Negative pubicity has only limited effect on Wilders

2 12 2010

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

A second week of negative publicity for Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party has failed to inflict significant political damage. In the past week, Dutch media managed to dig up further information about the criminal pasts of a number of the party’s MPs. Hero Brinkman was arrested for driving under the influence and it turns out that Eric Lucassen, who was convicted for illicit sexual acts with a subordinate when he was an army instructor, has serious financial problems. However, a weekly poll conducted by pollster Maurice de Hond shows Mr Wilders’ party losing just one seat, compared to last week’s loss of three.

If elections were held today, the Freedom Party (PVV) would win 27 seats, three more than its current number of MPs. The conservative VVD – which together with the Christian Democratic CDA forms the current minority government that relies on the PVV’s parliamentary support for a one-vote majority – also lost one seat compared to last week, but the 35 seats in Sunday’s poll are still four more than the number it won in the latest elections.

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2 responses

5 12 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

It is crime to jump traffic signal, and one man did it once, he met Geert twice and shook hand, so Geert is established criminal undermining constitution so he should be sued!
One Jihadi who supports rape and terrorism should be treated with respect!

14 12 2010

Ha ha Ravi, excellently said! Thank you for pointing out so comically this strange perverse irony and hypocrisy.

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