The Netherlands Pays for Anti-Wilders Movie

7 01 2011

Via Bad News From The Netherlands:

Turkish television has recently broadcast a critical program on the Islamophobia in the Netherlands and the rise of Freedom Party Leader Geert Wilders. The costs of preparing the documentary and the travel costs of the Turkish journalists to the Netherlands were paid for by the Dutch government. In the program, one Turkish Dutchman complained about the discrimination in the labor market. Another said that the Dutch are more radical than before. A third one warned about ethnic violence – he called the Netherlands and the rest of Western Europe “a barrel full of explosives.” The Turkish reporter added that the Netherlands is one of the countries where one feels the enmity against immigrants the strongest.

Read it here. H/t to Blazing Cat Fur.




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8 01 2011

Treacherous propaganda prepared by our ENEMIES, PAID FOR BY THE UNSUSPECTING heretofore HELPLESS DUTCH CITIZEN, (before their voice was heard through Geert Wilders’ populist party).

This is outrageous, wrong, and this movie is only lies and instigation of violence, via such lies as ‘Islamophobia’, which is an entirely false concept in itself.

Phobia being an irrational unfounded fear. Everyone who knows Islam and is in their right mind fears Islam and its growth in Europe is an extreme, real threat. Everyone knows this and see this, proven daily, ad infinitum.

The Dutch government has no right to do this to its people, pay for this treasonous propaganda.

The only explosive danger in Holland and Sweden, etc. are the Islamics who are obedient to the Koran.

8 01 2011

I prefer the term ‘HARBITUDE’ to ‘Islamophobia’. Harbitude is the opposite of dhimmitude and means a justified and robust opposition to Islam.

8 01 2011

Ingrid is right. The proper term for people like her is “bigot” rather than “Islamophobe”. The difference being she is motivated by hatred rather than fear.

8 01 2011

The only sin being committed by Wilders and his supporters is to preserve Dutch culture and Sovereignity for the Dutch people, and that includes muslims. What is wrong with that? The Dutch politicians who are promoting this film obiously are playing with fire and will pay a heavy price eventually.

8 01 2011

Max is right. Gross violations of human rights and the destruction of fundamental Western democratic values like freedom of religion in the name of “cultural preservation” are no big deal. I propose that, here in Canada, we round up all the non-whites and put them in concentration camps in order to preserve “Canadian culture”. Who’s with me?!?!?

9 01 2011

Freedom of religion does not give you or anyone (even Muslims!, surprise!) the right to kill us.

Nor the right to rape in the name of Mohammed.

Nor the right to stone, to sexually traumatise, mutilate, chop off hands, noses, ears, feet.

Nor the right to scream that you are going to kill us all in our streets.

All this is against our land’s laws, our democracy does not allow murderous thugs to roam our land seeking to kill, rape and destroy our consitution, threatening and killing us.

why do you call that freedom of religion?
Why are you supporting their idea that that is their God-given right in OUR OWN LAND???

9 01 2011


16 01 2011
Ingrid, Worldwide Infidel Alliance

By the way, I forgot to post my thanks to you, Trencherbone, for that correct word you told us, Harbitude. A robust and justifided opposition to the evil of islam.

This is very useful. We will learn and use it.
Islamophobia is a useless nonsense word used to paint us all in opposition as somehow presumed shameful, lacking common normal sense, trying to make us seem ‘phobic’. So clever of them.
Such an ignorant populace we have been, to buy into it. They have turned us into their products of media and ‘educational’ indoctrination.

Thank you, Infidel!

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