Political videos provoke PVV leader

26 02 2011

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

A series of videos aimed against the anti-Islam Freedom Party (PVV) on a  Dutch website have caused quite a stir. One of the videos entitled ‘Freedom’, in which children quote xenophobic and Islamophobic statements made by Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders, has prompted particularly fierce reactions.

Many people have condemned the video as ‘ridiculous’, ‘scandalous’ and ‘disgusting’ on the website of populist newspaper De Telegraaf, although a number of people also expressed agreement. Most of the netizens who posted their reaction on the site of conservative magazine Elsevier also condemned the video. About 90,000 people have watched the Freedom video since it was first posted on YouTube.

Screw loose
The site (Tegenstemwijzer.nl) went live on Wednesday and has already attracted more than 50,000 visitors. Geert Wilders said he “could not find words” to express how he felt about the fact that young children were used to make anti-Freedom Party videos: “The people who made this video and the parents who gave permission for their children appear in it really have a screw loose. It’s simply too disgusting. I really believed we’d seen just about everything in the pogrom against the Freedom Party and our voters, but this filth really takes the biscuit.”

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26 02 2011

Wilders is correct. No children should be exposed to the disgusting bigotry and hatred that comes out of his mouth.

1 03 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

The commenter above has brought up a salient and valid subject…

Children being exposed – intentionally drowned in – the hateful practises of Islam, here, there and everywhere – subverting the truth, their nature, and destroying their innocence, minds and spirits – ISLAM HAS IT ALL – LIKE NO ONE ELSE.

Child abuse doctrines of ISLAM, PRACTISED by Muslims all over the world SHOULD BE CRIMINALISED.

uh, why don’t they do like Bob Marley said so simply long ago:


1 03 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

IMAMS? Anyone Muslim care to speak up about this?

1 03 2011

Ingrid, you have misinterpreted my comments. What I(half-sarcastically) said children shouldn’t be exposed to is the hateful, facist bullshit that comes out of Wilders mouth, such as his unending campaign of hate intended on demonizing a minority. I would also hope that no children are ever exposed to someone as hateful, vile, disgusting, bigoted and racist as you. If you have children, I weep for them. Being related to you would be no different from being a member of Fred Phelps’ cult. Are we clear now?

1 03 2011

IMAMS OF THE WORLD: We infidels around the world would appreciate your help in answering any of the questions below: In no special order, they are equally important.

What do you like a pervert for?

Why are so many Muslim religious zealouts perverts?

Why did Mohammed like raping Aisha?

Why do you rput Aisha, a victim of brutality and misogyny, a victim of rape by a 54-year old sadist – and tell your girls they should want to be just like her? How do you want your daughters to be like Aisha? To be angry like her?
To have their hair fall out like hers did after the traumatising by Mohammed and the other adults who did not defend her from continual sexual and spiritual abuse?

Why do you not consider boys under puberty to be boys, but girls? Is this good for the boys to see themselves as girls, and to be used as sex slaves, Bacha Bazi? Why do you like this, why do you agree with this, why do boys suffer rape in Mosques without Muslims speaking out about it? Do Muslims like raping boys, is it so ingrained in their culture that no one even dares to try to denounce it?

Why do you say being homosexual is a sin, when your men in Afghanistan in the Police Force, rape little boys and teens every Thursday night calling it ‘Man Boy Love Night’, gang rapes, at knife-point, at gun point, spilling the blood of innocent lives, then throwing them out to die in the gutter with their intestines out?

Is your Peaceful Religion having anything to do with peace, or kindness, and towards WHOM, IF NOT CHILDREN, EVEN YOUR OWN CHILDREN?

1 03 2011

ANYONE MUSLIM, we don’t have to wait for an Imam to answer.

continued questions, maybe some easier ones for Muslims to answer for us:

Why did Mohammed marry his aunt?

Why did Mohammed sadistically torturously murder an elderly woman for laughing at him? (by tearing her apart – are you women afraid becauase of this example?)

Did you still like Mohammed after you learned of this? Why?

Do you think that respectful, happy heterosexual sex with a non-mutilated woman is of the devil?

Why did Mohammed say women are inherently evil and need to be controlled?
Why did Mohammed say women are mentally deficient?

Why does Mohammed compare wives to goats?
Why do you teach your little boys jihad? To hate Jews? To strap on bombs and tell this this is good? don’t you think it will warp their brains, and teach them inhumanity to man?

1 03 2011

What is evil about a woman’s body? Why does it say that women’s bodies are like external genitalia, all over?

Why do your men seem to have such little control over their minds? Do you think the men are evil that imagine such things against a woman and her body?

Or just the poor, beautiful woman who was born feminine? do you think it is a curse to be born female requiring mitigation (genitally and by physical and mental assault)?

Why are you so hateful towards your women?

Why are you so hateful to infidel women?

Why do you hate infidels?


1 03 2011

on more pressing overriding question I wanted to ask today, Why – What kind of a God is a God who lies to people?

What kind of a God (Allah) is named The Great Deciever
by Mohammed, his inerrant prophet?

what kind?

1 03 2011

Now that I think of it, Fred Phelps is actually the perfect comparison for you Ingrid. Completely and utterly obsessed with hatred for a particular minority to such an extreme degree that it has consumed all aspects of your thoughts and life.

2 03 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Good Morgen Infidels.

MUSLIMS – CAN ANY ONE OF YOUR VAST POPULATION answer any of the questions above?

We have lots more, but don’t want to overwhelm you with the reality of your prophet’s vileness or Allah’s evilness.

If you can’t answer those yet, here is another one: Why do you feel that Mohammed is telling you all the truth when he lies throughout his life, teaches you all to do it, and calls your Allah ‘The Great Deceiver’?
Are you sure about the virgins?

He may just be a lying psychopath like Qaddafi and sons, like Amadinejad, like Arafat, like Idi Amin, like Ted Bundy, like Assad Sr, like Hussein my children’s father, like Clinton and Hillary who murdered hundreds, like MObommad the ‘peacemaker’ who dismantles our freedoms while lying through his back teeth…what makes you feel you should believe your lying prophet Mohammad who worships and obeys a lying spirit? Do you never think you may be being led into hell forever for strapping bombs on your boys and telling them that they are doing well and that God is pleased to kill them and hundreds of others, and they will have sex with 72 slaves in Paradise?

Who asked the virgins? Will more virgins be required after they are deflowered? Do you think they will like each one of those murderers, and who said they will be in any shape to be good lovers to one woman, let alone 72, won’t they be all messed up and require therapy for the rest of forever for doing what they were coerced by EVIL PEOPLE to DO???? Fuck you Muslims who don’t like to answer any of this, this is your shit, your religion, and no one ever faces facts and reality with any honesty at all, unless they are infidels or apostates. But we want the Muslims who ‘love’ their religion to answer us.

we appreciate any honest answers here. Many infidels wish for your input and we would hope to hear not defense of the evil of Islam but denunciation of such.

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