Wilders: No dual citizenship

12 03 2011

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders says he assumes a woman recently elected to the Gelderland provincial council for the party will get rid of her double nationality as soon as possible.

Petra Kouwenberg holds both Dutch and Turkish nationality, but according to Geert Wilders, he did not know she also had Turkish nationality until very recently. The party leader said Ms Kouwenberg is eager to get rid of her Turkish nationality and to this end will visit the Turkish embassy on Friday.

The issue of Ms Kouwenberg’s double nationality is an embarrasment to the PVV. In parliament, the party has consistently villified politicians holding double nationality, claiming this could lead to a conflict of interest.

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6 responses

13 03 2011

I love Wilders.

14 03 2011
dz alexander

I imagine Gidi Markuszower also had dual citizenship.

No particular reflection on Ms Kouwenberg [apart from being PVV] but our Geert gets his candidates by advertising. The result might be charitably termed “mixed”.


15 03 2011

Even if we give him some benefit of logic and use his words about loyalty, Wilders fails at that point as well.

For someone who is demanding single-minded loyalty and non-conflict of interests when supporting our country, Wilders again and again appears to be more supportive of Israeli right-wing issues, Settler programs and verbatum quoting of Kahanist anti-Islam rhetoric. Add to that the inclusion of Markuszower in his team and we have a picture of someone who is a current MP and with a serious conflict of interest problem – let alone being a racist, bigoted hate-monger who lives for populaist-nationalist hero-worship.

17 03 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

You are so stupid, DvDH. There is no crime in that, feel free to show it continually here. What we object to is your continual LIES.


17 03 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

You always go out of your way to TWIST THE ISSUE.

You call yourself a man?

21 03 2011
Steynian 440nth « Free Canuckistan!

[…] trial adjourned; D66 flirting with PVV in Limburg; Tea parties and a Party for Freedom; Wilders: No dual citizenship …. […]

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