‘Supreme Court Paved the Way for Conviction of Wilders’

19 03 2011

From NIS News Bulletin:

AMSTERDAM, 18/03/11 – The president of the Supreme Court last November restricted freedom of speech, as a result of which it could have been easier for other judges to get Party for Freedom MP Geert Wilders convicted. So, at least, suggests TV programme Uitgesproken WNL.

The Supreme Court ruled on 23 November that a T-shirt with the slogan Combat18 constituted incitement to hatred and was therefore forbidden. According to WNL, the president of the Supreme Court, Geert Corstens, was personally co-responsible for this verdict.

The Combat 18 verdict offers a handle for being able to convict Wilders of incitement to hatred, according to lawyer Gerard Spong. Spong, who is not a party to the Wilders court case, said that Corstens gives the impression with the verdict that he wants to achieve an accounting with the PVV leader “via the back door.”

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One response

23 03 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

As Geert Wilders himself said, “The Lights are going out”

the lights of freedom, and the darkness of corruption and tyranny is descending over the lands.

Infidels, Unite. People all over, individually, collectively, PLEASE SPEAK OUT AGAINST IT.

This is the time of our trial and tribulation is upon us all – not only for Geert Wilders and his good man Bram Moszkowicz.

Not only Aayan’s exile, not only Wafa Sultan’s and her good husband who supports her freedom to think and be safe, and this wasn’t only Theo’s war, but the world’s – against Tyranny and insane cruelty. Arm yourselves with knowledge and hurry up and act for your children, your neighbor, friends and strangers who are already in its grip. Children, right now, need you to speak and act for them. Remember those children, Muslim males, in Afghanistan. Remember the child brides being sold for a day or a week, throughout the Muslim side of the world. They are waiting and hoping and trying to stay alive in that hell. You will one day stand before them, and your Maker.

This is our duty to humanity and all creation.

Thank you Mr. Wilders and all the above heroes and heroines. We thank Yah for making you.

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