Rapper Aquitted of Threatening Wilders

12 11 2010

From NIS News Bulletin:

THE HAGUE, 11/11/10 – The appeal court in The Hague yesterday acquitted a rapper of threatening Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders because it did not consider the text of his song constituted an offence.

The rapper, who calls himself Mosheb, was prosecuted for the track ‘Who is next?’. He sings: Pim Fotuyn talked about Muslims, was shot. Theo van Gogh, talked about Muslims, was shot. Who is next…? (…) Am planning to make an attack on Geert Wilders. And that in WORDS. I find you a creep. You will be strangled. (…) Everyone who talks about Muslims gets killed.”

In the number, the rapper constantly alternates threats with mitigating words. “Geert you would be better to jump off the roof, or would you rather have bullets in your body? I am no terrorist, am an innocent rapper. This is a warning!! Do you want to stay alive? Then you must take back all your statements (…) Listen Geert, this is no joke, last night I dreamed that I had cut off your head.”

Wilders launched proceedings against the song in 2007, after he had heard and seen the clip on the Internet. A lower court convicted Mosheb, but the appeal court arrived at acquittal yesterday.

According to the appeal court, the text is not in itself a punishable offence. The track is punishable however in the way it was to be seen on Internet site YouTube. There, gunshots were also heard.

These shots cannot however be heard on the rapper’s original CD version. The appeal court concludes that it cannot be established whether the shots were added by the rapper or by someone else.

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3 responses

12 11 2010
zvi gross

I can’t believe that they are persecuting Geert but equiting this raper who is clearly threatening Wilders with murder. Are these judges dumb, fools? I guess the threat will only be considered a threat when it will become murderous reality?
A justice system such as this will bring the Dutch judiciary into a disrepute world wide.

13 11 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

” I can kill you, I dream of Killing you, you are going to be killed, my people have killed many like you ; but i am not threatening.”
What does this mean, it is threat, intention and effort to kill, smart threat, provocation for others to kill.
Jugglery of words, hidden agenda, if they can do this against humans, humans should also do so, with dehumanized/subhuman species like jihadis.
If I were judge I would read my judgment as.
“He has not threatened, but threat is there in his words, so I don’t order to death sentence, but hang him upside down for one week, without food or water” , “if he dies that is because of blood in his brain vessels and not because my judgment”

Religion of Confusion, Religion of Cheating, Followed by Robots Lead by Robbers,
what can humans do about it?

13 11 2010

I think that it is pretty bad that someone is allowed to get away with threatening murder.I wonder if the people of the Netherlands will try and fire the judge.Who will be to blame if someone shoots Geert??? I blame Islam and the Dhimmi judges

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