This Week’s Wilders Round-Up

26 04 2009

Sorry folks. The last update was probably close to two weeks’ worth of links, rather than one. That might happen more and more, as the Wilders case settles in for the long haul. Hang tight.

CBC – Dutch MP plans sequel to anti-Islam film Fitna

Trend News – Dutch right-wing politician to make new anti-Islam film

Fox News – Dutch TV Show Feeds Conspiracy Theories on Bin Laden’s Role in 9/11

Atlas Shrugs – Free speech summit: Geert Wilders cometh

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – ‘I Muslima’, a personal response to ‘Fitna’:

I Muslima is the first documentary by 24-year-old social studies student Stefan Franz from Tilburg. His girlfriend Anita Paoniasari, raised in a strict Islamic community in the Indonesian city of Bandung does not recognise the image of Islam painted by politician Geert Wilders in his film Fitna. She has been living in the Netherlands for seven years, and says she has become Westernized, but is angered and saddened by the violent Islam portrayed by the Dutch MP, despite the critical questions she is asking herself about her religion.

The Reflective Heart – The Dutch Documentary Controversy

FrontPage Mag – Geert Wilders’ Fight

Metamagician and the Hellfire Club – Hate speech and the ICCPR – why we ought to be worried

Niqnaq – interesting spin on this story

Centurean2’s Weblog – Geert Wilders-No Way! Anwar Al-Awlaki..Come on on In! Taxes Again!! – and Geert Wilders for REAL CHANGE!! UK Only allows in Firebrand Fanatics-Anwar Al- Awlaki…Not Freedom Loving People!!!

The Iconoclast – Vicious attacks against Geert Wilders and the Free Speech Summit

Fiery Spirited Zionist – Geert Wilders Responds to Dutch Labor Party’s Threat Against Israel

Palestine Monitor – Will the Dutch Lead a Change in Europe?

Doc’s Talk – Geert Wilders’ Fight

Digital Toast in the comments points out a right sensible letter from a British MP who thinks the Wilders ban was a bad idea:

Just been forwarded this from one of my blog readers – it appears not all MPs in the UK are bad, even if it does slightly seem that this one may be thinking that Wilders was the trouble – but he was against the ban, so that’s good!

Many thanks for your letter regarding the ban on Geert Wilders entering the UK and please accept my apologies for the delay in replying.

I fully agree with you that the ban was wholly inappropriate and counter-productive. We can only challenge extremism through reasoned and open debate; this means listening to other people’ views even when we do not agree. By banning Mr. Wilders from entering the UK we denied him the democratic right to put across his point of view and denied ourselves the chance to challenge it through constructive argument.

1 have expressed both in the media and in the recent Cambridge Union debate on freedom of speech, my opposition to Mr. Wilder’s ban and my strong belief that we must allow everyone to air their views if we are to have any true dialogue. I will continue to promote this view and work to avoid any repeat of this unfortunate incident.

Thank you once again for contacting me on this issue and please do not hesitate to get in touch should I be able to help in any other way.

All the best
Lembit Opik MP


The Broward-Palm Beach Juice – State Rep. Adam Hasner: Supporting “Anti-Muslim Hate Fest”?

Israpundit – Vicious attacks against Geert Wilders and the Free Speech Summit

Democracy Reform – The Barring of Geert Wilders – Saskia van Genugten and Erik Jones: The economic crisis helps far-right populists such as Geert Wilders – Dutch TV show – ‘Devil’s Advocate’ – exonerates Osama bin Laden of 911

A New Dark Age Is Dawning – The Great Geert Wilders’ Speech in Los Angeles: Freedom Of Speech, Islamisation of Europe and Sharia

PR Newswire – CAIR: Fla. house GOP leader linked to anti-Islam hate fest

Free Hal – The Barring of Geert Wilders

Jihad Watch – Wilders speaking in Florida!

The Jewish World Review – free world is barring free speech

EuropeNews – Video: Tool of Hamas-linked CAIR – Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs – and  Wilders speaking in Florida!

Florida Security Council – Geert Wilders : free speech summit

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch sites favourite with hackers

Gates of Vienna – Civility, Good Table Manners, and Our Constitutional Rights

Middle East and Terrorism – The banality of Evil .

Hack in the box – Dutch sites favourite with hackers

FrontPage Mag – Geert Wilders’ Wake-Up Call

The Associated Press – Dutch lawmaker to make sequel to anti-Islamic film

EuropeNews – Geert Wilders’ Fight

St. Maarten Island – The Dutch Press Review 14 April 2009

Jihad Watch – Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs: Tool of Hamas-linked CAIR – Wilders plans second anti-Islam Fitna film

PoliGazette – Coming Soon: Fitna II

Reuters – Dutch anti-Islam politician Wilders plans new film

Samuel at Gilgal – Is Islam A Totalitarian Ideology?

The Prague Post – Jumping on the ban wagon

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders plans second anti-Islam film

Snouck Hurgronje – Geert Wilders announces Fitna the Sequel – Wilders to make second Fitna film

Israel National News – Wilders Plans Sequel to ‘Fitna’

NRC Handelsblad – Wilders plans Fitna, the sequel

The NewsBot Times – Wilders plans second anti-Islam film

Weasel Zippers – Rampaging Muslim Mob Alert: Wilders Says He’s Making Sequel to Fitna…..


Grizzly Groundswell – Durban II Draft 4/15/09

Reuters – Dutch anti-Islam politician Wilders plans new film – Dutch MP plans new Islam-warning film

World Bulletin – Dutch anti-Islam politician plans another film despite critics

NIS News – Wilders announces Fitna sequel

The Guardian – Geert Wilders plans sequel to his film about ‘fascist’ Qur’an


Infidels Are Cool – Geert Wilders planning another Anti-Jihad Film

Islam in Action – Coming Soon:Fitna Part II

Idea Anaconda – New Wilders movie – Dutch MP Geert Wilders Banned From Entering UK

Fortress Outpost – JW Digest 17-18th April 2009

Mimimi? – Tweets van deze week (automatische post)

Jihad Watch – Wilders planning follow-up to Fitna

The Statesman – Wilders Plans New Film About ‘Islamisation’ Of West

Cranmer – Geert Wilders – On Liberty (and the sequel to ‘Fitna’)

Athiest Nexus – Free thought…Seriously?

Middle East and Terrorism – What I planned to say in the House Of Lords.

Snaphanen – The Fallout

The Boston Globe – We’ll take a pass on this UN conference

Witterings From Witney – Geert Wilders – The Sequel

Alex Constantine’s Blacklist – TV show Exonerates Osama bin Laden

The Jerusalem Post – Why did lobbying work in some places, but fail in others?

The Fairfacts Media Show – Play it again Geert!!

Turkish Weekly – Violence against Muslims Increased in 2008 in Netherlands

NIS News Bulletin – CDA dinosaurs reject coalition with Wilders

Micky’s Muses…From The Antipodes – Is Geert Wilders the canary in the mine ?

Winds of Jihad – Kuthba # 1002378699874: Projection, Taqiyya and Stupidity…

MuzzleWatch – Shalom International, pro-settler movement, joins Holocaust Remembrance event tonight

Gates of Vienna – Pro-Köln’s Plan B

Actonwiebe – Dutch jurists govern Moslem ca n’t leave Muslimism

Indigo Jo Blogs – “Civil war” in US anti-Muslim blogosphere

Haaretz – Dutch parliament agrees to block all dialogue with Hamas

The National Post – More proof that it’s better to ignore extremists than to ban them

Vlad Tepes – Wilders’ ideas enjoy 40% support

Taipei Times – Republicans through the looking glass

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Parliament approves imam as army chaplain

YnetNews – Muhammad cartoons editor: there’s a problem with Muslims in Europe

View From The Right – Auster talk on what to do about the Islam threat is on YouTube

Global Politician – Fjordman Reviews ‘Fitna’

Dutch News – Wilders’ ideas enjoy 40% support

The Foxhole – LGF’s Head ‘Lizard’ Has a Very Thin Skin – Sachar Committee Report Uncovered Backwardness of India’s Muslims, Part 3

Tony Blair – A new “Axis of Evil” – Who? Where?

Doc’s Talk – Muhammad cartoons editor: There’s a problem with Muslims in Europe

Islam In Europe – Netherlands: Dutch getting trained by al-Qaeda

Nieuws uit Amsterdam – Wilders to reconsider charge against webzine:

An column in activist webzine Ravage which intended to ‘take the piss out of’ anti-racism activist René Danen was interpreted as a threat against right-wing politician Geert Wilders, who brought a charge against Ravage. Yesterday, Ravage editor Alex van Veen was interviewed by the police. However, Wilders now says the charge against Ravage may have been a mistake.

Tony Blair – “Blair Calls On World to Wage War Against Islam” – NOT!!!!!!

Exposing Liberal Lies – Geert Wilder’s Follow-Up Film

Atlas Shrugs – Wilders Fitna redux

Gates of Vienna – Expedition to Cologne

The Konformist Blog – Dutch TV show exonerates Osama bin Laden

Dutch News – EU elections: 70% know nothing

Patsyhamiltonbp – The Shameful Islamophobia of Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders

Realistic Peace in Israel-Palestine – With Friends Like These…