Dutch students demonstrate against cuts in higher education

1 02 2011

From In Defense of Marxism:

About 15,000 Dutch students demonstrated last Friday in The Hague against the cuts in higher education. This was the first big protest against Mark Rutte’s new right-wing government, and the biggest student demonstration since 1988.Mark Rutte’s right-wing government, which consists of VVD (rightwing liberals), CDA (Christian Democrats), and which leans on support from Geert Wilders’ PVV, has planned some education “reforms” which in fact mean severe cuts. A much hated measure is the introduction of “fines” for students who study for “too long”. This means that students who study more than a year extra, for any reason, suddenly have to pay 5.000 euros a year for tuition fees, instead of 1.700. Another plan by this government is to scrap grants for the Master studies, while these studies are more expensive than the Bachelor studies. Also, a Bachelor on its own is not worth very much, so most students do a Master.

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