This week’s Wilders Round-up

31 03 2009

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Atlas Shrugs – France human rights org to prosecute Wilders:

BREAKING: In today’s Dutch press: a French Human Rights organisation is taking Geert Wilders to court in France. One year IN jail according to French law. What insanity and pathos. Why cave to Islamic supremacism? Why do Islam’s bidding? Hasn’t Europe the will to fight for its western values, freedom, art, music?………..

The Lone Voice – Geert Wilders attending International Conference on Extremism.

Snaphanen – Wilders Watch ( scroll down )

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The Flaming Blog – Prime Minister Geert Wilders?

 Europe News – France: Human rights organization sues Wilders :

A French human rights organization is summoning Geert Wilders to court.  The head of the PVV party is accused of inciting to hatred of Muslims.Wilders’ speech in New York last September.  “Paris is now surrounded by a ring of Muslim neighborhoods,” he said then.  “Many neighbourhoods in France are no-go areas for women without head scarves.”

“Wilders made statements about French Muslims, about Muslims in Paris and Marseilles, which incite to racial hatred,” says lawyer Yassine Bouzrou.  He lodged the complaint on behalf of the organization, which is being studied by the public prosecution.  If Wilders is found guilty, he can be sentenced for one year in prison.

Wilders was not aware of the complaint yesterday evening.  “I hear this for the the first time,” he said.  “The wold is becoming small with trials and procedures everywhere: from the Netherlands, Jordan and England to France. Dreadful.  But I’ll naturally fight back judicially.  They won’t prevail over me.”
Last week the PVV head signed an official appeal against the UK’s refusal to let him into the country.

The French complaint is based on

He called the riots in the suburbs in 2005 a “Muslim intifada”.  Bouzrou came to the conclusion that the expressions are criminal.  “Wilders says in that speech also that one in three French Muslims supports suicide attacks.  With that he suggests that one in three French Muslims is a potential terrorist.  Where he does he get all of this?  How did he get ot it?  Wilders makes serious accusations which are based on nothing.”

Bouzrou made the complaint for the French human rights organization ADDH.  They work together with the Collective against Islamophobia in the fight against Muslim hatred.

“A politician may express his idea.  But Wilders makes dangerous statements about something of which he has no understanding.  These are not political ideas, but insults and prejudices,” says the lawyer.  “We already had in France attacks on mosques and against Muslim cemeteries.  The statements by Wilders instigate further extremism against Muslims.”

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Christian Nanna – Bulletin of Cultural Annihilation March 20, 2009 – Danish liberal party to block Wilders invite:

Denmark’s Liberal Alliance party wants to block an invitation to Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders to attend a conference on the freedom of speech, Danish newspaper Politiken reports on Wednesday.

‘We don’t want to make this conference a freak show, to which we simply call in those who can create the most trouble on the streets,’ the paper quotes party chairman Anders Samuelsen as saying.

Israpundit – French Human Rights organization sues Wilders over New York Speech

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