Geert Wilders’ party in rough waters

20 11 2010

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Geert Wilders is having a rough week. His trademark direct approach has given way to long-winded explanations. When speaking to reporters or in parliament, his head has been bowed and his shoulders slumped.

And no wonder. His Freedom Party has sailed into choppy waters. After five days of speculation as to whether or not MP Eric Lucassen would be kicked out, another Freedom Party MP, James Sharpe, has now resigned his seat.

James Sharpe threw in the towel after journalists discovered a number of incidents involving his business and personal life. He was director of a company fined twice in Hungary for deceiving its clients and has been accused of reacting violently to a teammate and a former girlfriend.

Controversy after controversy
His resignation comes on the heels of a controversy surrounding another Freedom Party MP, Eric Lucassen. Last week, former neighbours appeared on a current affairs programme saying that Lucassen had intimidated and threatened them. Even more damaging, it was discovered that he had been convicted of sexual abuse while serving in the army.

These revelations did not, however, lead to Lucassen’s resignation. He remains a Freedom Party MP, albeit with a reduced portfolio.

Read the rest.

Meanwhile, via Wilders apologises to parliament as more allegations emerge.




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