PVV parliamentarian accepts deal to settle assault charges

2 01 2011

From DutchNews.nl:

Marcial Hernandez, MP for the anti-Islam PVV, has agreed to pay €500 to settle an assault charge out of court, Nos tv reports.

The public prosecution department said on Thursday it has enough evidence to show Hernandez hit and headbutted another man in a bar in the centre of The Hague.

Hernandez has always denied the accusations and his lawyer told the Nos the agreement to settle did not mean the MP admitted any guilt.

Party leader Geert Wilders has not yet commented. Wilders has always said that he believes his MP until proved otherwise.

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Haaretz: Dutch MP Wilders to Haaretz: There is a witch hunt against my party.




6 responses

4 01 2011
Ingrid, non-Muslim empathizer with humanity

‘Wilders has always said he will believe his MP unless proven otherwise’

I love Wilders!

4 01 2011
Ingrid, non-Muslim empathizer with humanity

And to me, even if this MP did head-but, i would think he had a good reason, I know, that is violence, but even good men are only human and evil kind of instigates that response, on an instinctual level. Perhaps the guy was lying and so hatefully vile, apologising for the Islamics and their vile actions, that his instinct took over.

I know, not politically correct.
Anyway, its small potatoes, compared to what Islam commands and does to us. Its hard to be restrained all the time, when faced with continual provokation and evil.

5 01 2011

Classy Ingrid. So you have moved on from simply attempting to incite hatred and violence against Muslims to explicitly endorsing assaults on Muslims. Tell me Ingrid, what exactly makes you any different from a violent jihadist other than that you prefer violence be directed at people with brown skin?

5 01 2011

Ha ha ha nice try, Sam The Liar.

If you use your brain, and read very carefully, while thinking of the actual words’ meanings, you will know that what you just said is absolute twisted lies.

To put it more clearly for you, Sammy, I am understanding how some man could feel angry enough to head-but, I am not ‘attempting to incite’ it, on the contrary, as it causes too much problem, and I hope that you come to understand that not all violence is wrong. Some is necessary. Self-defense is one of those necessary kinds. Some violence is absolutely right. As in, for instance, if Hitler were alive today, Sammy, had you the chance, would you not try to kill that murderer of innocents?

colour of skin has nothing to do with anything here.

I am very different from jihadists. I hate islam.
I feel sorry for Muslims.
I wish I could help them.
But you only promulgate their own painful self-destruction by apologising for their evil prophet’s deeds and you blame others for objecting to that cruelty.

6 01 2011

Your words are extremely clear Ingrid – you explicitly excused a violence assualt, without knowing anything else about it, only because it might have been committed against a Muslim. You say violence is fine in self-defense, and yet suggest that self-defense would include any violence against Muslims, because they themselves are inherently violence.

Ingrid, if Hilter were alive today I would be vocally opposing his disgusting racism and bigotry, just the same as I am vocally opposing your and Geert Wilders disgusting racism and bigotry.

8 01 2011

You are not a man Sammy.

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