The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

27 02 2010

Alright, here we go.

Reuters – Dutch parties tussle over approach to far right – and Wilders poised for quick Dutch election start:

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders is poised to do well in the Netherlands’ local elections next week, a poll showed on Wednesday, giving him more momentum ahead of a national vote on June 9.

Wilders’ Freedom Party will win 30 percent of the vote in the March 3 municipal elections in the city of Almere, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant said, followed by the Labour Party on 20 percent.

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Tweetmeme – » Overnight Thread: Pat Condell on Geert Wilders, the Netherlands, and the Death of Free Speech – Big Journalism – Christians can’t vote for Wilders, say vicars:

A Christian cannot vote for Geert Wilders’ anti-immigration party PVV, say 75% of church leaders in a poll of 1,200 ministers and church workers in the Nederlands Dagblad.

The ministers represent a cross-section of all the Netherlands’ Protestant churches, representing 2.3 million people, the paper says.

One third of the people polled said there were people who supported Wilders in their communities and 5% said Wilders had a lot of support.

‘Wilders and the PVV’s views contradict Christianity,’ one minister told the paper.

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Vlad Tepes – Holland – Wilders goes for headscarf ban in the Hague:

A ban on headscarves for city council workers and in all institutions and clubs which get local authority money will be the most important point in the PVV´s negotiations to join governing coalitions in Almere and the Hague, says party leader Geert Wilders.

Speaking to RTL news, Wilders said the ban would be central to talks to form new local authority executives in the only two cities where the party is contesting the March 3 local elections.

The ban will apply to ‘all council offices and all other institutions and clubs which get even one cent of council money,’ he said.

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