The DDL and the EFI Are on the Map!

9 11 2010

From Gates of Vienna:

Below is a detailed summary of the rally for free speech in Amsterdam and the events leading up to it. It was written by Timo, one of the founders of the Dutch Defence League and the head of the Dutch contingent among the organizers of the European Freedom Initiative. During the preparations for the demonstration, Timo was the local liaison with the Amsterdam police and municipal officials.

This report was originally published in Dutch at ICLA website, and has kindly been translated into English by our Dutch correspondent Bolleke.

Amsterdam: EDL Van #1
The DDL and the EFI Are on the Map!

“From Creation to Demonstration”

by Timo

Dear members and sympathizers,

I would like to thank everyone who cares about us and in his or her way is committed to the coming of age of the DDL (Dutch Defense League). In addition, sincere apologies for not accurately responding to uncertainties or questions related to issues such as the run-up to the demonstration and the future plans of the DDL.

In August we — some visitors from the EDL forum and some friends who are active in the Counterjihad world — decided to create a movement similar to the English Defense League. Just like distressed citizens of other European countries around us, we also found that it was time for a more active peaceful resistance against the Islamisation of the Netherlands and Europe.

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