The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

25 10 2009

Alright, here we go. I’m going to be adding in some older links, due to technical reasons that I will leave unspecified for now. If any links have already been posted in previous round-ups, well, such is life.

Times Online – Anti-Islamic Dutch MP Geert Wilders to visit UK within days

NIS News Bulletin – AOW age to go up to 67 in 2026

New Statesman – Bite-sized briefing: UK – Britain wrong to ban Wilders, says court

Dakota Voice – Congressmen Accuse Muslim Group of Spying on Congress

Geert Wilders Spreekt:

EuropeNews – Court rules UK was wrong to bar Geert Wilders

Reuters – Dutch anti-Islam MP overturns British ban

The Press Association – Dutch politician wins UK ban appeal

Bijenkorf – Geert Wilders: Free Speech Wins Against British Ban

Islamization Watch – Anti-Islamic Dutch MP Geert Wilders to visit UK within days – STOKING FIRE: Anti-Choice Group Joins Muslim Bashers

Tel-Chai Nation – Geert Wilders wins: UK’s ban on his travelling there reversed

Yahya’s Political Blog – Anti-Islamic Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders wins court battle to be allowed back to Britain – Dutch MP Geert Wilders set to enter UK after Home Office ban is overruled

The Independent – Dutch MP to visit UK on Friday after ban is lifted

The Daily Mail – Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders plans to visit UK this week after winning appeal against travel ban

NetNewsDaily – Far-right Dutch MP holds news conference in London

The Telegraph – Geert Wilders arrives in Britain

Diana West – “If We Had an Islamic State Today His Head Would Be on the Stake”:

This is London?

No, this is London. The link goes to a must-see video of “protestors” — barbarians of death of destruction — voicing their “objections” (“head on a stake”) to Geert Wilders’ continued existence (snapshot below).

Read it all here.

I Luv South Africa – Controversial Geert Wilders lands in UK

Creeping Sharia – Muslim protestors call for death to Geert Wilders (video)

Andrew McCarthy in NRO’s The Corner – Obviously, we’re here to warn Geert Wilders …:

that, in Islam, the punishment for anyone who insults the prophet — peace be upon him, of course — is capital punishment.  He should take the lesson from Theo van Gogh and others who’ve faced the punishment.

So say Muslim demonstrators in the United Kingdom. Welcome to the birthplace of the Magna Carta, here.  [Thanks to Diana West.]

Read it here.

The Telegraph – People should be trusted to see through extremism

U.S. Copts Association – Geert Wilders arrives in UK and explains his ‘problems with Islam’

Anorak News – Geert Wilders Draws Out The Lighter Side Of Extreme Islam – Dutch MP Geert Wilders’ visit mired in controversy

Mark Steyn, in NRO’s The Corner – Re: Obviously we’re here to warn Geert Wilders…:

Andy, be fair. That nice young gentleman does add:

The one who insults any of the Prophets, kill him. That is the capital punishment.Not necessarily that I personally am going to carry it out…

Awfully decent of you. And no doubt a tribute to the awesome assimilationist powers of the advanced social democratic state. As for the basic message:

Obviously all these people who insult Islam they are under constant protection, they don’t live a life. So they should learn from that…

You’d be surprised how many people already have. (Tim Blair has a poem about it.)

These young men are, de jure, British subjects and, de facto, the demographic energy of every city down the spine of the country. “Islam will dominate!” they yell, impatient that it doesn’t already, not entirely. The delusions of multiculturalism have brought about the death of England – in nothing flat. An amazing feat.

Read it here.

Small Dead Animals – Tony Blair’s Britain

Answering Muslims – Geert Wilders Said it Best

The Wall Street Journal – Geert Wilders Comes to Britain

Infidel Bloggers Alliance – Geert Wilders Press Conference, Westminster 16 October 2009

Atlas Shrugs – ISLAM ATTACKS: Is Temple University Canceling Geert Wilders and Caving into Muslims’ Attack on Free Speech?

In a stunning act of cowardice and dhimmitude, Temple University may be caving to the demands of the student jihad at Temple University to cancel Geert Wilders.

“We strongly urge that his invitation be rescinded immediately in order to foster appreciation of free speech that is not based on hatred and discrimination”.

Read the rest here.

Jusiper – Geert Wilders allowed back into Britain

The Philadelphia Bulletin – Temple Muslim Students Association Attempts To Shut Down Wilders Event – Temple University Rejects Geert Wilders

Columbia International Relations Council and Association – Cosponsorship with College Republicans: Free Speech in Europe:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 – 8:00pm

CIRCA joins the College Republicans in inviting Geert Wilders to speak at Columbia University on October 21st, at 8 p.m. Mr. Wilders is a Member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands and Chairman of the the Party for Freedom in that body. His views on Islam in the European Union and other matters have made him one of Europe’s most controversial figures. Mr. Wilders’ remarks will address issues of free speech in Europe.

CIRCA is a multipartisan organization and does not endorse Mr. Wilders or his views. As with all CIRCA speaker events, we hope Mr. Wilders’ remarks will inspire lively discussion and debate on important questions of international politics.

Check back soon or contact College Republicans at for information on event registration and logistics.

Read it here.

United News Network – Wilders’s thought is threaten community’s harmony, EU Mediator

Ferreras J. – Dissenting – How to deal with Geert Wilders

interview – Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party in the Netherlands:

Gadget’s Blog – Say “Goodbye” to the Dutch – Dutch news in brief, Monday 19 October 2009

Comment Is Free – Linking Islam and terrorism is wrong

The Jawa Report – Video: UK Islamists Pretty Much Proving Geert Wilders’ Point for Him

The Lambeth Walk – Geert Wilders in Britain

Yahya’s Political Blog – Temple University Rejects Geert Wilders

Wintery Knight – British Muslims explaining what they’ll do to Geert Wilders and the world

Public Secrets – Religion of Tolerance Watch:

So, let me get this straight:

  • The penalty for insulting the “prophets” is death.
  • Geert Wilders had better watch his back (or neck, as the case may be).
  • But the young Muslim at the start of the video isn’t threatening Wilders. Oh, no.

And lest you think I’m drawing too much from this, note the speaker’s reference to Theo van Gogh, the filmmaker murdered in Amsterdam by a devout Muslim for insulting Islam and Muhammad – by exercising his right to free speech. Van Gogh was Wilders’ countryman, and the Dutch lawmaker, who lives under police protection, knows exactly what message was intended.

But he’s an Islamophobe and overreacting; after all, Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, and perfectly compatible with Western democratic liberties.

Care to buy a bridge?

Read it all here. – The ‘Religion of Peace’ condemns Geert Wilders to death

Atlas Shrugs – Muslims Promise: “If we had an Islamic state today, Wilder’s head would be on the stake” “We will see Israel destroyed, we will see the European crusaders destroyed, we will see Islam dominate.” – and Geert Wilders greeted with “Islam Will Dominate the World”, “Freedom Go to Hell”, “Shariah for The Netherlands”

De Telegraaf – Wilders spreekt ondanks protest

Philadelphia Independent Media Center – NO to Hate Speech! NO to Geert Wilders!

The Associated Press – Anti-Islamic Dutch lawmaker speaks at US college:

PHILADELPHIA — An anti-Islamic Dutch lawmaker’s visit to Temple University was cut short after a question and answer session turned nasty.

Geert Wilders (VIL’-durz) was escorted from the Philadelphia university’s lecture hall as some in the crowd of several hundred students began shouting jeers at the Dutch politician.

Wilders’ previous 30-minute address was met by a mixture of applause and boos Tuesday night at the public university serving about 34,000 students.

He touched on common themes in his speeches, including calling the Muslim holy book, the Quran, “an evil book” that promotes violence and intolerance.

The event was organized by a student group called Purpose and is being funded by the California-based David Horowitz Freedom Center, a foundation that promotes conservative scholarship.

Read it all here.

At the back of the hill – GEERT WILDERS SPEAKING IN PHILLY

The Philadelphia Inquirer – Controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders at Temple

Infinite Monkeys – Geert Wilders comes to Philly

Post Right – Geert Wilders Comes To Town

The Jawa Report – Michael Savage interviews Geert Wilders

The Western Confucian – David Lindsay on Geert Wilders

Will Heaven – Linking Islam to terrorism doesn’t make you Geert Wilders

A Tangled Web – Michael Savage + Geert Wilders =

Simon Deng and Pamela Geller at Geert Wilders, Columbia University:

The Temple News online – Wilders loses sponsor, but will speak tonight

Jihad Watch – A victory for the freedom of speech: Wilders to speak at Temple despite Muslim attempts to silence him – and Heavily indoctrinated student thugs shout down Wilders at Temple University

Lumpy, Grumpy and Frumpy – “Where did all the freedom go?”

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – “Last Moroccan leaves the Netherlands”

America’s Right – Geert Wilders and Liberal Emotion

Fox News – Anti-Islamic Dutch Lawmaker’s N.Y. Speech Goes Unprotested

At the back of the hill – GEERT WILDERS AT TEMPLE

Geert Wilders Dutch lawmaker speaks at Temple University:

Ed West – Forget Nick Griffin on Question Time: the BNP won’t last

Atlas Shrugs – Geert Wilders Rocks Columbia University:

It was a triumph for free speech tonight at Columbia University. Despite resistance from Columbia University administration and Columbia security efforts to limit access to the event, Wilders packed the house and was allowed to speak freely.

I watched Wilders this evening and reflected upon the whole journey that got this man to this moment. I was so grateful to this man for taking on this global encroaching monster against all odds. I have uploaded his remarks. Watch the videos. There was a little hissing and a random heckle, but they let him speak — and in the age of jihad that is huge.

And it was good.

Geert wilders 003
  Waiting to get in ……….who’s the guy with the sign?

Geert wilders 001

The Islamist Rabbi (who threatened litigation jihad, remember?). He was at the Islamist day parade last Sunday. What a tool.

Read the rest here.

Islamization Watch – Anti-Islamic Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders speaks at US college

The Temple News online – TSG Senate meeting gets emotional over “hate speech” coming to campus – and Wilders comes and goes at Main Campus

Weasel Zippers – Leftist Students Shout Down Geert Wilders During Speech at Temple University….

FrontPage Mag – The Hate Campaign at Temple – by David Horowitz

Geert Wilders at Columbia University Part I: – Temple Students Protest Anti-Islamic Dutch Lawmaker

[Related] Gerald Warner – Why I believe the principle of free speech entitled this detestable man to appear on Question Time

NewsReal – Anti-Wilders Activists do not like Speakers Who Challenge “the Way People Feel on this Campus”

GlobalPost – “You’ve got my vote” popular with populist voters – Dutch MP Geert Wilders Delivers Stirring Call To Action Against Radical Islam

Winds of Jihad – Geert Wilders Speaks at Columbia University

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Giving the far right rope to hang itself

WORLD Magazine – Wilders’ side

The Iconoclast – Columbia U. Muslim Student Association Op Ed : “freedom from fear” versus “free speech”

Islamization Watch – Anti-Islamic Dutch Lawmaker Geert Wilders’s N.Y. Speech Goes Unprotested

Oliver Kamm – “Jack Straw started it all”

Geert Wilders at Columbia Universirty Part II:

The Index On Censorship – Nick Griffin and democracy

San Oo Aung’s Weblog – Open letter to Mr Geert Wilders, leader of The Netherlands’ Party for Freedom

Atlas Shrugs – Text of the Speech Geert Wilders MP / Columbia University:

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a privilege and a great honour for me to speak at this fine academic institution, which gave the world so many Nobel Prize winners. As a Dutchman, I am proud that your first Nobel laureate, in 1906, was of Dutch descent: The youngest President of the United States: Theodore Roosevelt.

I thank Columbia University for inviting me, and I also thank the US border police for allowing me to enter this great country of democracy, liberty and free speech. Ladies and gentlemen, today, the dearest of our many liberties is under attack all throughout Europe. Free speech is no longer a given. What we once considered a natural element of our existence, our birth right, is now something we once again have to fight for.

I would not qualify myself as a free man. 5 years ago I lost my personal freedom. Since then I am under 24-hour police protection. In addition some people tried to rob my freedom of speech: A Dutch Islamic organization tried to stop the appearance of my documentary ‘Fitna’. Because of ‘Fitna’ the most radical Dutch imam claimed 55.000 Euros in compensation for his hurt feelings. The State of Jordan is possibly going to issue a request for my extradition, to stand trial in Amman. I have been charged in France.

Read the rest here.

The Divine Conspiracy Blog – Geert Wilders – Christian councillor Alan Craig (leader of the Christian People’s Alliance) calls for free speech for Geert Wilders

NewsReal – Anti-Wilders Activists do not like Speakers Who Challenge “the Way People Feel on this Campus”

The International Free Press Society – ‘Far-right’ Dutch MP Geert Wilders arrives in UK – and Geert Wilders on BBC radio

Taiwan News – Anti-Islamic Dutch lawmaker speaks at Columbia

Chasing Evil – Pamela Geller Watch: Evil Emperor George Soros is Behind LoonWatch

The Columbia Spectator – Dutch leader tests free speech

Israpundit – “freedom from fear” versus “free speech”

Geert Wilders at Columbia University Part IV:

NewsReal – In Honor of Geert Wilders: Fitna – Pamela Geller Watch: Evil Emperor George Soros is Behind LoonWatch – Different picture in third political poll

Muslims Against Sharia – Silencing Debate at Temple

Geert Wilders at Columbia University: Question and Answer Session:

Right Side News – Silencing Free Speech On Temple

The Blog of Walker – Geert Wilders Syndrome, and so much more

The Sofia Echo – The English Angle: Party pooper – Winning Through Intimidation: Immigrant Threats Cow Europe—And America