The Weekly Wilders Round-Up

30 11 2009

Alright, here we go. You can follow the latest updates on Geert Wilders’ Twitter feed, too.

Diana West – Dewinter Warns: Life in the “Democratorship” Where Diversity is Utmost Goal and Islam Is Embraced

The Occidental Quarterly Online – Friedrich Braun on the Jewish Question

True/Slant – The gradual elimination of the public option

Winds Of Jihad – Czech Muslims Invite Geert Wilders

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Twitter and tweet receive Dutch treat – Week 47/2009 in CzechNews

Prague Daily Monitor – Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker to speak in Prague

World News At – News 11.23.2009

The Washington Independent – Bachmann, Coulter, Gingrich Make the Rounds at Restoration Weekend

Islamic News – Czech Muslims are invited to show Wilders “Fitna” –

EuropeNews – Dewinter Warns: Life in the “Democratorship” Where Diversity is Utmost Goal and Islam Is Embraced

Geert Wilders lied – Nilgün Yerli:

Curtmaynardsnewestblog – Alleged Right Wing Nationalist Geert Wilders is a Jew

Radio Prague – Czech Muslim organization invites controversial Dutch politician to screen anti-Islamic film

Gates of Vienna – Islam and Compassion

It Hit Home – The Geert Wilders Song

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Flowers for Wilders

Hurriyet Daily News – Turkish Foreign Ministry says far-right Dutch MP ‘unwelcome’ in Turkey – Wilders to arrive in Prague, substitute space found:

Prague – The controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders will arrive in Prague in end-November and present his opinions, senator Jiri Oberfalzer (Civic Democrats, ODS) told CTK today, adding that he will not appear in the Senate as originally planned, however, but at another place.

The Senate media commission, of which Oberfalzer is chairman, abolished Wilders’s invitation to the Senate last week after Senate chairman Premysl Sobotka (ODS) and the ODS dissociated themselves from the event.

The invitation was also criticised by the chairmen of the foreign committees of both houses of parliament who are Social Democrat (CSSD) members. They said Wilders’s opinions are xenophobic.

Wilders, critic of Islamism and immigration, will arrive at the invitation of Oberfalzer and server that is orientated similarly like Wilders.

Oberfalzer said Wilders will make a lecture in Palace Aventin in Prague centre that will be followed by a discussion on November 30. “Nothing else will be held,” he said.

Read the rest here.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Turkey lashes out at Wilders

AGORAVOX – Copenhague: Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders reveals himself as an ethnic cleanser…

NRC Handelsblad – Opinion leaders in Turkey welcome Wilders visit

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch MPs back Wilders against Turkish boycott:

Dutch MPs say they will cancel a trip to Turkey if the country insists on a boycott of Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders. A spokesman for Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu described the anti-Islam MP as a fascist and a racist who was not welcome in Turkey.

Read the rest here.

View Mural – Geert Wilders Warning to America Part 1 of 2

The Spoof – Most European Countries accept multi-culti has failed, only problem is how to catch “horse that bolted”!

EuropeNews – Opinion leaders in Turkey welcome Wilders visit – Czech Muslims want to talk with Wilders

Comment Is Free – Targeted by the New McCarthyites


Dowlish – Dutch MP’s back Geert Wilders in Turkish visit row

Vlad Tepes – Turkey: Mixed feelings about Geert Wilders visit

NIS News Bulletin – Turks swallow Wilders’ bait, House does not

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Turks divided over Wilders visit

Gates of Vienna – Islam and Compassion

USA Carry forum – America as the Last Man Standing Against Islam – Controversial Wilders not to arrive in Prague

Hurriyet Daily News – Far-right politician slams Turkey’s reaction as ‘stupid’

Bill Warner Private Investigator – Fascist-Racist group Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) Linked To Right Wing Politician Geert Wilders.

Today’s Zaman – Geert Wıders: Charlatan or Maverick Politician: The Rising Star of Today’s European Politics?

Turkish Digest – No Red Carpet for Dutch Populist: Turkey Frets About Geert Wilders’ Planned Visit – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International

Moe’s Jihad News – Turkish government fears a Wilders visit, opinion leaders welcome chance for debate

The Prague Post – Islam opponent to visit Prague – Political ‘movements’ eligible for subsidies

Weblog GeertWilders – Turkey Frets About Geert Wilders’ Planned Visit:

The Turkish government fears a scheduled visit by Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders, saying it could dent Turkish relations with the Netherlands and Europe. But many secular and religious Turks say they would welcome a debate with the polemic politician.

A planned visit to Turkey by Dutch members of parliament is up in the air after the Turkish Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said the delegation would not be welcome if it included Geert Wilders, the controversial leader of the populist Dutch party Party for Freedom (PVV). Wilders, known for his anti-Islam film “Fitna” and for comparing the Koran to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” strongly opposes Turkey’s accession to the European Union.

Burak Ozugergin, from the Turkish Foreign Ministry, told the news agency ANP: “Such a fascist and a racist is not only unwelcome in Turkey but also in many European capitals. We can’t find anyone who wants to meet him.”

Controversial Dutch MP Flies Into London

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Islamization Watch – Turkish government fears a Wilders visit, opinion leaders welcome chance for debate

Sky News – Controversial Dutch MP Flies Into London:

Geert Wilders was initially barred from coming to the UK because of fears that his controversial film on Muslims would spread “hatred and violent” messages.

In the film – Fitna – Mr Wilders argues that the meaning of the Koran has been harshly interpreted by fundamentalists who are keen to preach their brand of Islam to Muslims.

The far-right politician will be meeting Lord (Malcolm) Pearson, the peer who originally invited him to screen his film in the House of Lords in February, when he was refused entry.

Another date for the screening has yet to be set.

Read the rest here.

Winds of Jihad – Since when is it our business to save Islamic Turkey from “radical Islam?”

NRC Handelsblad – No red carpet for Dutch populist

Times Online – UKIP to target Islamic fundamentalism with leadership election

Right Soup – Geert Wilders Warning To America

Hojja_Nusreddin – Geert Wilders Warning To America

Life on Sleepy Creek in Words and Images – Geert Wilders and his warning to us

Nieuws uit Amsterdam – Green Party: Wilders critic ‘not welcome’:

Tomorrow, activist René Danen from Amsterdam will be one of the candidates for the national board of GroenLinks. However, current chairman Henk Nijhof does not want Danen on the board, among other things because of his court case against Geert Wilders (PVV). René Danen responds: “Nijhof is acting as if he’s Wilders’ lawyer.”

Read the rest here.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Support for Dutch road pricing plan

The Final Redoubt – Lord Malcolm Pearson and Geert Wilders at the Florida Free Speech Summit


Turkish Digest – Geert Wilders: ” “The Turkish army is the greatest defender of Kemal Ataturk’s legacy

The Guardian – Ukip elects Lord Pearson of Rannoch as leader – Dutch FM backs Turkey over Wilders

Winds of Jihad – Bunglawussi Alternative Reality Watch

The Impudent Observer – Freedom To Be An Idiot?

The Independent – Lord Pearson plays the Islam card to win leadership of Ukip

Liberal Conspiracy – The divine mission of UKIP’s new leader

Plaid Wrecsam – Fine Line between UKIP and the BNP!

The Northfield Patriot – Geert Wilders’ Warning to America

Islamophobia Watch – Islamophobes are front-runners in UKIP leadership contest

21st Century British Nationalism – The UAF and Searchlight silence over UKIP

The National – Anti-Islamist peer takes over UK political party

Paste Magazine – Five Years Later: The Death of Dutch Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh

On My Watch – The Writings of Sam Henry – Islamization of Europe – Issues and Actions Update

The Times Online – Swiss minaret ban fits pattern of populist protest in Western Europe – Switzerland Bans Minarets

Red County – The Warrior Rabbi takes on the Loons at Loonwatch for calling Wafa Sultan a “bigot’


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