Freedom Party boycotts council receptions

7 01 2011

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Politicians from the populist Freedom Party (PVV) are boycotting New Year receptions being held by local councils in The Hague and Almere. They say the events are a waste of money.

“It’s brazen and absurd to spend 150,000 euros on an event to the honour and glory of the ruling elite,” according to Machiel de Graaf, a PVV councillor from The Hague.

His PVV colleague in Almere, Toon van Dijk, says the almost 60,000 euros being spent on the Almere New Year’s reception is “an awful lot of money”, even if 11,000 euros is being paid by a local businesses group.

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One response

8 01 2011

I totally agree.

Prideful wasting of the people’s money for their own egos. It’s about time someone stood up and said the truth, about this too.
Good for him! (Machiel de Graaf and the others in Geert’s Party)

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