Dutch PM Mark Rutte elected politician of the year

3 01 2011

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Dutch parliamentary journalists have elected VVD leader and Prime Minister Mark Rutte politician of the year. Christian Democratic Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen came second and Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders third.

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3 responses

4 01 2011

keep your head up Geert wilders; what bravery you did is making difference not only in Holland but Global every one seems alart every where accross the world .

4 01 2011
Ingrid, Filthy Infidel Kuffar

I’m glad to hear that, essayas. I hope its enough, not too late, about the people waking up and alerting themselves to this horrible threat to all mankind and animals too.

4 01 2011
Ingrid, Filthy Infidel Kuffar

And may Yahueh of the Universe bless and keep Geert and the world’s infidels safe, especially may He take away the children’s fear and pain, as they are suffering in Afghanistan, etc. by their Muslim rapists.

Fight for your right to live unharmed, Infidels

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