVV leader could be prosecuted for his anti-Islamic remarks. Mr Spong is one of a number of people who openly support the prosecution of the controversial MP. The lawyer expects the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the matter.

In response to the report, Geert Wilders has said he condemns “in the strongest possible terms” any threats towards Mr Spong. Since the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh, the MP has lived in a series of safe houses and enjoys round-the-clock protection.

Centurean2’s Weblog – Obama’s Change Set To Start Up…..Mark Steyn….Hate laws..God Help America!!

Ian Buruma in the New York Times – totally tolerant, up to a point

The Blog Pirate – regarding Geert Wilders and a current hatetrain

Winds of Jihad – Spencer on Wilders: Jailed for an Insult?

The Official Blog of Albert and Ingrid Howard Political Strategic Affairs – Oriana Fallaci, Geert Wilders and Islamaphobia

Right Side News – war on anti-Islamist speech heats up

Mideast Youth – when freedom of expression is abused it will backfire – lesson learnt ( or in progress of being so ) for Dutch Geert Wilder

Diana West – Bravo, Bloomberg!

Re: Shame on The Netherlands:

Gates of Vienna – Mayor Bloomberg Supports Wilders

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