Geert Wilders: Israel fighting our war

2 12 2010

From YNetNews:

THE HAGUE – Even a journalist from a friendly country like Israel cannot escape the evasive hands of Geert Wilders’ security guards.The bodyguards of the controversial Dutch politician, the founder and leader of the anti-Islamic Party for Freedom, put me through a strict security check as I arrive to interview him. Once and again they confirm my identity, ensuring that I am not carrying any device which may turn into a weapon.

Wilders himself, on the other hand, appears detached from the security commotion surrounding him. He seems to have gotten used to it. That’s what happens when you’re one of the most threatened people in the world.”To tell you the truth, I do fear for my life,” he admits. “I’m just a human being. The threats against me are not only in Holland, but outside the country as well. We are talking about very serious threats on the part of different terror groups, and when you are aware of the extent of the threats, it’s only human to think that something will indeed happen.

“But I must not let this kind of thinking affect my work. If I moderate my voice because of these threats, stop expressing my opinion or cease to be a politician, those people will use undemocratic ways, threats and murders to silence others. And they will win. I won’t let them win.”

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3 responses

3 12 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Geert is rational, reasonable and moderate. He is not for eliminating Muslims, he just does not want Muslims to eliminate other Peoples and faiths. If his voice is suppressed, some anti-Muslim force will emerge with the understanding that reason won’t help. Thus equally inhuman setup may come into being, and trying to kill Muslims just because they are Muslim, propagating Tit for Tat policy. This may lead to violent end of Muslims and this will be inhuman. So lets not suppress Truth and Geert.

14 12 2010

So be it, Ravi! thank you from all infidels and victimized, default Muslims, who count on things you point out. Logic and reason are precious and rare, and in Islam, non-existent.

blessings to the helpless, power to the victims, rescue to the people in dire need of saving.

14 12 2010

Comfort to those being hurt. It will not last. You will be free one day. Keep praying and know your Creator loves you. (not Allah).

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