Interesting Parallels in Germany – part thirteen

26 04 2010

Continuing with our Parallels in Germany series, here is some correspondence between my ‘informant’ and the office of Kristina Linke of the Die Linke ( ‘The Left’, I believe it’s translated ) Party in Germany, regarding Hitler’s Law on Legal Advice, still applicable ( albeit in an altered form ) in the German courts:

Dear Mr. *****,

I am responsable legal consultant of DIE LINKE.

I am happy to inform you, that the former Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935 was annuled.

Opinion of german left party concerning this Law was and is very critical. Especially the aim to get jewish people out of their job-practice was the main and severe criticism of DIE LINKE.

Fortunately, this law was annuled. Now, our aim is to allow altruistic legal advice by law. But german government and other political parties do not chair this ambition

Thanks for your interest.

Yours faithfully,

Kristina Link

Here is my ‘informant’s response:

Dear Frau Link,

Could you let me know when it was annuled because the letter from the German Ministry of Justice is dated 28th November 2000.

It was most certainly used in the case I was involved in and those of my colleagues. The solicitors in all cases were working on behalf of the government and against their clients. I am an ex-policeman and I understand fully the activities of solicitors.

The MoD(UK) admitted that they were lying in court in my case and the grounds for their not telling the truth were pathetic. I was not allowed to speak in the court and I had a lawyer planted on me who said precisely nothing except his name. All the evidence is in writing in this case and it more than proves that the court was rigged. I understand that I am by investigating this matter in breach of the said law.

I would also like to know why a journalist at the Bild said that Germans are not interested in Democracy. I fully understand that they are constrained by §7 & §8 of the said law.

By the way I am not anti-German, I have friends here and none of them are aware of this law. Could you please explain how their rights to legal representation are decided by such a law.

I stood up to defend the German Constitution which I now know is worthless, because the said law overrides it, or could I have an explanation of for instance, equality before the law?

This law is still operable because I was told that I had absolutely no right to take the German Government to court even though other employees had that right.

Yours faithfully,


And Kristina Link’s response to this:

Dear [sic] Mr. ****,

the law was annuled by the law that I attach. I am very sorry, but I do not have the time to give you all the necessary information. Perhaps it is possible, that you contact your friends in germany to translate this attachment. The law will be annuled on 1st [sic] of july 2008. Legal representation is still regulated by law. This law is called: “Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz”. So the old law will be annuled soon, but new one regulates the permission to practice law. Espessially the altruistic legal representation ist still only allowed if you do this for your own family or friends – or if you are lawyer. In case of going to court, it depends on whether this is a district court – then it is possible, that you can represent your legal affairs on your own.

In other cases you have to get a lawyer. It is possible to apply for legal aid, which depends on your income and of chances of success.

Sincerely yours

Kristina Link

Finally, I’ll give the last word to my ‘informant’, in an email to me:

I said in an e-mail that Frau Link at Die Linke had said their party had protested at this law because it was discriminatory which it was 70 years ago as it meant a blanket ban on Jews becoming lawyers. It also made sure that no one else would be a lawyer who was going to cause problems for the Hitler regime.

If you read the two attached e-mails you will get the feel of her lying, she thought I had no idea about this [sic] law.

More to come…

Interesting Parallels in Germany – part twelve

26 04 2010

Continuing with our Parallels in Germany series, here’s something that was emailed to me by my ‘informant’, about the current state of the German legal system ( some of the formatting has been lost, unfortunately ):

The Federal Employment Court upheld the law on the payment of shift allowances in the case of an employee of a private employer. They quoted the actual law which is:
According to § 6 sub 5 of the ArbZG (Work Allowances Law) the employer is to give the night shift worker, in those cases where no contractual tariff compensation ruling exists, for the duration of the hours worked at night, an appropriate number of days in paid leave or an appropriate allowance on top of the gross final pay to which he was entitled. Within this context the employer has the right to choose between the alternatives laid down by this law.
The judge in the case I was involved in decided not to mention the relevant law above, she decided the following:

To be precise, the Chamber is of the opinion, that the plaintiff’s activity took place within the immediate living area of the unit’s accommodation. A distance between place of work and accommodation of 300 metres does not invalidate “immediate vicinity” because this is an integrated site, and the distance can be covered in a few minutes.

So as you can see her decision totally changed the law on shift allowances for government employees at least.

Dr. Lewis Moonie MP at the MoD(UK) when asked to define a suitable maximum distance it is possible to walk to  work and, therefore, claim shift allowances over that, decided to ignore the court verdict that they had got with this statement:

Turning now to Mr ******’s specific questions, he asked for a definition of the distance that he would be required to live away from his place of duty to qualify for a shift allowance. Shift allowances are covered by Paragraph 8 of the Appendix. You will see that employees listed in paragraph 12b and 12c are not entitled to shift allowances. This includes watchmen, no matter where they live.

To make this more interesting I was on a supervisors course at Paderborn Garrison in Germany and we were given a document on various laws in Germany.

The following is from the law on Tariff Agreements:

The wording of sub para 4 is as follows:
A waiver of arisen rights resulting from a tariff are admissible only if the tariff partners conclude an appropriate arrangement. The forfeiture of tariff rights is excluded. A preclusive period during which claims are to be raised may be concluded in the tariff agreement only.
This means that neither an employee nor the employer may waive his rights. For example an employee cannot waive his entitlements to payment of Supplements, overtime, days off, etc. Even if the employee and the employer conclude such an agreement, such an agreement is legally invalid by law and the employee may raise an appropriate claim later on. This may result in financial disadvantages if for instance, an employee is given time off instead of payment for night work. He may later claim the night supplement and the employer would not be able to request the employee to work the time off he initially had been granted.

The part in blue is direct from the law, the paragraph below is what Paderborn Garrison added to explain the section of the law.

As you can see shift allowances cannot be waived and they have to be paid.

I think you can see that the German Legal System and Courts are anything but Democratic with the consent of the EU.

As ever all quoted statements are available in the documents they were written in.

More to come…

The Weekly Wilders Round-Up, April 24h 2010

25 04 2010

Alright, here goes.

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Finally, I’ like to close by highlighting a site called You might not agree with their stance, but check out what theyy have to say anyway ( if you speak Dutch, that is ).

Hope yet

25 04 2010

There are reasons to be angry and skeptical over the prosecution of Geert Wilders – good reasons to boot.

But this piece of news has me hopeful, via BBC NewsDutch court acquits Arab group over cartoon:

A Dutch court has acquitted an Arab cultural group of hate crime for publishing a cartoon on its website questioning the Holocaust.

The Dutch arm of the Arab European League said it had wanted to highlight what it said was double standards.

It published the cartoon last year after a decision by Dutch prosecutors not to put MP Geert Wilders on trial for distributing cartoons of Muhammad.

The court in Utrecht said the group itself was not denying the Holocaust.

It said the league had published the cartoon with a text explaining its purpose.

“Freedom of speech need not come second in this case to the right of others to be free from discrimination,” the court statement said.

“The right of the AEL to make such a statement must be guaranteed, given the specific context and intention of the case.”

Read it all here.

I haven’t followed the ins and outs of this particular case, but I think it’s a good sign that the Dutch courts have ruled in the favor of free speech – even if it’s speech that is rather disagreeable.

What could this mean for the Geert Wilders case? Does this ruling display a higher degree of liberalism within the courts – seemingly come out of nowhere?

Well, one can hope, anyway. Geert Wilders, it seems, is due to be prosecuted – truth has already been stated to be of no particular importance when it comes to any sort of final ruling

Indeed, as Robert Spencer has recently suggested, it’s entirely possible that the Dutch legal/political system is doing its very best to bury Geert Wilders for the sake of Dutch business interests in Muslim countries like Libya.

But I’m still trying to think positive, here.

Berlin: A Sign for Democracy and Freedom

25 04 2010

Via Politically Incorrect:

This past Saturday afternoon, Berlin stood as a sign of complete solidarity with Geert Wilders and for the defense of free speech, without which it is impossible for a democracy — as a government of the people — to function. Some 150 participants arrived for the the rally put on by the Citizen Initiative Pax Europa (BPE) in collaboration with the Berlin PI group. Among the guests were a found delegation form the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) and the English Defence League (EDL) who was on the road from England to Berlin for a good 17 hours because of the volcanic ash hovering over Europe and the resulting cancellation of flights.

Marc DollJoachim Swietlik headed up the main program as the current regional presiding officer for BPE Berlin. Marc Doll (photo left) and René Stadtkewitz made their appearance as the main speakers.

Both brought to mind the essence of democracy, which has no reason for existence without a free people, and how the politicians can claim just as little right for making decisions against to the will of the people, which happens over and over again in Germany and Brussels. Today, many international organizations like the UN Human Rights Council no longer stand true to their original principles and have distanced themselves from their true purposes. René StadtkewitzIt is even more important for citizens as sovereigns in a democracy to assume responsibility for their citizens’ rights and not allow tyranny to take over their homeland as dictated by a Left-Green way of thought or as a totalitarian threat by the belief system of Islam.

Stefan Herre, founder of PI, gave a short greeting and encouraged the PI readers and the guests who travelled from afar that everyone is needed for the mutual battle for the preservation of democracy and freedom of speech, and even those who didn’t stand in front of the Dutch embassy but followed the event on Livestream. He appealed to the Dutch to end the trial against Geert Wilders and instead vote him in as Prime Minister in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Read the rest here.

UPDATE: The International Civil Liberties Alliance: Photographs From Solidarity With Geert Wilders Demonstration in Berlin on 17 April 2010

Interesting parallels in Germany – part eleven

19 04 2010

Continuing with our Parallels in Germany series, in this instalment, I’d like to present the text of a letter from the European Court of Human Rights which was sent to my ‘informant’ – a fellow who has been sorely and unfairly caught up in the German and European court process ( for background, check out the rest of the posts in this series ):

Dear Sir,

I write to inform you that on 6 December 2005 the European Couft of Human Rights, sitting as a Committee of three judges (M. Pellonpdd, President, S. Pavlovschi and L. Mijovi6) pursuant to Article 27 of the Convention, decided under Article 28 of the Convention to declare the above application inadmissible because it did not comply with the requirements set out in Articles 34 and 35 of the Convention.

In the light of all the material in its possession, and in so far as the matters complained of were within its competence, the Court found that they did not disclose arry appearance of a violation of the rights and freedoms set out in the Convention or its Protocols.

This decision is final and not subject to any appeal to either the Court, including its Grand Chamber, or any other body. You will therefore appreciate that the Registry will be unable to provide any further details about the Committee’s deliberations or to conduct further correspondence relating to its decision in this case. You will receive no further documents from the Court concerning this case and, in accordance with the Court’s instructions, the file will be destroyed one year after the date of the decision.

The present communication is made pursuant to Rule 53 & 2 of the Rules of Court.

Here is my ‘informant’s response, in email correspondence with me:

I attach the letter I got from the European Court of Human Rights saying they had dropped my case because they could not see how my Human Rights had been infringed.

In reality they were protecting the next lower court the European Court for its decision that the German Justice Ministry got:
 The compatibility of the Legal Advice Act with European legislation has been confirmed by the European Court by verdict dated 12 December 1996.
I will send you the correspondence I sent them and other replies I got from them later. This all proves that the ECofHR does not deal in human rights for law abiding citizens, when the accused regime(s) are the defendants, in cases that involve lots of money, if they lose. They were supposed to deal with the handling of the court (RIGGING) and the most ridiculous verdict which is, incidentally impossible, so it cannot be a judgment, and it contradicts the written law on the subject and, the action of the lawyers in their blatant betrayal of me.

All details can be sent it is all in writing.

More to come…

The Weekly Wilders Round-Up, April 18th 2010

19 04 2010

Check it out.

Gates of Vienna – Islam is Leaving Albania

Niqnaq – it’d make more sense to blame the IMF than the gypsies

Deutsche Welle – Across Europe, support for populist parties is on the rise

The Telegraph – Hungary elections: first step to power for far-Right since Nazi era

Rantburg – Solidarity with Geert Wilders demonstration in Berlin on April 17th

EuropeNews – Solidarity with Geert Wilders – Demonstration in Berlin April 17th 2010 – PVV prospective MPs under fire over imam, guns and career:

Number three on the anti-Islam PVV’s list of prospective MPs once defended a radical imam whom party leader Geert Wilders said should be deported, the Telegraaf reports on Wednesday.

Lilian Helder defended the Eindhoven imam Imraan Kariman in 2007 for an inflammatory speech which led to a two year court ban on public speaking, the paper said. At the time Wilders said the man should be deported.

Last year she defended the same imam again when he was involved in a fight outside a mosque, the paper says.

The PVV published its list of prospective MPs on Tuesday, but was immediately criticised for including few new faces. The top 20 names on the list include all nine sitting MPs, three party workers, two local councillors who won seats in the March local vote and one member of the European parliament.


New face and number five on the list, Gid Markuszower has come under intense press scrutiny for carrying a gun in public at celebrations to mark 60 years since the founding of Israel at the Rai exhibition centre in Amsterdam two years ago. Although he had a gun licence, this broke the rules on carrying weapons and he was questioned for two hours by police.

At the time Markuszower was a member of a private security group called Bij Leven en Welzijn which carries out security duties for synagogues and other Jewish interests, according to magazine Vrij Nederlands. He was also the Dutch spokesman for right-wing Israeli party Likud. He has since quit both functions.

Other candidates have inaccurate cvs. Number nine on the list, Mellony van Hemert has not earned a doctorate in child abuse as the PVV website first claimed. And according to the Volkskrant, nor is there any record of her being a qualified psychologist. Her entry on the party’s website has now been amended.

Read it here.

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South Africa Sucks – Carpe Diem SA Sucks

Rethinking Islam with Sultan Shahin – ‘New Muslims’ led by a woman in Europe – Islamophobia – Now in American Children’s Textbooks

Gates of Vienna – “There Is No Enrichment At All”


Islamic News – Geert Wilders declared his love to Israel | International | News | – Press Review Tuesday 13 April 2010

Charlemagne’s Notebook – EU Christian Democrats to David Cameron: apologise for your silliness, young man, and we might just let you back

EuropeNews – Islam is leaving Albania – PVV ‘had difficulty finding prospective MPs’:

Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam party PVV has found it difficult to find much new blood to stand for parliament, the Volkskrant reports on Tuesday, following an analysis of the party’s list of prospective MPs.

The top 20 names on the list include all nine sitting MPs, three party workers, two local councillors who won seats in the March local vote and one member of the European parliament. Two sitting MPs and Wilders are also local councillors for the PVV.

Among the new faces are lawyer Lilian Helder, who wants to see tougher jail sentences and Gidi Markuszower, who used to work for a VVD MP.

The list, which is 50 names long, also includes three people who have served or are still serving with the armed forces. The party is forecast to win around 23 seats.

Read it here.

Der Spiegel – ‘Hungary has Turned into a Grubby Hive of Nationalism’

The Editrix’ Roncesvalles – Integration Class

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The International Civil Liberties Alliance – Demo für Geert Wilders in Berlin / Rally for Geert Wilders in Berlin – See Facebook Event – a politician as Geert Wilders may sound very radical and hateful but this is only because the ideology he talks against, is radical and hateful as well – Press Review Wednesday 14 April 2010

Secolul 21 – 21st Century – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Seven

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Gates of Vienna – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Eleven –  and A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Twelve – Geert Wilders declared his Love to Zionist regime

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Talkback with Chuck Wilder – Fri Apr 16, 2010

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A former leader of the Dutch Christian Democrats, 87-year-old Willem Aantjes, has called on his party to rule out coalition talks with the extreme right Freedom Party.

Mr Aantjes says the party, led by anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders, is undemocratic and not fit to be in a coalition government with the Christian Democrats. The Freedom Party has no members and is accountable to nobody, according to Mr Aantjes.

The former leader wants the congress of his party to discuss the issue next week. If it is not put on the agenda, and if the Christian Democrats do not rule out talks with the Freedom Party, Mr Aantjes said he would vote for the Christian Union party instead in the 9 June general election.

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