Geert Wilders’ trial to go ahead after objections brushed aside

19 03 2011

From Monsters & Critics:

Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ trial on charges of hate speech can go ahead after objections were brushed aside by the Public Prosecutor, Dutch news agency ANP reported Wednesday.The trial had been adjourned on Monday after the lawyer of the populist anti-Islam politician questioned the partiality of the judges and claimed the court was ‘not qualified’.

Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz had argued that his client was being accused of ‘far more than was included in the formal charges, which mention hatemongering, discrimination and insulting a section of the population (muslims)’.

A second objection, that the Amsterdam court was not qualified to try him in this case, was rejected as the alleged offences were committed in Amsterdam.

This is Wilders’ second trial over allegations that he incited hatred of Muslims.

Read the rest. More from Radio Netherlands Worldwide.



One response

24 03 2011

Man, this is SO demoralising. Can you imagine being him??

Can the world’s ‘justice’ be any more hypocritical, ridiculous, and perverse?

In the Netherlands, no less!

Please infidels, pray for this man, he needs (and his good lawyer, too) Yah’s deliverance from this evil going on – strength, health, perseverance under such horrible oppression and perversity by the authorities, they need encouragement, strength and guidance every day and night. Your prayers for them, and for you, give spiritual energy to the angels of Yah who exist for this purpose, to do Yah’s will, in helping the suffering ones. These prayers never die, they just keep on. Forever.

Yah bless you infidels whereever you are, every moment – you are loved and very precious to Yah and Yahushua your makers.

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