‘Freedom party is taboo’

1 02 2011

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Political Scientist André Krouwel, a lecturer at the Free University in Amsterdam, says Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) has failed to attract top political talent because the party is taboo.

Earlier, the PVV announced it would take part in the upcoming provincial elections in all 12 provinces, which meant the party needed to find a large number of candidates before March. The Dutch senate is elected by the provincial councils.

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13 02 2011

Freedom is taboo for Infidels

Truth is taboo. For all people. If you tell it, you are persecuted and prosecuted.

Islam is the thing which is extreme. Islam is extreme cruelty, lies, murder, rape, looting, degradation. Which is all happening in the Western European countries who think for too long that being extreme is unfashionable, distasteful, in spite of the facts of history that their own forefathers were extreme in defending their freedom and fighting for it for these same grandsons and daughters.

Extreme dangers and extreme threats, such as this Islamic one, require extreme measures.

Taboo? Many things in Islam are taboo. We – our forefathers would agree – need to make Islam taboo in our freedom-loving countries.

13 02 2011

Islam requires its people to commit murder of innocents. This is the thing which is extreme.

We need to defend our countries from this in an equally and more powerfully extreme way.

Freedom and decency, respect for human life, requires it.

13 02 2011

Do feminists think it would be too extreme for them to raise their voices against the genital mutilation of children?
Apparently that is taboo to them.

Do feminists think it would be distasteful to object and defend those wives who are beaten by Muslims, beheaded by their families, for displeasing the men who own them?

That is also taboo to them.

Hypocrisy reigns. Islamic tyranny grows unabated. Because we are too hypocritical in our choices of who must be defended. Punish our own people, but not the Muslims, is the hypocritical stance our politicians and leaders have enforced.

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