Interesting Parallels in Germany – part thirteen

26 04 2010

Continuing with our Parallels in Germany series, here is some correspondence between my ‘informant’ and the office of Kristina Linke of the Die Linke ( ‘The Left’, I believe it’s translated ) Party in Germany, regarding Hitler’s Law on Legal Advice, still applicable ( albeit in an altered form ) in the German courts:

Dear Mr. *****,

I am responsable legal consultant of DIE LINKE.

I am happy to inform you, that the former Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935 was annuled.

Opinion of german left party concerning this Law was and is very critical. Especially the aim to get jewish people out of their job-practice was the main and severe criticism of DIE LINKE.

Fortunately, this law was annuled. Now, our aim is to allow altruistic legal advice by law. But german government and other political parties do not chair this ambition

Thanks for your interest.

Yours faithfully,

Kristina Link

Here is my ‘informant’s response:

Dear Frau Link,

Could you let me know when it was annuled because the letter from the German Ministry of Justice is dated 28th November 2000.

It was most certainly used in the case I was involved in and those of my colleagues. The solicitors in all cases were working on behalf of the government and against their clients. I am an ex-policeman and I understand fully the activities of solicitors.

The MoD(UK) admitted that they were lying in court in my case and the grounds for their not telling the truth were pathetic. I was not allowed to speak in the court and I had a lawyer planted on me who said precisely nothing except his name. All the evidence is in writing in this case and it more than proves that the court was rigged. I understand that I am by investigating this matter in breach of the said law.

I would also like to know why a journalist at the Bild said that Germans are not interested in Democracy. I fully understand that they are constrained by §7 & §8 of the said law.

By the way I am not anti-German, I have friends here and none of them are aware of this law. Could you please explain how their rights to legal representation are decided by such a law.

I stood up to defend the German Constitution which I now know is worthless, because the said law overrides it, or could I have an explanation of for instance, equality before the law?

This law is still operable because I was told that I had absolutely no right to take the German Government to court even though other employees had that right.

Yours faithfully,


And Kristina Link’s response to this:

Dear [sic] Mr. ****,

the law was annuled by the law that I attach. I am very sorry, but I do not have the time to give you all the necessary information. Perhaps it is possible, that you contact your friends in germany to translate this attachment. The law will be annuled on 1st [sic] of july 2008. Legal representation is still regulated by law. This law is called: “Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz”. So the old law will be annuled soon, but new one regulates the permission to practice law. Espessially the altruistic legal representation ist still only allowed if you do this for your own family or friends – or if you are lawyer. In case of going to court, it depends on whether this is a district court – then it is possible, that you can represent your legal affairs on your own.

In other cases you have to get a lawyer. It is possible to apply for legal aid, which depends on your income and of chances of success.

Sincerely yours

Kristina Link

Finally, I’ll give the last word to my ‘informant’, in an email to me:

I said in an e-mail that Frau Link at Die Linke had said their party had protested at this law because it was discriminatory which it was 70 years ago as it meant a blanket ban on Jews becoming lawyers. It also made sure that no one else would be a lawyer who was going to cause problems for the Hitler regime.

If you read the two attached e-mails you will get the feel of her lying, she thought I had no idea about this [sic] law.

More to come…