Wilders book: Islam is ideology

1 03 2011

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Populist MP Geert Wilders is writing a book about the history of Islam that argues it is not a religion but an ideology.

The book, which was to be published in the first half of 2011, is now due to appear in the second half of the year, Mr Wilders told news website NU.nl.

The initiative for the book, Mr Wilders says, comes from the United States, where it will appear first, to be followed by a Dutch translation.

Mr Wilders also revealed he is working on a continuation of his short anti-Islam film Fitna, but he couldn’t yet say when it would be completed.

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21 responses

2 03 2011
Ingrid worldwide Infidel Alliance

I fully support brave infidel and freedom fighter for the world, Geert Wilders.

May he live long, if not forever.

May the Assholes who desire him dead and try to murder him every day be cursed forever.

He is totally right in saying that Islam is a totalitarian ideology. But it IS ALSO A RELIGION.

It’s just that this religion is criminal – to its core, therefore, must be banned by all democratic societies and people who desire freedom and safety for all.

Yah bless him for writing the book and keep him safe, with all infidels – may their present sufferings be richly rewarded. This is not the forever time.

2 03 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance's slogan of the day

From our Sikh friend from India this slogan for the world’s suffering pure of heart:

Raj Karega Khalsa.
Aaki Rahe Na Koy.

meaning Pure Shall Rule.
All obstacles shall be overcome.

2 03 2011

Ingrid, I know English is not your first language, so I will provide some helpful editing for you:

“It’s just that this religion is criminal – to its core, therefore, must be banned by all democratic societies and people who desire freedom and safety for all.” Having some experience with your political views, I think you need an exception here to an overbroad use of the word “all”. Here is my suggested revision:

“It’s just that this religion is criminal – to its core, therefore, must be banned by all democratic societies and people who desire freedom and safety for all, except for Muslims, whose existence will be criminalized and thus will need to be rounded up in the millions by a massively expanded security force, stripped of their citizenship and property rights and dumped across a border into some random country to die in squalor in a refugee camp.”

I think that would make your actual view a little clearer for all to see.

2 03 2011

Btw, for newcomers wondering what Ingrid might mean when she writes “May he live long, if not forever”, the answer is that she is some kidn of paranoid schizophrenic / religious fanatic and thinks that Geert Wilders may be the messiah here to rule over the end days. Pretty crazy, eh? Well actually, if you have read anything else she has ever written, that shouldn’t be too surprising.

4 03 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Lies, Lies and this is normal for the above, Infidels, Apostates and Muslims, just know that nothing this ‘man’ has said above is even close to the truth, that is his way of trying to destroy the truth that Geert Wilders has alerted us to, and he tries to do the same to anyone on here who supports the truth.

Walker, please don’t allow his blatant vicious lies which always come from this ‘john’ (what a name, for a guy like that, its a witness against him) who is not an atheist, but a psychopathic liar who has a malicious intent to destroy others, (just like Mohammed!). This man’s posts go against the purpose of your site which is to defend the things Geert Wilder SAYS, NOT TO PROMULGATE VICIOUS LIES ABOUT HIM, SAYING HE SAID THIS AND WANTS THAT, which is his only way to oppose us, since he CANNOT OPPOSE US RATIONALLY. Walker, how can you allow him to do all this deliberate lying on this site? Attributing, stating, that we want GENOCIDE? NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Walker you know that. He also knows I never said anything else he said above, like Geert Wilders being the Messiah, which is his ploy of completely painting us with a black brush, I never said, and never believed this, it is just another one of his vile attacks, becuase he has complete hatred for the truth.

This site is for the defense of what people say. Geert Wilders said the truth. He is against genocide. We are all against cruelty, Geert is fair, compassionate, and that is WHY HE IS AGAINST ISLAM. Geert Wilders is against all brutality and denial of rights, he is for Muslims, for all people – for all their rights to live in their Creator-given freedoms of expression without retribution (which is against Islamic doctrine) so that is why the above ‘John’ who pretends to be an atheist is so viciously attacking us – he is for Islam, for brutality and HE is the the one for the GENOCIDE.
Just to let you know, the only people who know Islam like ‘John’ does and does not quit vilifying those who oppose it are Muslim repropbates who love vile lies and live by them, honouring a child rapist, and an evil HATING GOD, (akin to Satanists) or a demoniac like Mohammed himself, a hating, lying psychopath whose goal was simple: DESTRUCTION OF THE GOOD.

4 03 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Meant to type Infidels are infidels because they are AGAINST THE GENOCIDE, against all brutality and unfairness, which is the express reason WHY THEY ARE AGAINST THE ISLAM!

‘John’ above knows all this. That is WHY HE HATES GEERT WILDERS AND ALL APOSTATES.

4 03 2011

“This man’s posts go against the purpose of your site which is to defend the things Geert Wilder SAYS,” I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I don’t think that is the purpose behind this site. In Walker’s words: “This site is not here to defend Geert Wilders’ views in and of themselves.”

“Attributing, stating, that we want GENOCIDE? NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH” Your stated policy preference is to ban Islam, thus rendering all Muslims illegal persons, and then eliminate them all from western countries. In both my view, and common understandings of international law, this constitutes genocide. Your views are repulsive and in direct opposition freedoms of speech, religion and associated. Not to mention the deprevation of citizenship and property rights would be necessary for this monsterous and bigoted policy to be enacted. Your views are the greatest threats to freedom in the west since the Nazis.

“He also knows I never said anything else he said above, like Geert Wilders being the Messiah,” Yes, you did imply this. It was in the post where you were talking about the moral criminality of wasting sperm and the purity of the bodily fluids, or some such nonsense. I can’t really paraphrase what you wrote because it sounded more like stream of consciousness writing by someone on acid.

“Geert Wilders is against all brutality and denial of rights, he is for Muslims, for all people ” No, he is quite explicitly against the rights for Muslims for practice their religion, as are you. I’m not sure how you can call for the deportation of all Muslims from the west, and then state that you are nto trying to deny people rights and are for Muslims. Anyone with a brain can see the conflict there.

By the way Ingrid, did you know there is widespread concensus that alternately writing IN ALL CAPS is a good sign that you are A CRAZY PERSON?

5 03 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Get thee hence, Satan.

Infidels know what Geert Wilders says is what he believes. (as they who read this site know what I believe is what I say, neither do I ever imply any of what haters like the above have said. I say what I mean and I imply nothing.

Whoever reads this site (all the posts) sees WHO is FOR FREEDOM

It is self-evident.
To love Geert Wilders for the most decent, kind, brave and compassionate man that he is makes CRAZY, INSANE HATERS LIKE JOHN impute blasphemous beliefs to us. There is only one Messiah. His name is: Yahushua. He will come. All hurdles shall be overcome. The Sikh slogan Ravi sent us speaks about this time of timelessness and justice to come to those who have been persecuted and made to suffer horrendous things on this earth, whose God is Satan, who John serves. (he is not an atheist, he only pretends to be one). I like atheists, they are even-handed and John is no atheist. My friends who are atheists (true ones) hate people who pose as them like John does.

Infidels take heart. Look up. This time of injustice is ending. And wickedness and evildoers will be destroyed.

5 03 2011

“Infidels know what Geert Wilders says is what he believes. ” I have no doubt this is true Ingrid. Geert Wilders says he will unleash an unprecedented wave of repression aimed at Muslims and this is exactly why bigots like you love him – because it is your stated goal to eliminate all Muslims from the west.

“Whoever reads this site (all the posts) sees WHO is FOR FREEDOM
and WHO IS AGAINST FREEDOM. It is self-evident. ” I think you are quite right Ingrid. You proposed to eliminate freedom of speech and religion and strip all Muslims of their constitutional rights (ie. you despise freedom and are seeking to destroy it), and I am opposing that destruction of our fundamental rights.

“whose God is Satan, who John serves” I’m finding it very difficult to serve this entity that doesn’t exist except for in the delusional fantasies of your bigoted mind.

6 03 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Lies, Lies, Lies. Paragraph 1, 2, and 3. All Lies, Vicious, malignant and Damned.

LIAR. Innocent ones may come on here. And as Stephen King noted, ‘The trust innocents is the liar’s most useful tool’.
This Liar, calling himself ‘John’ (what an odd name for such a man) hopes he will achieve deception of the unwitting ones, as Hitler did: “Repeat a lie long enough and the people will then accept it as the truth’.

Paragraph 1: Geert Wilders NEVER EVEN THINKS THAT, therefore, he never said it, or anything remotely close. He is a good and compassionate man.
Paragraph 1 is John’s lie, whose Master is the Devil.

Paragraph 2: I never proposed any such thing. My desire is the opposite. This is instead, JOHN”S AIM. We who love Geert Wilders and support him are for saving our rights and freedoms, to speak, to express – not only that, but TO LIVE after doing so!
Muslims murder us for the mere fact we don’t want to worshipAllah, the Lying God and do not want to obey Mohammed’s words from the Quran and have to live oppressed like Muslims do, in retarded fashion. Freedom, equality,truth and love which are inherently given, are subverted and destroyed by systematic tormenting subversion of human nature by Islam’s doctrines. The result is a people who cannot countenance truth without feeling schizophrenic paranoia knee-jerk reaction of brutal destruction of truth-bearers like Geert Wilders and anyone else. Islam produces people who are too scared to defend innocent ones, little ones, and who kill their own Muslims too, destroying them piece-meal (chopping hands and feet, clitorises, eyes, noses, tongues, ears – they murder their own families for ‘honour’ after being kidnapped and raped! Or talking to a man. Or showing their skin. This is a totalitarian inhuman vile relgion which tramples human rights and animal rights. Islam produces people like Idi Amin, Qadaffi, Amadinejad, Saddam and his sons, King Faud’s sons, all good Muslims (our children used as sex slaves, whole rings) Assad, Mohammed (child rapist prophet), Khomeini, Khameini, and it goes on and on, neverending supply of pscyopaths – brutal psychotic, lying savages. You don’t find this in any other religion, and those who defend this evil religion of tyranny and brutal sadism, and, not to forget their big goal – as stated in their religious sacred war manual, called the Quran to destroy us all – all infidel lands and their infidel people, (even fair-minded agnostics and good atheists no matter if they help them here or not – all non-Muslims are ‘Kuffar’ – people who are slated for humiliation, punishment, degradation, suffering and painful inhuman deaths), for them to rule the earth for Allah the Destroyer.


6 03 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Paragraph 3: ‘I’m finding it very difficult to serve this entity that doesn’t exist except for in the delusional fantasies of your bigoted mind ”
More lies. Number 1, Infidels, I’m not a bigot, and never will be. But, I have been married to a Muslim and I know Satan does exist. Before witnessing this evil impersonated, you might have persuaded me to think you could be right, but not now, so you cannot lie to me or even cause me to doubt Satan’s existence. What the Bible states is true, mostly, unless you get to the new testament where there are frequent errors, deletions, augmentations -changed/ edited by ‘Pious Church Fathers’ led by their Father of Lies, and whole books were hidden. Masons also say that ‘Satan does not exist’, yet Masonry’s religion is the worship of Lucifer. Wiccans also say this. ‘Satan does not exist’; they tell us that ‘Our god is the horned God’ which they see as good (don’t tell me about the Goddess, she is only an aspect of the one spirit worshipped (the Goddess, the Horned God, their Christ, Horus Sun God baby saviour are all one. All are simply different ‘aspects’ of the monotheism of ancient Astral religion. Whether ‘Holy Trinity’ of Christianity and Paganism or a thousand ‘different gods/spirits’ the priesthood is and has always been cognizant of this: all ‘person’s in the trinity are one and the “One” is all of them, One God is who they really worship, just in various guises as people prefer; This is Lucifer’s religion and he cares nothing but winning this war no matter how those lies to people destroy innocence, truth and love – he lives to fight truth, health and peace, joy and safety, which Yah wants for us all. Lucifer, once an archangel, decided to challenge and destroy Yah’s people and creation, along with Yah’s great, compassionate, loving and brilliant plans. Lucifer somehow just went bad, he chose to be bad. Free will. Lucifer though beautiful, seductive, is an evil liar and murdering spirit, seeks to vilify our Creator Yah, presenting himself to her and us as our helper/Savior. Lucifer’s strategy to destroy us and Yah’s extended plan for us only succeeds because of lies. John will not stop lying because he is sold out to Satan. So he does his duty which is to lie as long as possible, to do the most damage to the truth.

John pretends to back human rights and pretends that we here defending Geert Wilders are for their destruction, which is the most wicked perversion of the truth of Geert Wilders. Geert Wilders is for human rights, that is why he is against the Islam. John, on the other hand, is against the right of Muslims and Infidels to live lives free from constant threat to their lives and constant attacks on their safety. John is the one (and all who vilify Wilders) who are against peace and safety, freedom to speak and be safe, because they support the criminal deeds commanded in Islam’s Koran committed by its adherents merely because ‘it is their religion’. Since when has that excused crimes against humanity, obviating our Bill of Rights and Constitution? Islam may be the religion of half the world’s people, but we still stand on the guarantees of our forefathers who fought hard for the rights we have, and they never meant that a religion could guarantee a people the right to threaten others and murder them in obedience to their God. John supports the right of people in the free West to practice murder. John defends the religion of Islam’s brutal doctrines, saying that to deny the Muslims the right to commit warfare on us per Mohammed, beheading, slitting throats, raping children like Mohammed, lying to us to engender our trust, in order to obey Mohammed’s and Allah’s doctrine to deceive us into false security, ‘until the time is right…’ the right to scream threats to our lives in the streets, call for the murders of leaders by their people in papers, Mosques we help them build, with money we gave them, in our countries which have mistakenly assumed all people held the same ideals and would not lie about such horrible goals as taught and demanded by their God Allah. Allah is not Great, Allah is ‘the Great Deciever’ and all who do not obey Mohammed should ‘be put to death’ so Muslims cannot be Muslims unless they adhere to the Koran, which is Islam, there is no other source for Islam. There are no interpretations to the murdering destroying brutal verses, they all mean what they say, it is clear. To Muslims and to outsiders; there are lots of ‘sugar-coated’ Koran translations, which deliberately deceive the infidels by watering down/toning down verses of brutal sadism. The Koran in the Original Arabic is the only true Koran, there is no translation which is recognized by them to be infallible as the authentic, original Quran. All Muslims believe the Koran is the infallible word of Allah, through the perfect model of manhood, Mohammed the prophet of Allah. We all know what Mohammed did from their own Islamic sources. No one argues this, no ones dares. It is accepted that Mohammed was a pervert in today’s popular language, but he was much worse than just perverted. He was a sadist. He was not a ‘pedophile’ which sugar-coats what he did – he raped a little child throughout her childhood continually. From the time she was 6 or 7 years old when he married her, her life was hell and her hair fell out due to the horrendous trauma and unabated, inescapable abuse he heaped upon her. May Mohammed burn in hell. And all who defend him.

6 03 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Shalom, Infidels, sorry, Stephen King’s messed up there, meant to type

‘The trust of innocents is the liar’s most useful tool.’

(Love you Stephen!) May Yah Bless you infidels and apostates wherever you be and whatever you suffer, this time will not go on forever. Keep up your spirit, we are with you in this.

8 03 2011


“Paragraph 1: Geert Wilders NEVER EVEN THINKS THAT, therefore, he never said it, or anything remotely close. He is a good and compassionate man.
Paragraph 1 is John’s lie, whose Master is the Devil” Of course, this is just a matter of interpretation. Wilders (and you) want to ban Islam and the Koran. You don’t see this as any kind of infringement on freedom of speech or freedom of religion. And you don’t see it as repressive. But you are an insane bigot so clouded with hatred and rage that you are not thinking clearly – if indeed your mental illness has ever permitted a clear though to settle in your head. In the interpretation of every other person on earth who is not a fanatical bigot, criminalizing Islam, and this rendering Muslims illegal persons, does constitute an unprecedented wave of repression against Muslims and represents a total and complete destruction of freedom of speech and religion. So stop lying Ingrid. Inflicting suffering on Muslims is clearly your goal, and clearly Wilders’ goal.

And in case people are wondering, when Ingrid says things like this: ” John supports the right of people in the free West to practice murder.” All she means is that I don’t support the violent elimination of Muslims from the West, as she does. In her twisted, perverted mind, being opposing to a genocide of Muslims means supporting murder. Because, again only in her warped, bigoted mind, a live Muslim, no matter how opposed to any form of violence, is equal to a murderer. This is her definition of murder = letting Muslims live.

8 03 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Walker – how can you let this get by – obvious LIES, AS USUAL from the above so-called ‘John’ who is just another identity change from ‘Sammy’?

This ugly troll should be banned as all he ever ‘contributes’ is to twist the issues maliciously and lie to vilify and mislead.

Criminalising Islam? Islam is ALREADY A CRIMINAL RELIGION! We did not do it. Crimes are demanded by the Quran. We live in decent, democratic countries (well, used to be) and in our lands it is illegal to aid and abet the enemy. To be Muslim is to adhere to the doctrines of the Quran, you cannot be a Muslim and disagree with any of the Quran. Ask any Muslim scholar, who really will tell you the truth – if you can find one. the only ones who will tell the truth about it are those who do not adhere to Islam any longer. Wafa Sultan, WAlid Shoebat, Aayan Hirsi Ali, many many others have been warning us to take a stand for humanity and defend them, and defend ourselves. Why our politicians are aiding and abetting those who believe their duty from Allah is to destroy us all who do not comply with murderous brutal God Allah and criminal prophet Mohammed is antoher matter of criminality, on our side. The point here is, the facts are there, indisputable, the Quran cannot be changed, unless people are willing to be killed for it – (their God and prophet say this is to be done to those who disagree and do not do the Jihad and every command in the Quran, those who take exception are to be murdered, per their book, therefore you don’t see Muslims speaking out against Mohammed, well, they should, because islam kills their humanity anyway).

Ban the so-called ‘right’ per John of Muslims to practise criminal deeds – whoever says it is their right is a murderous, bigotted, hateful human being.

8 03 2011

Summary of above few posts:

Ingrid – John is a liar for saying I want to ban Islam!
John – Ingrid, you do want to ban Islam.
Ingrid – Liar!!!! We should ban Islam!!!!

Ingrid, I know you are a far-right facist and hate freedom of speech. But like I have said many times, you don’t get to advocate for your disgusting, hateful policies without people pushing back and pointing out that you are an insane bigot. Sorry.

8 03 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Infidels of the World, Buona Sera, Good Morgen, Buena Tarde, Shalom!

Infidel Alliance all over the globe wish you all safety, peace, joy, truth, life. Yah of the Universe Bless you all. He made you and loves you deeply.

Yes, the only truth our resident Liar has today is the first line. (I want the World’s People to Ban Islam). And all other brands of Tyranny and cruelty.

The other things this Liar has said above areas usual, nothing but vicious lies.

He says he is an atheist. Again, he lies.

8 03 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance

For those new Apostates and Infidels who may come here, here are just a few reasons why Islam is a vile, inhuman and brutally tyrannical coercive religion which harms humanity and creation:


Democratic Egypt by Maged Salamah, his blogspot: ‘Why Muslims Behead Infidels”, ‘Mohammed to Muslim Men: Your Wives Are Goats”, and my favorite, thank you Maged dear infidel, we hope and pray you are still alive: “My Conversation With A Veiled Egyptian Girl”, and, to be honest, you might also be enriched with the knowledge of the deeprooted hypocrisy and misogyny of Islam in Maged’s comparison of these two women, the first, Mohammed’s perhaps youngest victim of rape, his ‘wife’ little girl, Aisha. The second, Rouby, the Egyptian Exotic dancer, who has been issued a death warrant by the clerics who hate women.

The horrendous criminal vileness and Satanic evil of Islam cannot be denied.

Please see – but please, have someone else there with you to administer Valium or at least wine, nearby, for this is the vilest shit I have ever had to witness: This is Islam.

And this: hidden, covered up and ignored crime of child rape by officials in Islam, and tacitly approved of by our officials in Afghanistan, as we are there ‘helping them’ to set up a democracy, see Planet EArth Peace Party reports, ‘”Afghan Police Sodomize Muslim Male Youth Every Thursday Night” on Western bases, in this case, Canadian. This man’s eyes tell of the hell that he witnessed, was punished for reporting, and treated dishonourably by his Government, who he had believed he was serving in a good cause. They continue to look the other way as these children are ruined deliberately. What are we doing there if our good and fair government has this horrible policy of aiding those who commit this Satanic crime?

and The Province reports: “Former Canadian Soldier Speaks Out On ‘Disgusting’ Child Rape in Afghanistan

There, is the reason infidels, why we must ban Islam. please don’t read this at night.

8 03 2011

It’s a shame you didn’t live in the time of the Spanish Inquisition, Ingrid. It would have been right up your alley – religious minorities dragged before agents of the state to be interogated about their personal religious beliefs and then punished for thought crimes. Sounds like your dreams.

8 03 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance

And know as you see this horrible hell these children have to endure in their lives, that there is One Who Is Watching, Wrath growing, and our Enemy who these people serve is going to be destroyed by the Strong Right Arm of Yah at his coming. He will come. It won’t be long.

then everything bad that these children had to endure here on earth will be made never to have happened to them, and they will live forever – but Yah knows who did this to them – and THOSE EVIL ONES will all be destroyed FOR EVER FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

We are in a WAR. Your spirit, soul and body – any or all of those – are the war booty. Pray to your Creator for help. Keep your spirit and do not ever give in. Yah loves you.

8 03 2011

Hey Ingrid,

As your security forces are dragging Muslims children against political borders against their will, after having been unconstitutionally stripped of their citizenship and all their possessions, and dumped into a foreign country where know no one and don’t speak the language, should they be thanking you or Yah for their good fortune?

Second question: when Yah arrives, what is the most offensive possible thing I could say or do to him? Because if this Yah character is what is motivating you, then I would really like to let him know what a disgusting, vile, hateful bigot he is.

8 03 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Yah will Avenge.

Go to Hell John – get thee hence Satan.

Planet Earth Peace Party reports: Afghan Police Sodomize Muslim Male Youth Every Thursday Night”

and The Province reports, “Fomer Canadian Soldier Speaks Out against ‘disgusting’ Child Rape in Afghanistan”

Trencherbone website will augment your awareness of the atrocities committed by Muslim adherents to the Murderous God Who Hates Humanity.

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