Labour calls on opposition to unite

6 01 2011


Labour leader Job Cohen has called on all progressive parties and organisations to attend a protest event against Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s centre-right government. The event, to be held in Amsterdam’s Brakke Grond cultural centre on 16 January, aims to present “a different view”.

Mr Cohen wants all opposition parties to form single front against the cabinet, which comprises the pro-business liberal VVD and Christian Democrat CDA party and is backed in parliament by Geert Wilders’ anti-Islamic Freedom Party PVV. “This is not how we do things in the Netherlands. Things can be done differently”, Mr Cohen told the newspaper .

Three opposition parties Green Left, the D66 democrats and Socialist Party have agreed to take part in the meeting. The Christian Union has declined the invitation to attend the event as it is to be held on a Sunday. A number of other organisations will attend, including the FNV and CNV trade union federations, religious organisation IKV and charity Cordaid.

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Meanwhile, also via Labour calls for leftist anti-government gathering.




One response

8 01 2011

All people should watch the Dutch debate of Geert Wilders and Job Cohen, took place last year I think.

Job Cohen if he were rational would never show his face again.

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