Members of the ‘religion of peace’ call for Geert Wilders’ death

14 01 2011

Via Robert Sibley’s Ideas & Consequences blog for the Ottawa Citizen:

Dutch politician Geert Wilders is regularly denounced for  warning about Islam’s take-over-the-West demographic agenda. Yet, here is a batch of M\uslims saying that’s exactly what they want to do. First, though, they need to kill Wilders. I don’t imagine I’ll see too many good Europeans — or good North Americans, for that matter — denouncing this Muslim rhetoric. Seems it’s OK for Muslims to yell for the death of anyone who is skeptical about the religion of peace. Much irony in this, of course, but then, as far as I can tell, the Islamists don’t appreciate irony.

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One response

16 01 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

You are right, Muslims don’t seem to appreciate irony, or truth; How is it ‘denouncing’ Islam, or ‘defaming’ Islam to tell the truth openly about its doctrines? Isn’t the real matter this: The truth denounces the Islamic religion, its own doctrines denounce it in plain sight of all of humanity. Our saying, ‘don’t kill the messenger, he’s just bringing us the news, he didn’t make it up himself’ is obvious to fair people, but to Muslims, any messenger of truth must, should be hunted down forever until his deserved death per the vile God Allah is done, by all ‘good’ Muslims in his service.
We are not ‘insulting Islam’ or Muslims per se by telling these truths it holds as the words of God. The insult is what Islam tells humans to do to each other, the insult is to the humans who actually follow it. The insult is to us, who tolerated this cruelty towards humanity within our borders, and look the other way as it destroys its own adherents, (children being raped and killed horriblly, if that is not an insult to us in the West, then what is?)

To see a Muslim go crazy just ask him: ‘why do you follow the words of a rapist (they know that he raped Aisha, fully, at 8 1/2, continually, this after sexually molesting and ruining her mind for a couple of years before that, this from their own historical sources of Mohammed’s life) who liked to force sex upon little girls? and why does your religion have a huge number of devotees who regularly force anal sex upon little boys, saying they are not boys?” Why aren’t you denouncing that vile practice, and the vile way it commands Muslims to murder all those who will not follow his commands?

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