Geert Wilders Case Reveals Deeper Problems in the West

7 11 2010

By Ivar Scheers, in American Thinker:

Four weeks ago, the trial of Geert Wilders started in Amsterdam. Wilders is a right-wing politician from the Netherlands accused of hate speech and discrimination against Muslims. Friday, October 22, his lawyer successfully challenged the Court’s impartiality after the media reported that one of the judges allegedly attempted to influence a witness summoned by Mr. Wilders. Following a complaint filed by Mr. Wilders’ lawyer, another panel of judges ordered a retrial of the whole case.

Before the case went to court in the first place, the prosecutor decided that the statements in question were not punishable by law and therefore refused to initiate prosecution. Some of Mr. Wilders’ opponents successfully challenged this decision in court through a special procedure in Dutch penal law, and subsequently, the court ordered the public prosecutor to start a case against Mr. Wilders.

But since a flawed indictment was used as an attempt to incriminate Mr. Wilders’ statements, the whole process backfired on those who hoped for a conviction of the controversial politician. The court that ordered the prosecution of Mr. Wilders not only blatantly violated his right to freedom of speech, but it simultaneously attempted to convict nearly one and a half million Dutch voters sharing the opinion of Mr. Wilders. Wilders’ constituency keeps rising, partly due to outrage caused by the trial, which was considered by many as an attack on free speech.

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2 responses

7 11 2010
zvi gross

Islam means “submission” to total political domination. We can’t allow this to happen. What will happen to us all, if we don’t raise the alarm bells now?

7 11 2010
zvi gross

Gutless and mindless-but you are definitely not a Christian!! It’s a privilege to surrender to Zionism, which means righting the wrongs of exiling the indigenous Jewish people from their ancestral homeland.
It’s a dirty word for Islamofascists and mindless anti-Semites though.

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