NRC: PVV people who live in glass houses (to be continued)

20 11 2010


Doubtful morality and double standards, that sums up Monday’s parliamentary debate on whether or not controversial and convicted Eric Lucassen should be allowed to stay on as an MP, writes the NRC in an editorial.

Geert Wilders apologized profusely for failing to screen his candidates but at no point in the debate did he come up with a valid reason for allowing Lucassen to stay. If this member of parliament were worth his salt he would have known that there was only one way open to him: through the door marked ‘exit’.

It’s not that people who have done wrong at some point should automatically be excluded from being an MP, it’s that the PVV – the law and order party – is always banging on about other people’s allegedly criminal behaviour.

When GroenLinks MP Duyvendak left in 2008 after his activist past became known, Wilders insisted he hand over his redundancy money as well. But Lucassen has been allowed to stay on as an MP, on full pay, happily adding to his redundancy stash when his rainy day comes.

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