The Wilders Round-Up, May 28th 2010

28 05 2010

Alright, here goes.

Leaving Normal – FITNA by GEERT WILDERS

Asesores VIP – Besides the Nikkei has risen quite fast and it wouldn’t beall that surprising for profit-taking to take

The Green Arrow – British Democracy Is Dead – Now What?

Wis[s]e Words – Whites only at Dutch football club Quick 1888

Britannia Radio – Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Thoughts By Steve – Rabid Muslims Screeching Allahu Akbar in Sweeden as Attackers of Lars Vilks and Police Are Arrested

Persevere – The Only Impartial Expert is a Leftist Expert

Fr.soc.politique – Apprenez le hollandais avec Geert Wilders – Geert Wilders loves Israel

Winds of Jihad – Surprise, surprise: some Muslims agree with Geert Wilders

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Press Review 12 May 2010

FrontPage Mag – The Wrong Man

NRC Handelsblad – Dissident breaks ranks with Wilders’ party

European Tribune – European Salon de News, Discussion et Klatsch – 14 May


Mega Glomerate Main-Stream Media – News You Need to Know 13May10

Solsticewitch13’s Blog – The Wrong Man

Matthew Yglesias – Freedom Party

National Security Briefing – “Islam Rising” Coming to a Billboard Near You

Blootstellen – Wilders-PVV Update: Conflict in the Ranks? – European Islam

Gates of Vienna – More Security, Less Immigration

Islamization Watch – Geert Wilders Freedom Party: Election June 2010 Ad: 40% of social welfare to 5.8% immigrant population [Video]

Counterculture Con HQ – Geert Wilders: the Last Free Voice in the West

Elseplace – Posting Types: Racist Geert Wilders Inspires Unemployed Architects

Politifi – Far-right MP Geert Wilders on trial for discrimination against Muslims

Shariah Funds – Jihad Against the West: Europe – (2 of 7)

Biblical Quotes – Atheist Quotes:

Cajun Conservatism – Great Daily Devotional – Netherlands: Do half of Dutch Muslims understand the 9/11 attackers?

Trouw – Het begrip van moslims voor 11-9

The Waking Giant – Krauthammer on Wilders: “Ignorant, Naive, and Wrong”

Winds of Jihad – The Dutch Dilemma

Morons in Chapel Hill – Geert Wilders, Raleigh, and the Islamization of America

Big Journalism – The MSM: Miserable Misunderstanding Misunderstanders of Islam

Angus Reid Global Monitor – Americans Reject Censorship in South Park

Nz.politics – Does Geert Wilders And Nik Griffin Know That Homosexuality Is A Sin?

Topix – Geert Wilders, the ultra-right firebrand, campaigns to be Holland’s prime minister

Liberty Republican Forum – Geert Wilders and Party for Freedom new ad – English Translation

National Review – Faisal Shahzad, Subprime Terrorist?

Vox – May 15, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Plan B From The Bacardi Room – Wilders Friends In The U.S.

Gates of Vienna – Islam Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Infidels Paradise – The Subprime Terrorist and The Sublime Idiots in America

The Herald – Anti-Islam film gets S.C. debut, targets York village

Chiamare – What Will Happen When Islam Takes Over Britain? WAKE UP!

Politically Incorrect – Video: Solidarität mit Wilders in Berlin

News Reviews – Faisal Shahzad, Subprime Terrorist? — By: Mark Steyn

Marginalized Action Dinosaur – Geert Wilders wants to impose sharp cuts on the publicly-funded networks.

Comment Is Free – Bad night for Cameron. Very good one for the party’s bigoted tendency

Project Syndicate – The Powerlessness of the Powerful – MPs back Greece bail-out plan

Mark Steyn, for the OC Register – Times Square bomber just overeager

The New Ledger – False Exceptionalism

London Film School – Fitna part 1/4 English Geert Wilders!

Centurean2’s Weblog – On The Failure To Integrate….It’s Not Discrimination or Poverty or Social Neglect…

The Victory Institute – Geert Wilders

Politifi – Geert Wilders braucht unsere Hilfe – Dutch Muslims Taking Geert Wilders’ Abuse?

Snapler – Even Controversial Views Should Be Protected by Freedom of Speech

News Portal – Ahmed Moor: Europe’s Anti-Muslim Racism

The Post and Courier – Anti-Islam film to get S.C. debut

Jan McDaniel – Stephen Schwartz replies to “Learning to Discriminate”

Islam Watch – Belgium: Lawmakers vote to ban burqa in public

Understanding Islam – Dutch Muslims Taking Geert Wilders’ Abuse? (

The Huffington Post – Europe’s Anti-Muslim Racism – and Even Controversial Views Should Be Protected by Freedom of Speech

Islamization Watch – Miracle Crash Escape For UKIP Candidate [Video]

Mack’s Words Dream Today – A Christian’s argument – WHAT IS OUR FUTURE?

Greeley Gazette – Shariah eating away at Western Civilization

Atlas Shrugs – Muhammad-cartoonist Kurt Westergaard Files Lawsuit Against SIOE, SIAD and a Personal Suit Against Anders Gravers

The Infidel Diaries – Turbo-Charge the PVV

Club Sea Breeze Travel – UKIP

Beltway Blips – Urgent: Geert Wilders Needs Our Help

Zimbio – Vijay Kumar – A “Geert Wilders Republican” for Congress

Weblog GeertWilders – Wilders inciting hatred trial set for October

The International Free Press Society – More on the trial of Geert Wilders

Vlad Tepes – A Red Rebel Hit Job on Geert Wilders

Gates of Vienna – The Only Impartial Expert is a Leftist Expert

Creeping Sharia – Murder, Mayhem & Self-Censorship: A Timeline

ECHR Blog – Hate Speech Decision on Le Pen

Yellow Stars Euroblog – BNP smashed in elections

Beltway Blips – The Reds Rebel Against Geert Wilders – ATTENTION LIBERTARIANS USA! Geert Wilders needs our Help!

ToonPool – Geert Wilders

Blogging Canadians – Geert Wilders wants to impose sharp cuts on the publicly-funded networks.

JBlog Central – A Red Rebel Hit Job on Geert Wilders – Labour rules out coalition with PVV, Wilders attacks Cohen – and Vote for me for a democratic PVV, says MP Hero Brinkman

The Austin Capital Times – Capitalism is ‘organized crime’ at conference in LA – Geert Wilders Begins Campaign

Christian Action Network – Geert Wilders Begins Campaign in Netherlands


Political Blog – Geert Wilders full interview: Ban the qur’an

Shadd2000 For Today! – A Profound Warning We Must Not Ignore

The Digital Life – The fear of the unknown

Islamic Monitor – Review of the Year 2009 – Turning Point for Peace – Geert Wilders, Opinion?

Europe’s World – Turkey’s Membership Prospects: Current Pressures vs. Strategic Thinking

AvianFluTalk – What’s Going On In Europe?

Xanthippa’s Chamberpot – Urgent: Geert Wilders needs our help!

Promo Bebas – geert wilders is free to enter britain – telegraph blogs – A democratic PVV needs time, says Wilders after MP breaks ranks

NFLjerseys8 – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders Part Five

CNN iReport – A Profound Warning We Must Not Ignore

Hercolano – Reality check for the left

The Fundamentalist – Islamic world takeover

Solidarity – Islamophobia Sets the Terms

Rockland Jewish Family Service – Melanie Phillips Blog Website Diary – Spectator – Question Time Londonistan Jihad – Reality Check

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – MP wants more democracy in Freedom Party

Musings of a Durotrigan – How can the BNP improve its electoral Prospects?