Much more than just Muslims

9 12 2010

By Mohammed Abdulrahman, for Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

If the present polarisation continues and other facts and factors influencing immigrants continue to be ignored, immigrants from Muslim countries will eventually all turn into Muslims. And ‘Islam’ will not be a religion anymore as it used to be, nor a mere ideology as Mr Wilders wants to see it. It will become an ethnic identity that is shaped to distinguish us as a group.

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3 responses

2 01 2011
daniel maris

“such excessive and bizarre objections to Islam ”

As usual in such pieces, the author doesn’t specify what these objections are. Unless he does, how are we do judge whether he is right to call them “excessive and bizarre”? Maybe one is the objections is to the fact that Islam demands we revere a weak and immoral man (slaver, slave owner,thief, rapist etc) as the “perfect moral example”. Is it excessive or bizarre to resist the demand that we revere him and refer to him as a “Prophet” i.e. a teacher for all mankind.

4 01 2011
Ingrid, excessive and bizarre also filthy Kuffar objector to Islam

How right you are, Daniel Maris, hearken to reason, Islamic defenders of perversion, sadism, rape of women, boys and babies, murder by beheading with a dull barbaric knife weilded by frenzied haters of humanity.

4 01 2011
Ingrid, excessive and bizarre also filthy Kuffar objector to Islam

(an impossible task, they never will). We can only hope that those who are not completely ruined by Islam will hearken and come out of it.

Right on, Daniel!

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