World’s cartoonists thrash Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders

9 12 2010

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

A furore over Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in 2005 sparked the idea of a counter-offensive by cartoonists around the world.

The international video journalist and cartoonists platform, VJ Movement, asked cartoonists in Islamic and other countries how they saw the increasing criticism of Islam in Europe.

The call produced 30 satirical drawings, most of them featuring Dutch rightwing anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders. Six are shown in the slideshow below.

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14 12 2010

Muslims don’t get it, they try to but can’t, that to have a funny cartoon there must be irony, truth, and ridiculous.

These ‘cartoons’ aren’t funny in the least, only vulgar, pointless unless their only point is to defame and degrade this good man.

Mohammed, on the other hand, in the fine cartoon Bombhead Mohammed, is hilarious for the above reasons and the artist is a genius in catching all that truth and madness in the ‘prophet’s’ evil stare.

Muslims, why do you all follow a pervert whose entire ideology is degradation of victims and murders of the most violent kind? Why do you venerate a man who liked to have sex with a little girl? and Slave captive women? Why are you not fighting your culture’s notorious penchant for raping boys by Muslim men?

Still waiting for an answer…not holding my breath.

Cheers infidels.

15 12 2010
Ingrid, daughter of pig and dog

Well, actually, I didn’t see the one that is good, by Tom Kerr, ( the Muslim poking a pin into the voudoun doll of geert.). It is true, sad but true, and yet, not very, cause the only irony there is that they know they cannot find anything to legitmately complain about in Geert Wilders, so they resort to black magic.

Sure not kidding, my Libyan ‘husband’s grandmother practised black magic in the family to put curses on a good woman (his mother), no matter how pious they try to be, many do this a LOT, HOWEVER IT WILL NOT WORK, GEERT IS PROTECTED.

How strange that evil hates good.

16 12 2010

I’ll help you out with the misunderstanding Ingrid. For extremist anti-Muslim bigots like you, racist anti-Muslims cartoons are funny. And for extremist anti-Muslim bigots like you who suggort neo-fasict racist politicans like Geert Wilders, cartoons poking fun at Geert Wilder’s racism are not funny. It’s all abour perspective really. Get it now?

16 12 2010
Ingrid, anti-racistdaughter of dog and pig

Hello Sammy
Why thank you for trying to clear me up on that, but now, I am worse off than before, since
Geert Wilders is NOT RACIST; (which speeches have you read of his/heard? have you ever heard even one interview or read in his webblog, M Message to Muslims? That will really change your perspective so you are able to see the truth.

Second, the cartoon of Bombhead Mohommed is funny to me and other non-racist, non-facist people of non-Muslim faiths all over the world because it depicts the utter insanity of that ‘prophet’ of Allah whose head is only wrapped around the principle of inflicting pain and death on US ALL WHO DISAGREE WITH THAT CONCEPT, (hence his head-rag with a bomb about to go off on HIM is the welcome element of surprise and relief, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACISM AS YOU KNOW (are you that uneducated to think that Islam is a RACE????) We would be against anyone who holds that ideology no matter where they come from/genetics. I am not racist in the least, (I even ‘married’ a Muslim once long ago) and Geert Wilders is the fairest, most kind man you could ever imagine existing – HOWEVER, HE IS ALSO RIGHT about your ideology, it is a threat to ALL THE WORLD’S PEOPLE, and he is NOT A WIMP, so that angers you that he is not like the rest just rolling over and being acceptably submissive to the indoctrinated non-thinking robotic hordes of ignorant Muslims – slaves to that pedophile your favorite ‘perfect’ example of ‘manhood’!!!!
I ask you now: if you hold these things against us, why will you nor any oher Muslim, (how bout the womenfolk?? where are you free Muslim women??) answer any of the questions I have always asked you here before, such as:
If you are against unfair things, (racism, you say, facism also), then, why do you follow a prophet who WAS RACIST? and why are you selective in your objections to cruelty, ignoring the horrible way Muslims as followers of that Mohammed and Allah spirit treat their women? Why do you accept that Mohammed said women are inferior intellectually, and need to be controlled and subjugated (beaten when they displease?) and why – this is the biggest question – WHY DO YOU NOT FIGHT THE RAPING OF CHILDREN IN YOUR COUNTRIES BY YOUR MUSLIM MEN – BOTH LITTLE GIRLS LIKE MOHAMMED DID, (AISHA FROM 8 3/4 YEARS OLD TIL SHE WAS 18) AND YOUR LITTLE BOYS?? Do you not raise your voice against that because you are afraid? If you are in the USA or any other safe western country, how come you won’t fight that horrendous cruelty?? Are you only interested in fighting with us for any reason at all, even if you have to make up a false reason, such as calling us ‘racist’??

Come on.

Waitin for some answers. (Get it??)

16 12 2010
Ingrid, anti-racistdaughter of dog and pig

One more main question for you Sammy, and any other Muslim who may be able to answer this: Why do you hate us, what have we done to you when you come here, we welcome you, we treat you with dignity and fairness, we help you financially and accept you because we are accepting, tolerant and kind people. that is our culture here.

Yet – when we are in your countries, we are looked at as though we are vile, filthy and sinners so dirty that we are afraid to go out in your countries, knowing that many people there are of a mind to punish us for not being Muslim. Your people kill us for one reason – we are not of your ideological indoctrination. We think differently, we use fairness and humanity and logic, which is apparently destroyed by your indoctrination by trauma and hatred and the Islamic subversion of nature.

You were born to be different than what you have been turned into by Islam. You were once a beautiful, natural little baby. Why will you not try to fight your indoctrination? You can do it if you try, but you really have to know you as a person are good naturally, and your women are good, naturally, (not evil) and your little children are to remain kind, naturally, if you just let them stay that way without training manual of Islamic hatred, Koranic verses/principles of denaturing the child’s spirit. Many Muslims have been brave enough to come out of that hateful Islam. So why won’t you? Wafa Sultan did, she is very strong and brave, bless her. Are you man enough to realize the truth and to do the same?

16 12 2010

Ingrid you are a darling. I couldn’t have said it better. They are my sentimens too. But here is the rub, will Sammy (and the thousands like him) ever see the logic of it. This is what Geert Wilders is on about. What is moderate Islam? if such a thing exsits, why isn’t it doing anything about stopping the rot? For a start the Koran has to be expunged of all the hate, rape, murder and plunder of the innocents. This will leave a system of belief much more acceptable to non-muslims.

17 12 2010

Hi there Ingrid,

Just so we are clear, I am not, and never have been a Muslim. I am a 4th generation Canadian (with English and Unkrainian background) and an athiest. And always have been. I think religious beliefs are generally silly, but that is a conversation for another day. I’m not sure where you got the idea that I am a Muslim. Please explain. So all of your questions about “my people” and “my countries” make no sense whatsoever.

I have seen many interviews with Mr. Wilders. Each one convinces me even further that he is a facist bigot.

The cartoon with the bomb is meant to stereotype all Muslims as inherently violent. This is something that you clearly also believe based on the bigoted filth that you write. That is why it is generally offensive and bigoted. I’ll refrain from using racist since I am quite aware that Islam is not a race and it is comprised of people of many races. Of course, I’m far from convinced that bigots like you aren’t, in part, so hostile to Islam because the skin color of the vast majority of Islam’s adherents is dark. It’s all part of the orientalism instrinsic in the neo-facists anti-Muslim movement you are part of.

Now to address a few of your questions – I know many Muslims women here in Canada. I have been friends with them. Gone to school with them. Worked with them. They are lovely people. Some of them wear “head-rags” as you so racistly put it. These are strong, self-assured women who are also practicing Muslims and consider themselves intellectually inferior to no one. Nor should they. These are the types of women that Geert Wilders wants to have police track down in the streets to fine or imprison for wearing “head-rags” or carrying a banned Koran. That, my dear Ingrid, is facism of the worst sort. So I ask you – why do you want to oppress and harrass these women? Whey do you want to relegate these women to second class citizens and strip them of religious freedom? Because that is what Geert Wilders wants to do. There are many problems in autocratic Muslim-majority countries. Gender equality being one of them. This is not a reason to demonize all Muslims and strip them of religious freedoms. Facist proposals like that lead only in one direction – violence. You clearly think Muslims are undeserving of legal protections. You would probably even classify them as sub-human by the way you talk about them. I have a strong suspicious that you would end up being strongly supportive of attempts to violently displace Muslims living in your country.

“Why do you hate us, what have we done to you when you come here, we welcome you, we treat you with dignity and fairness, we help you financially and accept you because we are accepting, tolerant and kind people. that is our culture here.” I hate you, Ingrid, because you are a bigot and probably a racist. You do not treat Muslims with dignity adn fairness. You demonize them all, regardless of the details of their beliefs, and support stripping them of their right to practice their religion. And you support an anti-Muslims extremist facist politician. You do not help “me” financially, thank you. Nor does anyone else. Nor does anyone financially help the Muslim immigrants in Canada that I know. They are all extremely smart, hard workign, industrious people who constribute to society. You should try meeting one some day – maybe you would end up being less of a bigot.

19 12 2010

Oh, Max, –
Thank You – bless you and you cannot know how much I needed what you just said right now.

I am heartbroken the last few weeks.
You have just mended me, of many awful mistakes by your kind words.

Just got here now, and read your post, and yet haven’t even seen the other from sammy. I haven’t really got the heart for it right now.

To your question about the acceptance of the logic, no, I know very few, relatively will do that. Like you said, if they do take out the hate and the murder and the malice from the Koran/quran, it would be more acceptable, – but I think about half of the book would be gone. Much easier to learn, but everything left there would be kind of re-hashed meaningless bad poetry from ideas already taken from the bible, nothing original in thought. Mohammed used some ideas form the bible, put them in, and then, got really mad at the Jews he thought might convert to his new religion, (his ‘new and improved’ one!!) he was so ticked off that then he got on the never-ending killing track, putting that stuff in. Too bad all his automaton followers don’t see that vile, stupid, hate-filled human being that their prophet really was.

Yah bless you and yours beyond your wildest imaginings, Max, my dear friend and fellow infidel. You are a darling man. I have always appreciated your comments here, so very much on time and needed. You are one of a kind with Geert. And of course, Ravi, our concise, comic relief who is always on target too! (LOL!)

Many many thanks to you again.

19 12 2010
Ingrid, non-fascist non-bigoted daughter of pigs and dogs

OK, Sammy, even though I’m not really in the mood right now to deal with your bullshit don’t know when I will get another chance to reply so here’s , please understand I’m pretty low and that’s true also with level of patience available for your deceiving falsities.

paragraph one, sorry you are not Muslim, you now are even stupider than I thought
paragraph two, so you say you have seen many interviews. I think you are not truthful, or you could not say that truthfully

paragraph 3, you referring to Bombhead Mohammed cartoon wrong again, Islam ruins Muslims by indoctrination: THIS VIOLENT PROPHET’S WORDS TO MURDER/RAPE/DESTROY ruins your friends, they are Not inherently violent, Sammy, do you still not understand that you don’t have children born violent, it is ALL indoctrination and lack of nurture, it is TRAINING THEM TO HATE AND TO DESTROY OTHERS, praising them for repeating, parrotlike, the vile words of Mohammed/Allah, that makes people lose their natural aversion to cruelty. You have to be TAUGHT THAT, carefully, from the earliest years possible. Your fellow Muslim friends are products of a brainwashing system which teaches children lies and to hate for no reason other than for its own sake, steeping them in fear and suspicion, not only of natural things, and other people, but even of other Muslims! Please remember too that I have probably known many more Muslims than you ever will, that is unfortunate, for both you and me. You will lose out on the opportunity to be deceived by them in their religious training of al Taqia, Deception, (lies, bullshit, which is another reason I thought you were one, you are really kind of good at sounding like a Muslim) Have you ever lived for years in any Muslim country Sammy? I have, and that’s part of the reason for understanding them. by the way, your name kind of gave me the idea you were Muslim, as well as your words.
Paragraph 3 again – it is not fascist to ban fascism!!! DUUUUHHHHHH
i THINK it is democracy to let the people tax what they believe should be taxed, in their own country, no? Its the people’s party, and if they want to return to the sanity that was their country before, its their business, they have all the right to tax head rags. Excuse my using a disrespectful term for my enemys’ attire, it is simply because I cannot have any respect for them, because they give us no respect, and their fascist book teaches their children to destroy us in our own countries. Down with Islam which is total fascism.
Do you get it yet.

19 12 2010
Ingrid, non-fascist non-bigoted daughter of pigs and dogs

Paragraph 4 – what? are you ON CRACK?

what ‘religious freedom’ do Muslims have accorded to them? If you are found to disagree or have an issue, however slight with anything in the Quran, the law is to kill them. what freedom to the women who because of an age-old suspicion of females have no choice whatsoever in their being cut and gouged sexually so as to make their lives full of pain, physically and emotionally, forever after, coupled with the shame it is to be born a girl? You talk about us allowing them religious freedom, and by not continuing to welcome their brutality into our lands, you say we ‘invite violence’? You are so crazed you cannot be rational. Our only objection to Islamic behaviour is that it is based on the threat of violence, leads them to kill, murder and rape, destroying us, our people, your people, our freedoms fought for. It seems your friends’ misogynistic, aunt-marrying, man-killing, child-rapist murderer of innocents has affected even YOUR ability to think straight.
there is nothing straight about Islam, except straight, unadulterated hatred.

Paragraph 4 I don’t demonize Muslims. It is clear that Islam is the demonizing force. People are people, unless/until they are compelled by unnatural, traumatic and systematic means (Quranic precepts/commands, cultural beliefs towards women, chidlren, boys, others) to become inhumane, hating psycopathic monstrosities. Nothing else but severe traumatic brainwashing and utter lack of hope and humanity could make a boy strap bombs onto his young body, because his fathers, uncles and other ‘men’ said he ought to. Or to rape little babies because their families are Christian, Buddhist or Hindu. Or to kill your mother or sister because she spoke alone with a man not in her family. If my anger at that horrible stuff (and it is directly due to the training in Islam, that’s where all of it comes from) causes you to call my anger ‘racist’ or ‘bigotry’, you are wrong, but, I can’t help your mistaken notion. So be it. You want to be wrong, you like being wrong.

19 12 2010
Ingrid, non-fascist non-bigoted daughter of pigs and dogs

Paragraph 4 – you are A LIAR, SAMMY – that is NOT what Geert Wilders wants to do.

for an end to the screaming at the native Dutch, Danish, and Swedish girls and women, in their own countries, starting in the Netherlands. You are so far off-track, you’re not even on the train, Sammy. What the hell are you taking? do you pretend to be ignorant, of all the atrocities Muslims are perpetrating in OUR COUNTRIES? Do not pretend to be innocent or unaware of the rape wave which has been a big problem in Sweden, just because the Swedish girls ‘deserved’ it, as the Muslims say, ‘because they are whores’, (dressing without head scarves, in their own countries, at pools, walking with friends, gang rapes for their not being in hiding in their own European countries). You want this kind of ‘religious freedom’?
so many babies are brought in with infection in one Colorado hospital from Muslim families who did the gouging out of their clitorises, that they took action in that part to try to stop it. Can you agree with that practice of Islam? No other people do it. Not all Muslims do that, but no other religious group does that. Or teaches to kill all non-believers.

I wish we would have someone like a Geert Wilders making a new party here. We need a little help with our budget, and a head rag tax would be a start in the direction of freedom, for people and for the financial mess. women would be grateful in the end for it, too, no matter their robotic forced protestations.

21 12 2010


Thanks for your lovely note. Here is a good example of why you are a disgusting bigot:

“THIS VIOLENT PROPHET’S WORDS TO MURDER/RAPE/DESTROY ruins your friends, they are Not inherently violent, Sammy, do you still not understand that you don’t have children born violent, it is ALL indoctrination and lack of nurture, it is TRAINING THEM TO HATE AND TO DESTROY OTHERS, praising them for repeating, parrotlike, the vile words of Mohammed/Allah, that makes people lose their natural aversion to cruelty”

You still assume that all practising Muslims are cruel and violent people (though not because they were born that way, but because they are practising Muslims). You have never met my friends, and yet just because they are Muslims, assume they are violent and have lost a natural aversion to cruelty. Making these statements makes you both a bigot and a fucking moron.

Ingrid, I suggest you seeek some sort of counselling or therapy or something. You note that you are fairly “low” – I assume this means emotionally down? I would guess that the reason is because you are consumed with hatred and bigotry to a fairly extreme degree. Far more so that the vast majority of people I have ever some into contact with. Holding onto such hatred cannot be good for your emotional well being. You seem on the verge of some kind of emotional collapse. Please seek help.

Walker – I hope you read your comment section here so you can get an idea of the kind fo extreme hatred an dbigotry Geert Wilders is inciting. I agree that he should not be prosecuted for his views, but people like Ingrid are the perfect example of why Wilders’ bigotry should be ludly and publicly denounced at every available opportunity. Just read over that woman’s hysterical rantings and seriously ask yourself if she would be opposed to a violent political repression or ethnic cleansing of Muslims. She is practically begging for it as is. This is where Wilders and the rest of the facist anti-Muslim movement is taking us. Just take a look at Nazi rhetoric about Jews and ask yourself how different it is from Ingrid’s pathological (potentialyl violent) hatred of Muslims. Think hard about where the extremist anti-Muslim movement is taking us Walker. Cause you are going to have to reflect on part in it at some point in the future. And if people like Ingrid have their way, it isn;t going to be pleasant.

21 12 2010

Dearest Ingrid,

So sorry you are heartbroken. I hope you take the opportunity to feel that pain deeply and thoroughly, and know that that is the kind of pain your filthly, bigoted words cause in other people. Maybe this experience will allow you to let go of some of your hatred and reclaim the ability to feel empathy.

21 12 2010


Again, wrong, wrong, and more wrong..are you tired of your own bullshit yet?

Paragraph 3. No. that is not what I think, or ever said. I haven’t met your friends and do not assume that every Muslim is ‘violent’ or have lost their natural aversion to cruelty; only the Muslims who 1) know their Quran inside and out, backwards and forwards, in chronological order (not the other version which is short-verse first (purposely designed to deceive even them) and 2) actually practise it, as it tells them to do it.

If your Muslim friends are ignorant of Islam as many of them actually are, that is good. It is far, far better to be ignorant of your religion when it is evil and vile and commands you to do vile things to others, think ill of oneself because, for instance, they are female, love infidels, not want to harm them. and it is far better to be ignorant of Mohammed’s vile, horrendous history than to know it, and to keep on supporting it, and him, and his evil commands and examples to all Muslims.

Even better, Sammy, it would be, for them, your friends, that is, to be aware of the truth of Mohammed, their prophet, then, they would really become effective women, and help other women, children and men all over the world, to become free of the evil that is their former ‘religion’. Wouldn’t it? Sammy?

I was laughing at your letter to me, Sammy. I need another laugh now. Thinking of Islam and Islamicists like you make me ill, indeed, to my stomach, and my mind becomes really unsettled. Its all the lies and cruelty and disingenuousness.
So I will now stop and go see it once more for another laugh.

Sammy, thank you for your concern. Needn’t waste it though. Have you ever heard of the psychological term ‘projection’?

Not down any more, very much, until I think of Islam and people who just won’t be truthful, like you. Truth is not your enemy. Just face it with dignity. It doesn’t hurt any more after you accept it, and you don’t have to defend a child rapist any more and your friends won’t have to live in that lie any more.

Goodnight Sammy.

May I also ask, who is Walker, and where may I read what you were replying to? He sounds like he knows what Islam is about and how Muslims are taught to lie to us. thank you. and thank you, Walker. good night, sweet dreams and try not to think of the nightmares Mohammed’s life will give to you, Sammy. Tell your ignorant Muslim friends if they want to know the truth about their religion to read what Mohammed did during his life. Then, see how they react. You cannot argue with proven history.

21 12 2010

Oh, I just now remember seeing a long time ago that, Walker is the name of the man who puts up this website for us. (Duhhh.. I sorry I am very tired.)

Yes, Indeed, thank you Walker.

21 12 2010

Dear Ingrid,

No, I think I will not tell my friends that they will be defective and fall short of being fully human until they denounce their religion. You may be a bigot on your own time (as I know you will be), but I will not waste my breath on spreading your bigotry for you.

Tell me Ingrid, are you a Christian? It certainly seems that way with all the “blessings” you like to give out. How are you coming along in ripping out all the genocidal parts of your precious bible? Do you still keep Leviticus in there? Or did you tear out those hateful parts about stoning to death homosexuals and unclean women? Maybe if you denounced your Christian hate-cult, you wouldn’t be such a loathsome bigot. Just a suggestion. Maybe we could get together so that I may rip out and burn the parts of your bible I find objectionable. That way, your Christianity would be more palatable for non-Christians. Shall we make it a date?

21 12 2010
Ingrid, empathetic daughter of rats


I only skimmed over this piece of bullshit you wrote to me,

‘Ingrid…I hope you feel the pain deeply…this is the kind of pain your filthly, bigoted words cause in other people. Maybe this experience will allow you to let go of some of your hatred and reclaim the ability to feel empathy.’


second one to me,

‘…but people like Ingrid are the perfect example of why Wilders’ bigotry should be ludly and publicly denounced at every available opportunity. Just read over that woman’s hysterical rantings and seriously ask yourself if she would be opposed to a violent political repression or ethnic cleansing of Muslims. She is practically begging for it as is. This is where Wilders and the rest of the facist anti-Muslim movement is taking us. Just take a look at Nazi rhetoric about Jews and ask yourself how different it is from Ingrid’s pathological (potentialyl violent) hatred of Muslims. Think hard about where the extremist anti-Muslim movement is taking us Walker. Cause you are going to have to reflect on part in it at some point in the future. And if people like Ingrid have their way, it isn;t going to be pleasant.’

Ha ha ha…don’t make me laugh so hard before bedtime, Sammy!

I will throw up if you do that much more, I am tired. Now, my (trying to be serious) response:

You say, get some Empathy? Are you KIDDING? that is our only point! Islam HAS NO EMPATHY ALLOWED! Islam is the diametric opposite of EMPATHY!!! Again, Sammy, what the hell are you taking? Methamphetamines? Crystal meth? Do you think anyone buys your crap?

The second one I excerpted from you, above, is the most vile tonne of bullshit lies you have dished up yet for us Kuffars here. You are projecting like crazy, to take the spotlight off of you, and the ideological poison you are supporting, Islam, and its desire and commands to all Muslims to ‘cleanse’ the earth of the Kuffar Infidels! Yours is more than ethnic cleansing, (which I am totally against and always have been), it is an entire genocide against all people of the earth who will not submit to Islam! What is that called, but genocide, all kinds of people who will not agree, to follow a perverted sadistic child-rapist and his evil god Allah?

You have two choices, here as I see it. Accept that you are wrong, have supoorted an inhumanely brutal regime, an ideology which desires all innocence be destroyed, all joy, all peace, all safety, and begin to support peace, safety, (for all, especially the defenseless and guileless) and freedom, start being truthful, let go of your erroneous, misinformed false beliefs, and help people. Or, you can refuse to see the lies and cruelty as what they are, continue to be your own enemy, and the misinformed agent of Mohammed’s evil agenda. It’s totally up to you, thank heaven, since you live in Canada, a free country. You wouldn’t have that luxury (of choice) in Islamabad for instance, or Baghdad.

21 12 2010
Ingrid, empathetic daughter of rats

No, I’m not Christian Sammy.

But no one today is following those old stoning things in the Bible to which you refer; NO ONE.

The only people stoning people today, en masse, are Muslims, stoning INNOCENT PEOPLE, sometimes just because another Muslim didn’t like a woman, or some sadist Muslim man wanted to be evil to another human being. Muslims don’t even have empathy for other, innocent Muslims! Lots of stonings, every week, lots of beheadings, Muslims stoning Muslim girls, women, on simply a suspicion. In front of their children sometimes. Muslims stabbing Christians, in front of their families. No one following the Bible is doing that, Sammy. and the Messiah of the Bible said not to do it when a group of hypocrites wanted to do it to one woman.

So your whole piece there Sammy is a transparent red herring.

Can’t you try to do something better than what you are doing? Yes, Christianity is full of fables and half-truths, but Christians are at least trying to be humane.

21 12 2010
Ingrid, empathetic daughter of rats

I mean, most Christians are humane.

21 12 2010
Ingrid, empathetic daughter of rats

Well, except that George Tiller guy, the infamous baby killer who went to Church (Episcopalian or Methodist?) every Sunday. (Slaying innocents while still in the womb, up to 9 months of gestation, stabbing with scissors and vacuuming out their brains, as he held their struggling, writhing little bodies outside of the ‘mothers’ vagina, just so that he would evade the law against murder (keeping the head inside). Now that is something akin to Mohammed’s cruelty, yes, and he was Christian, so you know I am not being partial, I hate all cruelty, no matter where it comes from, and you know, Sammy, I do not care anything about anyones skin colour, contrary to your accusation, which was as usual flagrantly without foundation. Just try to remember, I married one.

Goodnight, I must go

21 12 2010

You are a seriously disturbed individual Ingrid.

22 12 2010
Ingrid, SeriouslyDisturbedKuffar

Good Morning, Infidels, hello, Sammy,

You are, for once, right, Sammy. Yes, I am seriously disturbed about cruelty and Islam is pure cruelty, and you are lying in your desperate attempt to support it!

Why are you doing that?

As a friend said last night, as we discussed you and the Islamicist irrationality, ‘How can he say that (call others who hate Islam’s brutal doctrines, a bigot, racist, facist) – have you read the Quran?


Don’t lie. GO READ IT.

22 12 2010
Ingrid, SeriouslyDisturbedKuffar

Again, to become informed about the true nature of Islam, please read the, Former Canadian Soldier Speaks Out Against ‘Disgusting Child Rape in Afghanistan,

Planet Earth Peace Party reporting Afghan Police Sodomize Muslim Male Youths Every Thursday Night, click on the photo title of the poppy field farmer who is probably trying to get us to do something about their crimes to the boys.

Now, you, too may become as Disturbed as I am.

Sammy, any comments? Any Muslims to speak out against this horrendous, atrocious, hell those boys have to live through? any Muslims to even say one word about poor Aisha, their venerated rape-victim of Mohammed? any Muslim free women to speak out against the Muslim practice of rape of children? Anyone, any Muslim at all?
Going once, going twice, nothing, nothing at all,

23 12 2010

Yes, in fact Ingrid, every single Muslim I have every known would loudly and vocally condemn the atrocities you have referred to. If you would shut your filthy bigotted mouth for two seconds, you might hear them. Go back to your hole Ingrid.

23 12 2010
Ingrid, daughter of pig and dog

Well, I don’t hear them, nor have they ever condemned any of that here, for the entire time.

Give me an example. Go tell them about Mohammed. No, you are too afraid to ‘offend them’ with their prophet’s evil deeds.

You are not their friend.

23 12 2010

You don’t hear them, Ingrid, because you don’t want to hear them. You are a disgusting bigot who is determined to hate all Muslims regardingless of their actual thoughts or beliefs. You are likey really just determined to hate someone, anyone, so that you can create an identity for yourself based on oppostion to “otherness”. That is usually a driving force behind racists like you. If you were living in 1930’s and 40’s Netherlands rather than now, it would be the Jews, and you would be a die-hard Nazi. I have absolutely no doubt that would whole-hearted support a Muslim genocide, which very well may be the case if your fascist buddy Wilders ever comes to power.

23 12 2010
Ingrid, daughter of pig and dog, to Sammy, Muslim apologiser

Oh. … about Muslims not protesting Muslim child rape, above

you say “Every single Muslim I have ever known would condemn those atrocities” — let me see, I must guess why they don’t, right? – why their habitual silence happens, they ‘would’ IF

they COULD?

Or, ‘they would IF’…

they wanted to?

23 12 2010

Hey Ingrid, there have been a number of murders committed by white people in my city recently. Some were even people of dutch heritage. Why haven’t you loudly and publicly condemned them? It must be because you support them. Why your habitual silence in the face of white murders and rapes. It must be because you support rape. Ingrid supports rape because I haven’t happened to have heard her loudly denounced rapes committed by white people.

Ridiculous, isn’t it? That is how much of a fucking moron you sound like. You see, I believe people should be judged on their individual actions and thoughts and beliefs. You believe that Muslims should have to proactively prove to you they aren’t rapists. That is what makes you a bigot. I will jsut assume you are a rapist yourself until you definitely prove to me otherwise.

23 12 2010
Ingrid, daughter of pig and dog, to Sammy, Muslim apologiser

We all do condemn them. You cannot ignore the glaring fact that Muslims are way WAY overrepresented in the rape crime category, DUhhh Sammy. and that Muslims are almost always raping infidels in our own countries (not that Muslims are not committing this same horror on their ‘own’ fellows, as you have seen above).

Issue here Sammy is not rape, not race, but rape and cold-blooded murder because of Islamic doctrine, so we are perplexed by the Muslims who SAY they are MODERATE, WHO DO NOT PROTEST THIS DOCTRINAL ATROCITY.


23 12 2010
Ingrid, daughter of pig and dog, to Sammy, Muslim apologiser

Or are your friends not that moderate after all?

24 12 2010
Ingrid, daughter of dog and rat

Calling ‘Moderate’ Muslims, all, any… anyone out there who is Muslim, free to speak your mind (brave enough to speak the truth) to speak out now against the vile practises of Islamic doctrine.

Do you go along with them and defend them – which is what your deafening silence shows us,

Or, simply stand up and protest, using your right of freedom of expression here in our Western nations that we fought for to give everyone – (not freedom to kill us, rape, and threaten to murder us for objections to those commandments your Quran trains you to believe are right).

For the mothers out there who are not afraid for their lives for this, and their chidlren’s lives, please show us how you are against child rape sanctioned by Islam, practised in all Islamic countries even today, becuase your prophet Mohammed was an evil sadistic child rapist.
Not to mention a cold-blooded, sadistic rapist of women slaves and torturer of innocent men and boys.

Are you – any of you free and unafraid enough to tell us where you stand on this? Can you object to your prophet’s commands? Can you say what you think, without fear of being harmed, beaten, raped and murdered by your fellow Muslims?

We are listening.
No Taqiya, please.

24 12 2010

I’m sure you will go on believing my Muslims friends, and all other Muslims, are violent terrorists Ingrid, regardingless of what they may say or do or believe. Because that is the nature of bigots like you. I’m going to stop interacting with you now. I try not to associate with apologists for white murder and rape. You didn’t object strongly enough for me to believe that you don’t support such things.

24 12 2010
Ingrid, non-racist, non-bigoted, non-Muslim

Nice try, Sam.
Now, leave off your transparent lies and let the Muslims speak for themselves, and their vile prophet.


24 12 2010
Ingrid, non-racist, non-bigoted, non-Muslim

Well, I’ve got to go, but we would appreciate hearing from you who are Muslim, and are against the horrors referenced above, for instance, commanded and demonstrated by the prophet of Islam.

Why are you all being silent on this vicious cruelty.

24 12 2010
Ingrid, non-racist, non-bigoted, non-Muslim

I’ll be back next week, hope by then, to see some brave Muslims are speaking out in protest against cruelty.


25 12 2010

Merry Christmas!

27 12 2010

Ingrid, not to spoil your hopes or anything, but Muslims don’t usually swing by the comment sections of anti-Muslim hate sites in order to convince extremist anti-Muslim bigots like you that they aren’t so bad after all. Do you really think Jews go into the comment sections at neo-Nazi websites to attempt rationale arguments with the regulars at the site?

28 12 2010
Ingrid, anti-bigot, anti-racist Islam-hater

Good Morning, Infidels!

I hope everybody was safe during the last few days.
Hello, BlazingCatFur! Your URL is fso funny!

Well, like I was kind of afraid of, efen though I held out some kind of hope, for Muslims to speak out, none did. Only to lie and call good men like Geert Wilders names, that’s all they ever do.

Just wanted one, one Muslim, from anywhere, to denounce that evil books commands to kill us ‘Infidels’ who disagree with worshipping evil Allah, the god who inspired Mohammed to do such vile, hateful, brutally cruel things.

And Sammy, no, you really didn’t disapoint me, you have no power any more to disapoint because we know what you are, a liar, a reprobate, who evidently will not ever stand up for the decent treatment of over half the world’s population, you only support the ‘prophet’ Mohammed, who raped a child, (at least the one who became famous for being his ‘favorite wife’), raped women, tortured men, (who would be surprised if the Islamic penchant for raping boys started with him too? He did everything else that was vile and cruel), and beheaded them, simply for being unwilling to obey and submit to HIS EVERY VILE WISH AND COMMAND, WHILE TAKING THEIR WIVES AND RAPING THEM. Why will Muslims obey a man who did these horrible things?

Including, as if all the rest were not reasons for them to denounce that perv sadist, tearing a woman in pieces by camels for laughing at him?

Do not answer, Sammy, you are a hopelessly intransigent reprobate. You may as well be Mohammed himself with what you defend and support, lies, cruelty and the people who do those Quranic commands.

Muslims, if you were too busy before, we would welcome any who renounce Mohammed.

Too scared to?

that is our point. You shouldn’t be so afraid of your own religion and tyranny of the sadists who follow its commands.

Shalom, to all.

28 12 2010
Ingrid, non-fascist, non-racist, filthy Kuffar

‘…you don’t hear them, Ingrid, because you don’t want to hear them’. (!!!!)

In your desperation to defend Islam’s indefensible precepts, you are delving deeply into your zen of illusion, which is quite quaint! Sammy! are you a zen master of illusion/delusion? ‘if you really listen hard, you might even hear protesting Muslims” you say that, were I were to really, really listen, very hard, I might hear them? (protesting the atrocities commanded in the Quran, modelled by Mohamid, emulated by Muslims all over the world)

I didn’t see that comment you posted before, you continuously lie without any reason, except to paint infidels with a dirty brush, no matter the facts. I’d still be laughing at your zen suggestion, were it not for the strange fact that you are serious!

Give me just one Muslim with guts enough to renounce this vileness. Of course, I don’t expect anyone to do this in the Islamic countries, or they will be killed, I don’t know what the answer is, unless it is to do it en masse, then, they will have a chance; but there must be some free Muslims here, without paralyzing fear of retribution via murder, for speaking out against all this brutality. Renounce it, denounce it! Denounce the hate book’s killing commands, denounce the prophet child rapist Mohammed, tell us you never agreed to all that, say Muslims are wrong to obey Mohammed and Allah in these things, say no to any more blind slavery to a hating god and an evil, hating man. Come on! Do you love your women? Do you love your children? Give your babies a chance! You’re free here, you have the right to speak your minds here. If you are ‘moderate’, if you disagree with the Islamic doctrines of killing innocents and raping people, then, say so!

28 12 2010
Ingrid, non-fascist, non-racist, filthy Kuffar

When do you hear them protesting, Sammy?

All I hear is silence. as usual.

28 12 2010
Ingrid, non-fascist, non-racist, filthy Kuffar

I’m going to try to meditate, so maybe I can hear the Muslim voices protesting now.

What do you take, Sammy to further along this experience,
I still hear nothing.

29 12 2010
Filthy Kuffar and friends

Oh, the sound of Muslims’ perverse silence – never protesting their vile prophet’s commands to kill, rape, and lie to infidels.

here is the perfect forum for any peace-loving ‘moderate’ Muslim to try to show us how they are different than murderous, sadistic Mohammed, that they are not going to obey (at least say they disagree with him) those killing commands, which is why our countries are going through this terror, that they don’t care what the Imams tell them to do to us, that they are against the rape of children, women, boys and men, that they are going to fight it, defned those victims, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum

All we hear is Muslims screaming for our overthrow, our deaths, and the domination of Islam of our lands.

Or, deafening, COLLUSIVE, sinister SILENCE.

Keep your heads up, infidels, and your wits about you, and learn everything you can, while you can.

29 12 2010

Ingrid, please explain why an anti-Muslin hate site is a good place for “peace-loving ‘moderate’ Muslim to try to show us how they are different than murderous, sadistic Mohammed”. Newsflash you fanatical moron – moderate Muslims have no interest in engaging genocidal bigots like you.

29 12 2010

This is so boring and waste of my time. One more time, only, I will explain what you refuse to acknowledge. Geert Wilders is not anti-Muslim, per se, he is anti-ISLAM. He is for Muslim people, for their rights and safety as well as ours. Islam he knows to be the demonic inspiration for their vile crimes of murder, rape, lying for Allah, pedophilia (child rape, let’s just say what it is, what he was for and what his Muslim followers do in following his example), beheading, torture, and setting their sons off with bombs for pure hatred of non-Muslims. Because of what the Koran commands. This site is in defense of Geert Wilders, who is fighting for our rights, to be safe, to express our thoughts and concerns and to defend our inheritance, who is the most fair, kind, tolerant and straightforward man a country could be honoured to call their own. He is and never has been a racist, a bigot, a facist blah blah blah as you racists, bigots, and facists love to call anyone who disagrees with your murderous Muslims following the Koran’s commands to kill all people who oppose his vileness and brutal God’s commands to commit genocide of the world’s infidels. If Muslims are going to try to become part of the 21st Century, they need to start by acknowledging they have been misled, misinformed, wrong, to follow that guy’s evil orders and example. This would be the perfect venue for them to express their disagreement IF IN FACT THEY DISAGREE WITH MOHAMMED AND ALLAH’S RAPING, DESTROYING, LYING, DOMINATING KILLING BOOK.

Once more too, although I have been a moron due to extreme ignorant naivete, that is no longer the case, knowledge has made me aware of the dire threat to humanity Islam really is, yet, you still call me ‘racist’, when I am not in the least racist, our whole point is to prevent the racist, genocidal destructive tyrannical dogma which is dominating our world right now – ISLAM – in defense of all the world’s people. Long live Geert Wilders, he should be KING – OF ALL NON-RACIST, NON-FACIST, FREEDOM-AND PEACE-LOVING FAIR PEOPLE OF THE WORLD – THAT IS, INFIDELS ALL OVER.

Are you clear yet? There are peace-loving individual people born into Islam, who do not know and do not wish to do those things your quran orders them to; however, to obey Mohammed/ Allah as commanded, to practice Islam as it is commanded, is not ‘moderate’ but severe, extreme and genocidal. Yet, to those loving peace and fearing death by fellow Muslim faithful, to stand up and disavow those commands is tantamount to saying, here, one more apostate, please stone’ (rape, mutilate, torture, slit the throat, behead). Thus, their silence.

Isn’t that right, Muslims?
I know, you cannot answer.
What a cryin shame you have such an evil regime to live in/through. Can’t you all get together, as much as you trust each other, secretly, carefully, and do this, en masse, there’s protection in numbers. Be careful, we don’t want any more innocent peaceful people being killed. But know there are some things worse. Some people have to band together and protest this evil islamic tyranny. Someone must do it, or it will kill us all.

29 12 2010

Muslims – don’t look to anyone else as your example. All people are human. All make mistakes, all do some bad things. Just ask yourself, if you have children, if the world were in your hands, and your decision was your command, how you would like them to grow up, in cruel hatred, in pain, in lies about them, their nature, or, in happiness, health, fairness and respect, love, affection, fondness between the sexes instead of fear and suspicion, protection by men towards girls, instead of hurting them, or – if you have no children, if you were a little baby again, would you like people to do _______ to you, or would you like them to do ______ to you? Try not to think of anything that you have been taught. Forget your indoctrinated lies, forget the brainwashing, just go with your feelings naturally given to you. Not the hateful lies, throw all that away. Your Creator did not make you to live lives of fear and pain, threats and viciousness. Do you think a Creator would do that? To tell you that you should kill all other people, hide your women and cut your girls, rape your boys, no, that is YOUR ENEMY DOING THAT TO YOU.

So, you can know for a certainty that ALLAH IS NOT YOUR CREATOR. And Mohammed, just from the facts of his life, is NOT ANYONE’S FRIEND, MUCH LESS A PROPHET FOR PEOPLE TO FOLLOW. Avoid what you find to be lies, refuse to be cruel, refuse cruel teachings.
It is better to not know who to worship, tand take your time finding the truth, proving it to yourselves as a Creator would have you do, than to worship an evil entity. You can know Allah is evil as well as Mohammed, just by the orders in their quran.
forget everything you have ever been taught. It has brought you to this. Reject it all. All of us should examine our accepted, non-researched presumptions. If they were told to you, prove them.

29 12 2010

In cases where you cannot prove something to yourself by researching, go with your overwhelming gut feeling, your natural feeling, not the feeling of being forced by others to do something you don’t want to do, which is generally a wrong thing, it is against your instincts, do not do it. but it is hard if you don’t cast off all your insidiously brainwashed pre-programmed inclinations which were trained into your subconscious by men/women/book, and this is essential, to get to the natural core of you, which is, in infancy, good and pure. Try to get that back. You can do it, we all can, if we try. That’s on the instinctual level. Then there is the historical record. It’s available, but not easy. Life is not easy. but it is supposed to be betterthan this.
Shalom to all the people who are seeking and trying to help our situaion (humankind’s plight).

30 12 2010

No, Ingrid. You are not clear. You and Geert Wilders are both genocidal, fanatical bigots and racists. You each have devoting your lives to promoting hatred and inciting racial violence. Your beliefs are no different in any respect from Nazi attitudes towards Jews, radical Hutus towards Tutsis, Japanese racial supremacists during WWII towards Chinese, etc , etc. You would like nothing more than to see a violent Muslims extermination, which is why you do nothing but hang out in neo-facist websites and preach hate.

2 01 2011
daniel maris

The odd thing is that Sammy says he has these Muslim friends, whereas we know that orthodox teaching of Islam, across all Muslim countries, is that good Muslims cannot have non-believers as true friends (that means even people of the book – let alone, for Allah’s sake, an atheist!!).

Either these Muslim friends are not good Muslims – in which case rejoice – or they are dissembling for whatever reason.

4 01 2011
Ingrid, non-Muslim empathizer with humanity

Daniel Maris, thank you very much, for sharing your very prescient, (well-needed, indeed, here!) observations about this. Yes, absolutely, you are right in each one. You must have had very deep and prolonged exposure to Muslim ways to come to your clear, and sad, understandings?

What you said at the end, that is the question.

The Muslim friends, if they are in the West, and do not speak out against the Islam, the coldblooded crimes and hatred it demands, why? Let us hope they are bad Muslims, and refuse to follow all those commands, hope they refuse to obey Mohammed, hope they get the backbone to come out. If they are being good Muslims obedient to the Quran and following their prophet Mohammed’s examples to them, then we know they are fooling Sammy very skillfully, aparently, as you say, dissembling (the honour of Allah).

I don’t know, but Sammy seems to be Muslim to me. If so, his comments and condemnations come from his indoctrination by Islamic lies and hatred, which ruins people’s ability to think as humanity was made to think. He would be a victim of brain-modification through early trauma. To vilify, to project their own evil purposes, to attempt to hatefully destroy, if not physically, at least with lies. If he is not Muslim, why does he deny the ugly truth, after learning the historical facts? He talks as though he is as brainwashed by Islam, unable to acknowledge any truth and defends the religion, as though we are bad for not agreeing with its incursion here – (tantamount to agreeing with our own destruction). I thought atheists were kind of smarter than that.

4 01 2011
Ingrid, non-Muslim empathizer with humanity

(I meant to say, he talks as though he is as brainwashed as Muslim victims of Islamic destruction are.)

Thank you very much, Daniel Maris, and bless you forever

Infidels, this too shall end, we as humanity shall not suffer forever

5 01 2011
Ingrid, Filthy Kuffar girl's response to Sammy's insane lies

Let’s leave Geert Wilders out of your lies, Sammy, he has proven himself ad infinitum, in his actions and speeches, his thoughts and beliefs, his life, to be the opposite of what you have called him here, that is obvious to everyone but you and this truth has the strange effect of enraging Muslims who hate the truth, hate fairness and hate real men. Islam makes no room for fairness, you know this, Sammy, you can read. So, as you lie so much about me, and mischaracterize everything continuously, I have ignored you, believing you don’t deserve a reply, everything is clear. but just in case any first-time reader comes here and mistakenly presumes you are somehow correct, (who but an ignorant person would do that, HOWEVER) i think one last time, it may help the naive readers from Islam to understand this clearly if I break it down for you: Sammy, your lies went thus: “Ingrid, you and ….are bigots…(etc)” “You each have devoting your lives to promoting hatred and inciting racial violence. No, just the opposite. We want love, not hatred, of all people, and who in their right minds would incite racial violence? Our objection to Islam in a nutshell, is this dichotomy, Islam is at odds with our belief and ideal of peace in the world, in our countries, fairness, and the ultimate goal of all people understanding one another in fairness and respect, of each other, no matter what faith or racial background. This presumes that none of the major groups want to obliterate the others, it cannot work that way. Surely you must understand that, so why do you still defend the Islam, which goal is to totally obliterate all who decline to follow hatred, don’t believe in inciting violence upon all non-Muslims? If you accuse with hate-filled LIES, Sammy, give us a valid example. Self defense is not hateful, it is self-defense, to keep our safety in our own land from being destroyed, as it has been by Muslims, in Sweden, in England, other countries where Islam is growing, tolerated, ignored, not to mention Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Egypt, Afghanistan etc.

You also say/accuse/lie thusly: “(directed at me and freedom defender Geert Wilders)..
“Your beliefs are no different in any respect from Nazi attitudes towards Jews, radical Hutus towards Tutsis, Japanese racial supremacists during WWII towards Chinese, etc , etc. Oh, Sammy when will you learn anything. Have you gone to indoctrination school all your childhood? Geert Wilders’ beliefs are in NO WAY similar to, in fact are the diametric opposite of any of those beliefs of Nazis, (an evil which is sourced like Islam is, in the Father of Lies). You – even you, Sammy, know that the Jews were a great source of knowledge, progress, arts, contributed to all the societies which allowed them refuge. Jews never wanted to overtake an adopted country’s culture, ruin their economy, kill their citizens to force them to submit to their God, their prophets, believe in their book; on the contrary, Jews are known for NOT PROSELYTYSING OTHERS – they only hoped for the right, as they were usually allowed, to believe as they saw fit, to live peacefully among the natives, they integrated with those countries so well, while keeping their own beliefs, side by side, in short, they respected others and expected the same in return, so everything went well, until a man inspired by the devil who was jealous of those people and wanted to kill them all for no reason other than the devil wanted him to, and he agreed in a blood pact promise (based on lies) to be his slave and in return get power, earthly, for doing those evils. Jews are peaceful, they are respectful in general, and benefited humanity. what in any way, is similar here, in any way to Muslim people, Islamic people? Like I must repeat, nothing, they are as a whole everything opposite of peaceful, opposing respect, opposing the idea of acceptance, love, benignity. I know Jews are not perfect, no one is. but they never supported or even dreamed of destroying an entire globe of people who will not adopt their God and his destruction of humanity. (individuals are always a blessing, like Anwar Sadat, Wafa Sultan, Aayan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan’s husband, etc) . Jews are procupied in a war ever since they got their home surrounded by the people who believe per their Koran/Quran, they deserve to be annhiilated because they don’t want to pray to Allah and submit to Mohamed the rapist.

“You would like nothing more than to see a violent Muslims extermination, which is why you do nothing but hang out in neo-facist websites and preach hate.” Oh, Sammy, again, how wrong you are. I would like nothing more than to see a peaceful world in which Muslims are in peace, allowed to think for themselves, differ when they’d like to with Mohammed, and be allowed to live after that, in complete peace, among their fellows. I would like (and this is of course Geert Wilders’ wish as well, but he is not a dreamer, he is a visionary, a hero, but he knows so much about the inherent hate Islam presents to the world’s people that he must take the steps to protect his own country, at least, in democratic means which Holland is known for) would like nothing better than to see Muslim children allowed to remain innocent. I would like nothing more than to know Muslim children and women and boys and men are not being raped brutally because their prophet did that. We would love nothing better than to see Muslims speak out against that evil, this vile brutal religion they were born into and give not only lipservice to, in fear, but those millions that obey that prophet, in everything vile, destructive, hateful and cruel. I venture to say without a doubt that my hero, our hero, Geert Wilders, wishes more than anything that this problem of Islamic hatred and destruction did not exist, that our example of toleration would show Muslims the way of life, not death, which Islam is, from its core teachings via a psychopathic demoniac (this is clearly shown in his historical record) and who served an evil God full of hatred, not love, for all of humanity, including Muslims. Hitler’s god, the same, did not love anyone, not even his most faithful servant, all he wanted was to destroy, lie, steal peace, ruin love, create untold misery for all the world’s people. that is that God’s goal.
A question to you Muslims. What is our answer? Our toleration and example of how we live in democracy is obviously not changing how you see life, you still parrot Mohammed’s genocidal goal of Jihad to fulfill Allah’s commands, you still refuse to accept democracy, fairness, you still see your girls sexually ruined even in our own countries, for life you brutally ruin them, your boys, you still do not speak out against turning your boys and girls into monstrosities of twisted doctrines of hate and destruction. What do you think we should do? If you were us. I think the answer is first to ban Islam in democratic countries, ban the Quran which is a war book against us, (just read it, if you doubt this, or go to the Mosque a few times) rescue the women and young men and children who are here, and are there, needing asylum, and revoke the ‘right’ to make war on us per the Quran and prosecute anyone who is found to be gouging little girls’ clitorises out by life sentence, after having the same thing done to them, or have those perpetrators sent back and guard our borders diligently, same for the parents who slay their children in ‘honour killings’ (all the time these things are happening here), any threats to kill us natives must be taken seriously and prosecuted, Mosques need to be BANNED, as they are the training and command centers of your war against us, in OUR OWN COUNTRIES!! – (you have used our ideal of tolerance to continue this subversive, treacherous war under our auspices), make new laws in self defense, of border and immigration requirements, one must show they will be benign and renounce all Islamic doctrines of destruction of the Infidel countries they are entering. No, I do not want or wish for Muslim people to be killed, only the perpetrators of murder of innocents, as our laws already provide; I know Muslims are helplessly brainwashed and if they could have the chance at real fair and happy peaceful lives, they would take it – but we cannot afford to save all of those Muslims, all over the world, it would involve so much cost, effort and devotion to one very hard cause that it would probably not be possible. We are already in bankruptcy due to our mistakes. What is the answer? Yours is violence. Yours is genocide of all of the people in the world. Ours has been, hoping against all evidence, all history, to be tolerant of the vile Islam. Look where it has got us.
We are trying. And we are being destroyed.
You are steeped in your Islam, and you are still being destroyed by it.

6 01 2011

“Our objection to Islam in a nutshell, is this dichotomy, Islam is at odds with our belief and ideal of peace in the world, in our countries, fairness, and the ultimate goal of all people understanding one another in fairness and respect, of each other, no matter what faith or racial background.”

This is the same argument made by racists like you throughout history. American white supremacists made the same argument against the “negros” – that their character and intrinsic attributes made them incompatible with civilization, and thus they required the paternal care of the white man.

The fact is, Ingrid, that are millions and millions of Muslims that both practice Islam, and fit quite nicely into western, progressive, democractic societies, such as mine in Canada. You would like to ignore these people and pretend they don’t exist because they don’t fit into your nice little narrative about the intrinsic inferiority of Muslims. Recognizing these people makes yuor incitement of hatred against Muslims more difficult.

You are not tolerant, and your disgusting politics have no place in western democratic societies. You are a hateful bigot and are an enemy of western values such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion. You wish to destroy these values and persecute a religious minority. You claim to care about Muslims but would like to see police breaking into their houses and harrass and arrest them for doing as little as peacefully practicing a religion they have always practices. These are the first steps of genocide Ingrid. This is what you are promoting – genocide, pure and simple. Trust me, the people of western, democratic societies that actually believe in real western values will not let you and Geert Wilders commit a second holocaust, no matter how much you want to.

7 01 2011

Uh oh, Ingrid, better watch out – Egyptian Muslims standing up en masse to protect and show solidarity with Coptic Christians:

Better stick your head in the stand to make it easier to maintain your genocidal hatred of Muslims.

8 01 2011

Bullshit Sammy, all you said is completely untrue.

Everything you said – all LIES. Go take your treacherous lies and live somewhere whre there are millions and millions of Muslims.

8 01 2011

According to Wikipedia, there are 579,740 Muslims in Canada and about 6 or 7 million in North America as a whole. Does that count?

When you and Wilders ban Islam, Ingrid, where would you like to inprison all the Muslims who will have become illegal all of a sudden? Are you imagining summary executions, or concentration camps? Cause certainly the prisons couldn’t hold that many. Will there be special children’s concentration camps, or will the Muslim children be imprisoned with their parents? Should they be utilized as forced labour while they are there? Will the criminal offence of “being a Muslim” be a one time deal, or a continuing offence – like, will the Muslims just be kept in the camps until some set duration after they repent, or will the concentration camp term be a set limit, and then the Muslim is shipped out to sea in a life raft or something. I would very much like to hear the details of your plan. Like I said, there are many Muslims in my country and we should be ensuring that the proper preparations for the logistics of imprisoning hundreds of thousands of Muslims are in place as early as possible.

9 01 2011

The war book they hold as their command needs to be renounced, or deport them.

Unless the Quran’s commands to kill us, lie to us, steal from us and degrade the infidel, Allah’s enemies, are renounced, by each and every Muslim, they are Allah’s servants and warring against us, in the Jihad.

That is insurgency, that is sedition, that is about genocide, at this point in our countries, still in the beginning stages, in their propaganda stage, using lies, deception, and Taquia. Al Tackiyya, the command to deliberately mislead us, their enemies, per the Quran, until they are powerful enough and have their best chance at destroying us, well after they have deceived us into trusting their lies.
Deportation is the only right answer. Give all a chance, to reject this war they are still supporting by their tacit silence, (part of al Taquiya) and their lies, and give them all the choice – this is not a Muslim caliphate, and they must not wage war against us in our own countries, aided by our countries’ refusal to deal with treacherous sedition in the name of ‘religion’.

Ok, Sammy, are you clear, or are you retarded?

11 01 2011

It really is interesting to hear the vile of modern day Nazi’s like you Ingrid. It used to be difficult to imagine the kind of intense hatred that might to the Holocaust. But now, with people like Ingrid supporting a second Holocause, one can really begin to understand how that type of hatred forms and propogates. It is sickening to be sure, but a valuable lesson.

12 01 2011

You make me laugh with your blatant unadulterated hateful pathology, Sammy.

It is so wrong, it is comical.

HOWEVER, – then, when I stop laughing at the ironic absurdities you so fulminously spew here, – I have to imagine that you are extremely serious, and you are not laughing, but actually believe your own lies.
\This is a very weird reality we are facing, that not only are Western free societies and ideals assaulted without much defence by the ferocious Islamics, there are many strange deluded psychopaths like you who are in their court, supporting them in their anti-human insanity and destruction.

Infidels, you see how it is, we are in a war and haven’t been told the truth.
Time for us all to wake up and learn the truth on our own, because our leaders and ‘educators’ are not for us doing that.

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