Dutch MP to challenge his Islam ‘hate crime’ trial

18 02 2011

From The Christian Institute:

Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been given leave to challenge the ‘hate crime’ charges being brought against him because of his criticism of Islam.

Mr Wilders initially went on trial for inciting hatred and discrimination last year, but the trial collapsed after the judges were deemed to be biased against the politician.

Now a new panel of judges has been convened and Mr Wilders’ lawyer will restate the objections he raised at the start of the initial trial.

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One response

24 02 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

The trial is stupid. It is a shame to the Netherlands.
Defend the truth that Geert Wilders speaks. Please see his official webblog, Geert Wilders, ‘My Message To Muslims’.

Here is the problem Islam presents, to all people living under its tyrannical demonic teachings of the Quran, from the other side of the world, Libya, Egypt, etc. The people have no way out, unless they understand their religion is the destructive hateful force that it is.


We are with you brave and heroic LIBYAN PILOTS WHO SAVED INNOCENT COUNTRYMEN. May you and your people escape Islamic tyranny, May Yah of the Universe help you in your plight now. We are with you in spirit, in truth, and pray for your rescue from madness, even though our government does not help you in your struggle to escape the lies of Islam.

‘We are at the mercy of a madman who is not Muslim’ says Libyan woman. (wrong – their problem is that he is Muslim, also driven mad because of Islamic doctrines).

Two air force pilots jumped from parachutes from their Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jet and let it crash, rather than carry out orders to bomb Libya’s second largest city, Benghazi, which is now in opposition hands, the website Quryna reported, citing an unidentified officer in the air force control room.

One of the pilots was from Gaddafi’s tribe, the Gadhadhfa, said Farag al-Maghrabi, a local resident who saw the pilots and the wreckage of the jet, which crashed in a deserted area outside the key oil port of Breqa

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