Wilders party rejects having membership

26 11 2010

From Expatica.com:

Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party PVV will not become a political party which people can join as members. At the moment, Mr Wilders himself is the only official party member. Even PVV MPs are formally described as simply his supporters and are not actual party members. Their names, however, were put forward on the list of PVV candidates at the last election.

PVV MP Hero Brinkman had put forward a proposal to turn the PVV into a regular political party with the public able to become members. However, a meeting of PVV MPs on Tuesday rejected the idea. Mr Wilders said the proposal was discussed “substantively and with respect” but was dismissed.

Mr Brinkman has for some time championed more democracy in the PVV. He says he fears it could be seen as merely a one issue anti-Islam party. He is also worried that, if Mr Wilders were for any reason to cease to be leader, the party would be likely to disintegrate.

Read it here.




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