Anti-Wilders Nazi cartoon removed

28 02 2011

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

The website of a left-leaning public broadcaster has removed a cartoon depicting a plan by the far-right PVV party as a Nazi death camp following serious threats to its staff.

The cartoon, by Adriaan Soeterbroek and posted on the VARA’s site, ridiculed a PVV plan to create
“hooligan villages”, likening them to a Nazi concentration camp with PVV leader Geert Wilders showing the inmates into a shower. In World War II millions of people, mostly Jews and Roma gypsies, were killed in Nazi gas chambers disguised as showers.

The VARA says it removed the cartoon after careful consideration, saying that while freedom of expression is a key right some of its staff felt too threatened to continue working. The broadcaster has reported the incident to the police.

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5 responses

1 03 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Did they have a sudden attack of conscience?

1 03 2011

No Ingrid, as the article makes clear, the cartoon was removed under threats of violence from facists like you and other Wilders’ supports. Because you see, you and other European neo-facists despise freedom of speech as much as Islamic extremists do. Do you understand now?

1 03 2011

Infidels understand. If they had had any conscience in the first place, they wouldn’t have posted it.

COWARDS. They know it too – that they ARE LYING CRAVEN COWARDS.

1 03 2011

Infidels understand what? That if they make violent threats against newpapers in the same manner as Islamic extremists do than they will be successful in crushing freedom of speech? Well, yes, it seems that they do understand that. You know, it’s a shame you hate Muslims so much, because you really are quite similar to Islamic extremists – hatred of western freedoms, filled with violent rage against people who don’t sahre your beliefs, etc.

1 03 2011

Infidels understand my sarcasm.

If only everyone had a consience. Islam kills conscience. Islam kills innocent little ones, innocent bigger ones, and innocence wherever it is, is in danger in Muslim enclaves. People know what I’m talking about in Muslim countries, you see in the majority of faces only strangeness, suspicion, fear, hatred, psychotic look-in-the eyes with a rare glimpse of openness, friendly faces, and genuine innocent humanity. Children’s lives are being stolen, taken, mauled, ruined over there like nothing we have ever seen. Adults are miserable, either hating, violent automaton slaves to Allah, or beat-down, hopeless, and fearful of what their neighbor is going to say and do to them.

All those including one above, take your lies about ‘freedom of speech’ (you are NOT FOR IT OR FOR THE TRUTH IT PROTECTS) and go try to use it over THERE.

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