Calls for cooperation in Dutch election debate

17 02 2011

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

In the interest of government stability, the left-of-centre parties must not gang up against the minority coalition of the conservative VVD and the Christian Democrats (CDA), which has parliamentary support from Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV). This was the message from the VVD’s Loek Hermans and Christian Democrat Elco Brinkman during last night’s provincial election debate.

Without a majority in parliament, Hermans warned, it would be very difficult for the coalition to pass fundamental changes in legislation. Brinkman spoke to Christian Democrats directly, saying the government’s future relied on their votes.

Democrat (D66) party leader Roger van Boxtel, however, questioned their arguments saying, “it’s weird for the VVD and CDA to say ‘help us gain a majority, otherwise things will go wrong’”.

The Labour Party’s Marleen Barth went a step further, suggesting the parties were turning the traditional role of the Senate from a check-and-balance system into a platform for party politics.

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