Judicial Bias in the Geert Wilders Trial

31 01 2011

From Gates of Vienna:

The new trial for Geert Wilders begins on February 7. In anticipation of what is to come, our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an article about the badly administered and compromised nature of the court system that tried Mr. Wilders the first time.

VH includes this note:

The enclosed news bulletin shows how important it is, with every inquisition-trial, to research and publish all details that can be squeezed out, and jump on top of the court involved — judges and accusers alike — using all blogs available.

His translation from Het Parool:

Read the rest.




2 responses

1 02 2011
Glenn H. Ray

Good luck to Geert Wilders and all those who have rallied to his defense. Our own America has been under siege by the same autocratic forces determined to regulate what is said and thought…….especially from those forces hiding under the dark cloak of anarchy calling for cultural diversity protected by the rules of political correctness. As you certainly know:

“The bigger the government, the smaller the people,” Dennis Prager

2 02 2011
Ingrid, Daughter of Pigs and Dogs

‘I have faith in the American people to rise to … any crisis, if given all the facts; The main point is to bring them the whole truth/the truth” Abraham Lincoln

Our autocratic forces you spoke of definitely do not agree with Lincoln, but thank Yah for that man and Thomas Jefferson. – and Geert Wilders, who has risked his life, and sacrificed his freedom and safety in doing just that.

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