Minister rejects Wilders’ plea for Palestinian state in Jordan

3 01 2011

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal has distanced himself from views about a Palestinian state expressed last Sunday by Dutch MP Geert Wilders in Israel.

The anti-Islam Freedom Party MP said that Jordan should become the Palestine state, arguing that Palestinians should have the right to settle in Jordan, which could then transform itself into Palestine. Mr Wilders implied that the Palestinian territorities currently occupied by Israel should become part of the Jewish state.

Speaking in the Lower House, Minister Rosenthal emphasised that Mr Wilders’ views are not shared by the Dutch government. He said that he had informed Jordan’s government about the Netherlands’ position.

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Meanwhile, via Foreign minister distances government from Wilders’ Jordan line.




2 responses

5 01 2011

Geert Wilders is one of our most brave and valuable politians in europe. There are so few politians who are telling the truth. Al-quida is a word by word following islam!

5 01 2011

Yes, Kimmel, isn’t he awesomely brave, not holding back the truth just because he is threatened by death, even though they killed his friend for speaking out against the evil Islam

We need more like him, all over the world! Europe should be so proud of him.

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