If the EDL find a British Geert Wilders, the political scene could change

11 03 2011

From Left Foot Forward:

Nearly a month after what appears to have been a Daily Star scoop, The Independent reports that the English Defence League does indeed intend to become a legitimate political party.

This development comes after the publication of a report by the Searchlight Educational Trust. As discussed on Left Foot Forward last week, this report revealed 52 per cent of the population believe Muslims “create problems in the UK”. Moreover, it demonstrated the existence of “popular support for a sanitised, non-violent and non-racist English nationalist political party”.As such, there is potential for the EDL to exploit this support and form a popular far-right party akin to Holland’s Freedom Party or the Swiss People’s Party. However, there are many pitfalls associated with articulating a sanitised, non-violent, nationalistic political platform.

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