The dictatorship of Henk and Ingrid

7 11 2010

Via Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Commentary by Hassnae Bouazza, who sees a new kind of political correctness emerging, fed by the fear of Islamification
The fear of ‘Islamification’ has changed the Dutch political climate so much that a new kind of political correctness has emerged. Instead of allowing nothing bad to be said about multiculturalism, nothing bad can now be said about Henk and Ingrid.

Henk and Ingrid stand for the 1.5 million people who voted for Geert Wilders and his anti-Islamic Freedom Party (PVV). The politician’s manifesto proclaimed that he championed the interests of “Henk and Ingrid”. The Labour Party (PvdA), he taunted, championed only the interests of Ahmed and Fatima. 

Henk and Ingrid have been so wronged by decades of neglect by the established political parties that nothing can be said against them. Whoever, for example, points out that proposals put forward by Mr Wilders and his PVV are reminiscent of South African apartheid policies is immediately accused of demonising the PVV. The publicity generated helps the PVV secure yet more votes.

The PVV and its supporters are, in one and the same sentence, able to play the underdog and pass themselves off as a force to be reckoned with – a contradiction in terms.

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One response

7 11 2010
zvi gross

What an illogical article. Who is muzzled? Henk and Ingrid, or Ahmed and Fatima? If it’s the latter, how come Geert is the one who has to walk around with guards 24/7 due due Islamic threats of assassination, like it happened to many others voicing criticism of Islam?
And the comparison to SA? In SA the whites took over the black majority, and here the Muslim newcomers strengthen the indigenous white majority, so how is this compares to SA?

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