Dutch may introduce burqa ban as early as 2011

4 01 2011

From Reuters:

The Netherlands could ban full face veils worn by some Muslim women,as soon as next year, Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders told Reuters in an interview on Thursday. Wilders’ populist Freedom Party is the third largest in parliament and provides crucial support to the minority ruling coalition in exchange for the government taking a tougher line on Islam and immigration from non-Western countries.

[…]The burqa ban, which his party agreed as part of a pact with the minority coalition, is due to come into force within four years and possibly as soon as next year or 2012, he said.

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4 responses

4 01 2011
Ingrid, Filthy Infidel Kuffar

Better late than not at all.

5 01 2011

I have been following these columns for some time. I am absolutely bewildered by the lack of understanding of the issues that Wilders has been raising and continues to expouse. In its simplicity, do the Dutch people want to retain their own culture? Do the Germans want their own, the Danish, the Swedes and so on. In 100 years time anyone travelling to Europe and N America, what will he (or she) find a highly developed society based on free values or a boring/cruel one dominated by the Shariah? Why are so called liberals so slow in recognizing the threat?

6 01 2011

Because liberals aren’t as racist and biggoted as you Max.

8 01 2011

Exactly, Max, all the things you said. No one has ever said it better, in a concise form.

It boggles the mind to see the apathy, the ignorance.
what has happened to the citizens?

It’s as though they have been drinking indoctrination water…

Oh, to the Muslim above, (or the indoctrinated Islamic zombie apologiser for cruelty above) take your insane lies and go to hell.

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