Wilders: ‘Opposition to Islam is Europe’s little Revolution’

7 03 2011

From NIS News Bulletin:

THE HAGUE, 01/03/11 – Within Europe, the Party for Freedom (PVV) sound can be heard increasingly frequently, and this will only become more so, according to party leader Geert Wilders. In a interview with nu.nl website, he signals an “anti-Islam wave” that can no longer be stopped. “We have our own little revolution here.”

Some critics of cabinet policy say that many envisaged measures the cabinet wants to take infringe EU legislation. But according to the PVV leader, this is nonsense. Additionally, many people in other European countries also want tougher measures against crime, immigration and Islamisation.

A party similar to the PVV has recently been set up in Germany: The Freedom Party of Rene Stadtkewitz. In the UK as well, Wilders sees opportunities for a party to be set up like the PVV to fill the gap between the British National Party, which is according to Wilders racist, and the conservatives.

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Meanwhile, via Expatica.com: Wilders: Anti-Islam wave unstoppable.




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8 03 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance

He is very modest. This is a big Revolution.

This is historic.

9 03 2011

We have tried to say it nicely and even
politically correct that we do not want
to change our schools our lives and even
our laws for sharia and yet they can not
for the sake of peace be nice and calm
about it they have to become radical and
call us names and rage against us for not
wanting to change our countries into Islam
so we now are standing together in unity
with voices that are much more stern and
louder than theirs that we will not change our
countries into Islam. Thankyou very much.

11 03 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance


You say it very well. It’s that simple. We have been tolerant of things so many things, which we never should have tolerated, because we are ‘nice’ people. That was our weak point, they knew and took advantage of. This is taught in their Quran to do! Their God is sneaky, and is called ‘The Great Deceiver’ by Mohammed their evil prophet.

Islam itself IS RADICAL. There are good muslims, (but that is in spite of their religion, not because of Islam, they were born good, have not become corrupted to the degree of Mohammed yet, and many do not actually know the Koran is vile as it is, because they are not well-read. Many do not even know Mohammed is a (was) a child-rapist! Imagine their shock and disgust and disbelief they find this out! Imagine the storm in their heads, and many just stop learning, and defend that guy, it is easier than to risk being killed by your family members by speaking out. This is not the way to go, they who are in the West, need to speak out, because going along with that vile evil Islam is like the SS in Germany ‘just following orders’. Why don’t you, Muslims in the free west? You will be rewarded for being brave and fighting the evil to your brothers and sisters – really rewarded by your real Creator, (not by Allah, your evil enemy, with fictional slave virgins).

Infidels, we are uniting! Muslims, we are not wimps any more.

11 03 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Thank you TORNADO.

Infidels, UNITE!

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