The Process On Trial

18 02 2011

Another piece from yours truly in The Propagandist on the Wilders trial. Here’s the money-quote:

Geert Wilders will not be able to call Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh, as a witness – which is a shame. It would have been interesting to hear what Bouyeri had to say about Islam, particularly in Holland. But ultimately this would have been a side-show. As John Tyler argues at Radio Netherlands Worldwide: “The real defendant now in the Geert Wilders trial is Dutch rule of law and the Amsterdam Appeals Court which called for his prosecution against the will of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.”

The issues at hand include Islam and freedom of speech, yes, but ultimately this trial is about the battle within Holland’s court system. It is about the direction that this court system will take in the years to come: will it regulate speech and involve itself in matters of religion and politics? Will it continue to mire itself in situations where it can be accused of bias? Or will it go the other route, toward a more dignified, less intrusive judicial process?

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2 responses

22 02 2011
Eric Brazau

It seems clouding the issue is a stratagy. Once they call you a racist they no longer feel they must defend thier position with sanity, clarity & reason. They are intrinsicaly better persons. I question are they suicidal, stupid, or ignorant? It is obvious that not all societies are equal. That could be the reason why people imigrate to the west. I believe western society is far better than Islamic society.

23 02 2011
Ingrid Worldwide Infidel Alliance

Eric Brazau, that is very perceptive.

I never thought of it like that; now that you mentioned the underlying motivation thinking about what you wrote, thinking abouttheir insultingly false accusation, over-repeated and insanely unashamed of making it, no matter how many times we explain the nonsensical nature of this accusation, it is obvious that it is exactly what you say – a strategy – to intimidate the Westerners who they have early noticed are sensitive not to even appear to be unfair to other groups, exploiting our better nature, our kindness, our tolerance in a very calculated and I think, evil way.

Westerners have therefore being sensitive to this accusation (we feel terrible for our historical inhumane and callous treatment of the natives here, and the slaves in the early days, and we don’t want to ever partake of anything even slightly bearing resemblance to racism or unfairness again, as a people and nation) made the seriously deadly mistake of bending to great, foolish lengths to please and appease the Muslims, to the point of looking the other way as they continue their 1400 year old war on us, in our countries, as our guests. We have been the ignorant ones, turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the truth of Mohammed and his still-binding commands to all Muslims to degrade, injure and eradicate US FROM THE EARTH, FOR ALLAH’S HONOUR.

They are not stupid in this sense. They have calculatedly figured out our Achilles heel, (our tolerance and good nature) and exploited our guilt for the past wrongs to our hurt. Like every good Muslim is commanded to do by Mohammed the child raping murderer prophet of Allah, The ‘Great Deceiver’ God who hates people of all kinds whose goal has always been to destroy as many as he possibly can.

It is a strategy – to intimidate with fear and force, to deceive with lies and false pretenses, to ruin everything good (what is actually good in any Islamic country? is there any freedom, or real true happiness?) and to murder innocent lives.
Muslims are either willing slaves to this evil, or they fear for their lives. The Koran can not be changed – and has commanded for 1400 years brutal extermination of all people who do not comply or please the Muslims. Islam is a brutal, atrocity-filled, murderous, inhuman religion. People have no right in our land to do these things. Muslims are not speaking out, therefore are in agreement with the doctrines of Mohammed/Allah. The tenets and precepts of Islam are cruel to the core, and are acted upon in the world daily, as the world looks on. Islam has no place in democracy. Where in any other religion but Islam are lies, deception, intimidation, mutilation, and murder of all people, perpetrated daily – unmitigated by any semblance of sanity or shame, or kind hearted humanity? Where there is no freedom, dignity, respect or fairness, no ideals that uphold any of those, a people have no hope in life, other than to erradicate the poison which causes it, which is the murderous brutal doctrines of the Koran. It has poisoned its own people, who are of many different races to their very core, rendering them a peculiarly monstrous ‘species’ which has lost their hope and their humanity. We have no right to endanger our own people by promulgating the Muslim lies that they are ‘peaceful’ and just want to come here and be our friendly immigrant brothers. Our media and our leaders have no business lying to us every day about it. We are in trouble, deep. We are in so deep (look at Europe) with Muslim shit that we have need of drastic measures if we are to save ourselves and our Western freedoms. Deport all who will not renounce the Koran, and do it without any hesitation. We are in a war, and the soldiers who hesitate to shoot at the enemy advancing on them in a foxhole are doomed to be shot themselves. Yes, we have allowed them to intimidate and paralyse us to the point of national suicide, willingly, because we are ‘afraid’ to ‘appear racist’. I think we have no hope unless we wake up now and change this course of destruction. Stop inviting and caressing our enemies NOW, and deport those who do not renounce the murderous doctrines of the Koran.

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