Netherlands politician has angry words for Muslims

9 11 2010

Henry Chu, via the Chicago Tribune:

Reporting from Amsterdam —

He calls Islam a “totalitarian ideology.” He compares the Koran to “Mein Kampf” and wants it banned. He says that millions of Muslims who have settled in Europe ought to be deported, taking their “retarded” culture with them.

Such statements have made Geert Wilders the most controversial politician here in the Netherlands and a provocative figure abroad.

But do they also make him a criminal?

Read the rest.

Meanwhile, from Blazing Cat Fur: Los Angeles Times Slurs Geert Wilders Case as ‘Hate Trial’.




5 responses

9 11 2010

How come Muslims are free to kill and push out any non-Muslim from Arab lands, where building Churches is forbidden,execute Baha’i and others, and racially stereotyping a demonizing Jews, while they are requesting full protection from any kind of criticism when they come into democratic lands?
I will support their integration into free societies, when they will show us that they are worthy of being a true member in a free and democratic societies by pressing their former homelands to do likewise to non-Muslim cultures and people.

10 11 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Jihadi formula: lets be fair to each other, your lands are mine, and mine are mine Naturally

12 11 2010

This guy must be idiot, ( Geert Wilders )moron, first you should read quaran, than make comment, Judaism,Cristianism,Islam belong to Abraham religion, all beleived same God. Islam is last religion, Because people, change the God book and . than send us last Hooly book Quran, If you read to quran almost same to with bible.Son dont blame no body. Who beleive God, He can do any wrong things, (Hurst to people, kill to people, anyhthing). Who those do wrong things they must be satan….All we are brother and sister. dont sparete people. bring peace everybody and we should share food and money….

so dont bleive and dont follow those guys (Geert Wilders )… He is one of the satan

13 11 2010
filthy kafur

My friend, you are a demented fool that needs some lessons in literacy. This Allah thing is not my od, because my god is a god of love and forgivenmess, but this allah thing waits to throw people in hell, and whip and torture people on the earth with its sharia law. No, this god is not the god of the abrahamic people, this god is a stone block here …just an idol.

Geert Wilders is a good man, that doesnt want Islam to dominate his country, just like me.

So, before you attack others, go get an education..( so you can read it it is edyoocayshon)

13 11 2010

There are several poorly drawn conclusions in the article:
1. One can not replace words pertaining to islam and muslims with words pertaining to judaism and jews and hurry with conclusion that there is a discriminatory treatment of muslims and their religion. What a statement says of islam may be downright utrue and defaming in relation to judaism and jews and contrary. Therefore such an amended statement calls for prosecution on grounds of defamation and not so much on hate speach.
2. I believe there is an apparent contradiction in tha Dutch law: FREEDOM of SPEACH verse HATE SPEACH law. I think that the problem could be easly resolved if the PROCLAMATION OF TRUTH were the basic constitutional right of everybody and could not be banned under the HATE SPEACH LAW. Subsequently expressing the truth could not be cathegorized as hate speach even if it refers to certain religion law or state systems. Even stating a statistical fact that for example a “majority of terrorist in nowdays are muslims” shoul not be labeled a hate speach, IF IT IS GROUNDED by truths. Maybe once upon the time proclamation of the truth used to be an inherent human right… that is why it was not explicitly expressed in the constitution, while today it is controlled by dubious hate law?
3. “ironically he (Wilders) wants to ban coran” – there is no irony in it at all. He consistently asserts that evil ideas as well as the one expressed in MEIN KAMPF – calling for homoside should be banned, and that is his public proposition having already precedent in banning Mein Kampf.

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