Ex-PVV parliamentarian James Sharpe poised to return

9 02 2011

From DutchNews.nl:

James Sharpe, the PVV MP who resigned last year following allegations about his business dealings and private life, is set to return to parliament, according to media reports.

Sharpe is a candidate to take the place of Roland van Vliet, who is heading the anti-Islam party’s campaign in the Limburg provincial elections, and is set to be elected there.

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One response

11 02 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

OK, Good.

Where we got the idea (foisted upon us by manipulative degenerates who blatantly commit crimes against humanity by design per their religion) that anyone fighting against deliberate criminal activity must be perfect in their every instance, all the time, I don’t know. No person is perfect, we are all human. We are not Gods. Do not be ashamed of that. We are in a war. We fight against evil, and Islam is the epitome of blatant, unapologetic, deliberate EVIL TO HUMANITY AND CREATION.

Come on board where you belong, Infidel, Mr. James Sharpe. Thank you.

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